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159767 individuals, 60270 families from file 20181209.ged (9 Dec 2018)

Nelly Stone --to-- Oscar Stone
Oscar Mandaville Stone --to-- Phineas Stone
Phineas Stone (Colonel) --to-- Rebecca Stone
Rebecca Stone --to-- Roxanna A. Stone
Roy Cushing Stone --to-- Samuel Stone
Samuel Stone --to-- Sarah Stone
Sarah Stone --to-- Sidney Isaac Stone
Silas Stone --to-- Sophia Marsh Stone
Sophronia Stone --to-- Susie J. Stone
Sybil Stone --to-- Valerie Harriet Stone
Vera J. Stone --to-- Waterman Stone
Waterman Stone (Jr.) --to-- William Coolidge Stone (Dr.)
William Crombie Stone --to-- Wood Gibson Stone
Wyman Stone --to-- Henrietta Stophlet
Jackson Stophlet --to-- George Story
George Allen Story --to-- Jonah Stow
Judith Stow --to-- William H. Stowell
Elizabeth Stowers --to-- Audrey Layne Stratton
Barbara Lynn Stratton --to-- Abigail Streete
Abigail Streeter --to-- Ina Streeter
Isaiah Streeter --to-- Rae Edson Streeter
Roxanne Louise Streeter --to-- Goldie Strine
Stanley Strine --to-- Orr Strowger
Samuel Strowger --to-- Virginia Rae Stubbs
William H. Stubbs --to-- Emma Anjeline Sturtevant
Estes Sturtevant --to-- William Suit
Elizabeth Sukey --to-- Smiley Sumner
Sumners --to-- Inge Dam Svendsen
Jacob Svendsen --to-- Swan
Swan --to-- Caroline Swann
David Swann --to-- Alfred Franklin Sweet
Alice Maud Sweet --to-- Hannah Sweet
Hannah Sweet --to-- Maude Leforest Sweet
Mildred Sweet --to-- Abby Sweetland
Arnold Sweetland --to-- Cyrus B. Swift
Daniel Swift --to-- Phebe Sybrandt
Polly Sybrandt --to-- Sarah Tabanar
Salome W. Tabbutt --to-- Arba Warner Taft
Arnold Taft --to-- Lewis Willard Taft
Lois Taft --to-- Timothy Dexter Taft
Velorous Taft --to-- George Talcott
Lucy Talcott --to-- Adelma Luceal Tanner
Alan William Tanner --to-- Wilbor Alonzo Tanner
William Tanner --to-- Thomas Tasker
William Tasker --to-- Betsey A. Taylor
Betsey Bruce Taylor --to-- Franklin Taylor
Frederick Nelson Taylor --to-- Julie Kip Taylor
Karen Taylor --to-- Ralph Winslow Taylor
Raymond Woolley Taylor --to-- Edward Claud Teague
Elsie May Teague --to-- Temple
Arthur Glen Temple --to-- Nancy Jane Tenney or Penney
Ocey Everette Tennison --to-- Marian A. Tewgood
Jacqueline Ann Teynor --to-- Ahaz Thayer
Alfred Thayer --to-- Florine A. Thayer
Francis Austin Thayer --to-- Martha Thayer
Mary Thayer --to-- Lydia "Liddy" Thayer or Thair
Beatrice Thayne --to-- John Charles "Jack" Thoman
Joseph Lynn Thoman --to-- Dudley Nicholas Thomas
Ebenezer Thomas --to-- Lura May Thomas
Lydia Thomas --to-- Anthony Charles Thomasson
Nina V. Thomasson --to-- Emery Butler Thompson
Emery Williams Thompson --to-- Joseph Thompson
Josephine Martha Thompson --to-- Tanner D. Thompson
Tanya Sue Thompson --to-- Ken Thorn
Mary Thorn --to-- Charles Thornton
Charles A. Thornton --to-- James Donald Thornton
James Millard Thornton (twin) --to-- Sarah Thornton
Sarah Thornton --to-- James H. Throop
Submit Throop --to-- Hope Thurber
Hope Thurber --to-- Betsey Thurston
Christine Emmaline Thurston --to-- Henry Tibbetts
Henry Tibbetts --to-- James Leonard Tier (Jr.)
James Leonard Tier --to-- Joseph Tilden
Joseph Tilden --to-- Henry E. Tillinghast

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