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149616 individuals, 59603 families from file 20220702.ged (2 Jul 2022)

Eva Whipple --to-- Ezek Whipple
Ezekiel Whipple --to-- Fern Fay Whipple
Fern Mildred Whipple --to-- Florence Lillian Whipple
Florence M. Whipple --to-- Frances A. "Fanny" Whipple
Frances Adele Whipple --to-- Francis Harold Whipple
Francis Henry Whipple --to-- Frank D. Whipple
Frank D. Whipple --to-- Frank William Whipple
Frank Willis Whipple --to-- Frederick Whipple
Frederick Whipple --to-- Freelove Whipple
Freelove Whipple --to-- George Whipple (Reverend)
George Whipple --to-- George Albert Whipple
George Allen "Allie" Whipple --to-- George Furman "Furman" Whipple
George G. Whipple --to-- George S. Whipple
George S. Whipple --to-- Georgia L. Whipple
Georgia M. Whipple --to-- Gladys Whipple
Gladys Whipple --to-- Grace Whipple
Grace Whipple --to-- Gustavus A. Whipple
Guy Whipple --to-- Hannah Whipple
Hannah Whipple --to-- Harold Obed Whipple
Harold Paul Whipple --to-- Harriet Noel or Harriet Nuel Whipple
Harriet R. Whipple --to-- Harry M. Whipple
Harry Meryl Whipple --to-- Hazel Whipple
Hazel Whipple --to-- Helen H. Whipple
Helen Irene Whipple --to-- Henry Whipple
Henry Whipple --to-- Henry Francis Whipple
Henry Francisco Whipple --to-- Hepzibah Whipple (twin)
Hepzibah Whipple --to-- Hiram Pearl Whipple
Hiram Streeter Whipple --to-- Howard L. Whipple
Howard Manton Whipple --to-- Ida I. Whipple
Ida Jane Whipple --to-- Ira Jacob Whipple
Ira James Whipple --to-- Isaac Conrad Whipple
Isaac Crandal Whipple --to-- Izola Catherine Whipple
J. Whipple --to-- James Whipple (Lieutenant)
James Whipple --to-- James Burbick Whipple
James C. Whipple --to-- James Linus Whipple
James M. Whipple --to-- Jane Whipple
Jane Whipple --to-- Jay Daniel Whipple
Jay David Whipple --to-- Jennie E. Whipple
Jennie Eliza Whipple --to-- Jesse Whipple
Jesse Whipple --to-- Job Whipple
Job Whipple --to-- John Whipple
John Whipple --to-- John Whipple
John Whipple --to-- John Andrew Whipple
John Angel James Whipple --to-- John G. Whipple
John G. Whipple --to-- John M. Whipple
John M. Whipple --to-- John Spencer Whipple
John Stevens Whipple --to-- Jonathan Whipple
Jonathan Whipple --to-- Joseph Whipple
Joseph Whipple --to-- Joseph Harrison Whipple
Joseph Harvey Whipple --to-- Josiah Whipple
Josiah Whipple --to-- Julia Leonora "Dora" Whipple
Julia M. Whipple --to-- Kathryn Carleton Whipple
Kathryn Luna Whipple --to-- Kyle Whipple
Kyle David Whipple --to-- Laura D. Whipple
Laura E. Whipple --to-- LeRoy Clyde Whipple
LeRoy Ernest Whipple --to-- Leon Alfred Whipple
Leon Eldridge Whipple --to-- Leslie Root Whipple
Leslie Thomas Whipple --to-- Lewis F. Whipple
Lewis Follett Whipple --to-- Lillie Alma Whipple
Lillie Emma Whipple (twin) --to-- Lois Margaret Whipple
Lois Philena Whipple --to-- Louisa Whipple
Louisa Whipple --to-- Lucille "Celia" Jane Whipple
Lucille Arletha Whipple --to-- Lucy Whipple
Lucy Whipple --to-- Luella Rose Whipple
Lula Whipple --to-- Lydia Whipple
Lydia Whipple (twin) --to-- Lyman L. Whipple
Lyman L. Whipple --to-- Malcom or Malcomb LeRoy Whipple
Malcome L. "Welcome" Whipple --to-- Margaret A. Whipple
Margaret Amey Whipple --to-- Maria Elizabeth Whipple
Maria Henrietta Whipple --to-- Marion H. Whipple
Marion Henry Whipple --to-- Martha Whipple
Martha Whipple --to-- Martin Whipple
Martin Whipple --to-- Mary Whipple
Mary Whipple --to-- Mary Whipple

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