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163410 individuals, 62017 families from file 20200802.ged (2 Aug 2020)

Karen Kristine Sporny --to-- Asahel G. Sprague
Aurelia Sprague --to-- Esther Sprague
Esther Sprague --to-- John Sprague
John Sprague --to-- Mercy Sprague
Meribah Sprague --to-- Sarah Sprague
Sarah Sprague --to-- Charles Randolph Spriggs
Elizabeth Spriggs --to-- Lynn R. Spuhler
Loretta Spurgeon --to-- Byron Stacy
Edmund Stacy --to-- Joseph Stafford (III)
Julia Ann Stafford --to-- Albert Staley
Beverly Staley --to-- Terry M. Stanford
Emma Elizabeth Stang --to-- Dorwin Stanton
Elisha Stanton --to-- Staples
Staples --to-- George Staples
George Staples (Jr.) --to-- Nathan Staples
Nathan Staples --to-- Daniel Stark
David Michael Stark --to-- Comfort Starr
Comfort Starr (Deacon) --to-- H. L. Staton
Ruth Sonja Staub --to-- Cecil Freeman Stearns
Chandler White Stearns --to-- Henrietta Elizabeth Stearns
Henry A. Stearns --to-- Peter Stearns
Phineas Stearns --to-- Lyda Eleanor Stebbins
Maria Almeda Stebbins --to-- Brian McKay Steele
Catherine Jane Steele --to-- Adelaide Josephine Steere
Adelaide Victoria Steere --to-- Cynthia Marana Steere
Cyrus A. Steere --to-- Frederick Steere
Frederick L. Steere --to-- John Steere
John Steere --to-- Mary Serena Steere
Mary Sessions Steere --to-- Sabin Steere
Sabin Arnold Steere --to-- Waity Steere
Waity Mowry Steere --to-- Marsha Steimle
Patricia Joyce Steimle --to-- Elias Stephens
Elizabeth M. Stephens --to-- Elizabeth Payne Stepp
Kelly Ann Stepp --to-- Stevens
Stevens --to-- Florence Stevens
Florence Stevens --to-- Lucy Stevens
Lucy C. Stevens --to-- William Stevens
William Stevens --to-- Abigail Caroline Stewart
Abigail Elizabeth Stewart --to-- Jennie Stewart (Mrs.)
Jennie Stewart --to-- Thomas Edward Stewart
Thomas J. Stewart --to-- Charlotte Emory Stiles
Charlotte Hilda Stiles --to-- Robert Kenneth Stilson
William Stilson --to-- Bruce Douglas Stockl
Daniel Joseph Stockl --to-- Marguerite "Margo" Whipple Stoddard
Marion Stoddard --to-- Stone
Stone --to-- Aaron Stone
Aaron Stone --to-- Abigail J. Stone
Abigail Jones Stone --to-- Ai Stone
Ai Benjamin Stone --to-- Alliene Elizabeth Stone
Allison Webster Stone --to-- Andrew H. Stone
Andrew Hemphill Stone --to-- Annie Justine Stone
Annie M. Stone --to-- Asaph Stone
Asaph Stone --to-- Benjamin De Milt Stone
Benjamin F. Stone --to-- Betty Stone
Betty Stone --to-- Carrie Lawton Stone
Carrie M. Stone --to-- Charles Augustus Stone
Charles Augustus Stone --to-- Charles T. Stone
Charles Timothy Stone --to-- Clara Margaret Stone
Clara Pulsifer Stone --to-- D. DeWitt Stone
Daniel Stone --to-- David Garabrant Stone
David P. Stone --to-- Ebenezer Stone
Ebenezer Stone --to-- Edwin Stone
Edwin Stone --to-- Eliza D. Stone
Eliza Etta Stone --to-- Ella Elizabeth Stone
Ella Elizabeth Stone --to-- Emily Ann Stone
Emily Clark Stone --to-- Ernest E. Stone
Ernest Orville Stone --to-- Evelyn Stone
Evelyn E. Stone --to-- Frances Stone
Frances Stone --to-- Frank Seymour Stone
Frank Sidney Stone --to-- Gabriele Martin Stone
Gardner Stone --to-- George Henry Stone (M.D.)
George Henry Stone --to-- Grace Lorena Stone
Grace Mary Stone --to-- Hannah H. Stone
Hannah Haynes Stone --to-- Harry Burt Stone

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