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Index of Persons

163577 individuals, 61965 families from file 20200920.ged (20 Sep 2020)

Hezekiah Stone --to-- Isaac Stone
Isaac Stone --to-- James Clarence Stone
James Eli Stone --to-- Jennie Ellen Stone
Jennie Fidelia Stone --to-- John Stone (Colonel)
John Stone --to-- John Wesley Stone
Jonas Stone (Captain) --to-- Joseph Stone
Joseph Stone --to-- Junius Burrows Stone
Junius Hosford Stone --to-- Lauson Stone
Lauson Stone --to-- Levi Welton Stone
Lewellys Stone --to-- Louise C. Stone
Louise Evelyn Stone --to-- Lucy Sierre Stone
Lucy Tenney Stone --to-- Mabel Stone
Mabel Celestia Stone --to-- Marion Stone
Marion Stone --to-- Mary Stone
Mary Stone --to-- Mary Ann Stone
Mary Ann Stone --to-- Mary Lucina Stone
Mary Lucinda Stone --to-- Micah Stone (Deacon)
Micah Stone --to-- Moses Stone
Moses Stone --to-- Nathaniel Stone
Nathaniel Stone --to-- Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone --to-- Peter Stone (Captain)
Peter Stone (Dr.) --to-- Rachel Stone
Ralph Stone --to-- Robert A. Stone
Robert Aloysius Stone --to-- Sally Stone
Sally Stone --to-- Sarah Stone
Sarah Stone --to-- Sarah Phidelia Stone
Sarah Richardson Stone --to-- Simon Stone
Simon Stone --to-- Susan A. Stone
Susan Cordelia Stone --to-- Thomas Stone
Thomas Stone --to-- Walter E. Stone
Walter Everett Stone --to-- William Stone
William Stone --to-- William O. Stone
William Payson Stone --to-- Nichole Ann Stoop
Edith Henrietta Stoops --to-- Mildred Storbeck
Winifred A. Storbeck --to-- Amy Stouff
Abbie Louise Stoughton --to-- John B. Stowell
John B. Stowell (Esq.) --to-- Mary Strait
Dan Stralnic --to-- Sarah Maritta "Sally" Stratton or Stratter
Amy Straub --to-- Donald Edward Streeter
Edgar E. Streeter --to-- Lucretia Streeter
Lucretia Streeter --to-- Elizabeth Strickland
Ellen Strickland --to-- Laurie Strong
Lisa Marie Strong --to-- Clyde Jacob Stuart
Elizabeth Stuart --to-- Homer Ezra Stuntz
Merl F. Stuntz --to-- Stutzman
Myrtle Stuyvesant --to-- Roger Daniel Sullivan
Ruth Ann Sullivan --to-- Connie Sue Sutherland
Everett Milbourne Sutherland --to-- Cynthia Gail Swain
Daniel Clifton Swain --to-- Erasmus McMasters Swan
George Swan --to-- Carl Swanson
Daniel Jeffrey Swanson --to-- Carlotta Leonard Sweet
Carlton Brown Sweet --to-- Herbert Harvey Sweet
Ira Sweet --to-- Phillip or Philip Sweet
Reuben Sweet --to-- Lydia Sweetland
Lydia Sweetland --to-- James Swift
James Swift --to-- Emma Sykes
Lois Louisa Sykes --to-- Donald Robert Taber
Elizabeth Taber --to-- Charity Taft
Charles Taft --to-- Mabel Taft
Malita Ann Taft --to-- Willard B. Taft
William Taft --to-- S. Visscher Talcott
Sarah Gibson Talcott --to-- Artemisia Tanner
Barry Reid Tanner --to-- Wilma Jane Tanner
Levi Tanquary --to-- Donald Tate
Dorothy June Tate --to-- Betsey S. Taylor
Bette J. Taylor --to-- Franklin Taylor
Frederick Nelson Taylor --to-- Joyce Dawson Taylor
Juanita Taylor --to-- Persis Taylor
Peter G. Taylor --to-- Zachary White Taylor

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