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166432 individuals, 63216 families from file 20210926.ged (26 Sep 2021)

Benjamin Sturgess --to-- Ida Elizabeth Suffern
Judith Annie Sugar --to-- Ada E. Summers
Eddy Anne Summers --to-- Mary F. Sutherland
Philena Sutherland --to-- Dorothy Anita Swain
Edith Swain --to-- Hannah Olive Swan
Hattie Illingworth Swan --to-- Eric Magnus Swanson
Frank W. Swanson --to-- Charles Sweet
Charles Sweet --to-- Jacob Sweet
James Sweet --to-- Richard Sweet
Richmond Holbrook Sweet --to-- Phile Sweetland
Sarah Sweetland --to-- James Owen Swift
John Swift (Reverend) --to-- Marion K. Sykes
Mathew Taylor Sykes --to-- Elwyn Lowell Taber (Jr.)
Gary Michael Taber --to-- Charlotte A. Taft
Chloe Taft --to-- Martha Elizabeth Taft
Martha Jane Taft --to-- Taft or Tefft
Elwyn Stone Tagg --to-- Andrew Talent
Anne Pendelton Taliaferro --to-- Bertha Virginia Tanner
Bill Tanner --to-- Esther Tapley
Eunice Whipple Tapley --to-- John N. Tate
Mary H. J. Tate --to-- Caroline Taylor
Caroline E. Taylor --to-- Gayleen Taylor
George Taylor --to-- Julie Kip Taylor
Karen Taylor --to-- Phebe Taylor
Philip Castor Taylor --to-- Zo Adel Taylor
E. Maria Tayntor --to-- Laura Tefft
Laura Ann Tefft --to-- John Lowell Tenney
Lucy Tenney --to-- Eugene Joseph Tessier (Jr.)
Fillmore Testa (Sr.) --to-- Nellie May Thatcher
Nettie Young Thatcher --to-- Ellis Addison Thayer
Elmer Miles Thayer --to-- Lewis Thayer
Lewis Morton Thayer --to-- Solomon Thayer
Stephen Thayer --to-- Charles E. Thoma
Delbert Thoma --to-- Clara Helen Thomas
Clark Thomas --to-- Jasper Thomas
Jeff Thomas --to-- Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas --to-- Christi Ann Thompson
Cindy Thompson --to-- Jack Arthur Thompson
Jackie Thompson --to-- Olney Fenner Thompson
Paul Marton Thompson --to-- George Nelson Thomson
George William Thomson --to-- Ronald Lyle Thornock
Sharon Lee Thornock --to-- Elizabeth S. Thornton
Ella Thornton --to-- Lila Thornton
Louis William Thornton --to-- William Steere Thornton
Ruth Thornton or Thurston --to-- Augustus Thurber
Benjamin Comstock Thurber --to-- Nathan Thomas Thurber
Rachel Thurber --to-- Louise M. Thurston
Marion F. Thurston --to-- Grace Mason Tidd
Harriet Weston Tidd --to-- Ira Patchen Tiffany
Joseph C. Tiffany --to-- Thomas Tilden
Thomas Tilden (II) --to-- Samuel Tillinghast
Sarah Tillinghast --to-- Holman Tims
Jennifer Michelle Tims --to-- Elizabeth Tinker
Esther Annette Tinker --to-- Charles W. Titus
Cordelia Titus --to-- Zalmon Toby
Anna Bishop Tod --to-- Bonnie J. Tolman
David S. Tolman --to-- Catherine Marie Toole
Elias Tooley --to-- Mary Theresa Torr
Torres --to-- Chad Tousley
Craig Allen Tousley --to-- Betsey S. Tower
Betty Tower --to-- Edmonds Tower
Edmonds A. Tower --to-- Freelove Tower
Galusha A. or Galucia Tower --to-- James Henry Tower (Jr.)
James Henry Tower (III) --to-- Levi Tower (Captain)
Levi Tower (Jr.) --to-- Mary Jenette Tower
Mary Lucy Tower --to-- Richard Kent Tower
Robert Tower --to-- Warner Carl Tower
Watson Earl Tower --to-- Herbert Towne
Ichabod Towne --to-- Edith Tracy
Edith Tracy --to-- Francis Arnold Trask
George Trask (Reverend) --to-- Joseph Treadwell
Joseph Treadwell --to-- Lydia Tremain
John Willard Tremaine --to-- Raymond Richard Triebold
Richard Ralph Triebold --to-- Wayne Trimmell

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