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150653 individuals, 60127 families from file 20230204.ged (4 Feb 2023)

Donald H. "Don" "DJ" Vought --to-- Wade
Abigail A. or Abbie A. Wade --to-- Jonathan Wade
Jonathan Wade --to-- Judith Wadleigh
Mary Wadleigh --to-- Lucina or Levina Wadsworth
Mabel Wadsworth --to-- Cora Blanche Waggoner
Russell Waggoner --to-- Dorothy Wait
Jabez Wait --to-- Albert Walcott
Alfred Worcester Walcott --to-- Helen Walden
Helen Louisa Walden --to-- Myrtle Irene Wales
Natalie Scarrit Wales --to-- Benjamin Walker
Benjamin Walker --to-- George B. Walker
George B. Walker --to-- Lucretia Walker
Lucy Walker --to-- Roma Florence Walker
Ron Walker --to-- Eliza Wallace
Eliza Emma Wallace --to-- Lawrence Waller
Leonard Waller --to-- Mary Walling
Mary Adelaide Walling --to-- Mary Louise Walser
Wilma Reah Walser --to-- Grace E. Walworth
Charles Henry Walzer --to-- Angeline Ward
Ann Louise Ward --to-- Heman Liscom Ward
Henry A. Ward (Dr.) --to-- Nathan Ward
Nathaniel Ward --to-- Lydia Ware
Margaret Ware --to-- Ira Warner
Isabel Warner --to-- Anna Warren
Anna Warren --to-- George C. Warren
George Edward Warren --to-- Minnie Elizabeth Warren
Moosh-Aince Warren --to-- John Warters
Lynn Ray Warters --to-- Ella P. Waterhouse
Frank P. Waterhouse --to-- Andrew Searle Waterman
Andrew Searles Waterman --to-- Edward Henry Waterman
Edwin A. Waterman --to-- Helen Augusta Waterman
Helen Bowen Waterman --to-- Laura Waterman
Laura Bailey Waterman --to-- Mercy Waterman
Mercy Waterman --to-- Sarah Waterman
Sarah Waterman --to-- Zuriel Waterman
Autsin K. Waters --to-- Submit Alvord Watkins
William Watkins --to-- Clifford Mozart Watrous
Clifton Allen Watrous --to-- Esther Watrous
Esther Watrous --to-- James Dudley Watrous
James Emil Watrous --to-- Mary Watrous
Mary "Polly" Watrous --to-- Roy Stephen Watrous
Royal Nelson Watrous --to-- Amelia Elizabeth Watson
Ann E. Watson --to-- Samuel Watson (Jr.)
Samuel or Lemuel Watson --to-- Almina Weatherhead
Almina Weatherhead --to-- Weathers
Electra Weathers --to-- Ann Eliza Webb
Annie Pierce Webb --to-- Spencer Webb
Suzanne Webb --to-- Ellen Webster
Ellen Webster --to-- Ellen Mirinda Wedge
Emma Maria Wedge --to-- Mary Eliza Weeks
Maurice Elbert Weeks --to-- Anna Hamilton Weir
Benjamin Thomas Weir --to-- Elias Welborn
George W. Welborn --to-- Harry Le Roy Welge
LaVerda Welker --to-- Abigail Wells
Alfonso Wells --to-- Mary Wells
Mary Wells --to-- Forrest Wenham
George Wenham --to-- Chris N. Wert
Mary Teresa Wert --to-- Eugene F. West
Fort Boise West --to-- Susan West
Thelma Marjorie West --to-- Joseph Westcott
Josiah Westcott --to-- Sarah Westgate
Sylvenus Westgate --to-- Arthur Whalen
Elizabeth E. Whalen --to-- Molly Wheaton
Moses Wheaton --to-- Eleanor Wheeler
Elias Wheeler --to-- Jonathan Wheeler
Jonathan Wheeler --to-- Peter Wheeler
Phebe Wheeler --to-- Wheelock
Caroline E. Wheelock --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Abigail Whipple
Abigail Whipple --to-- Abraham or Abram Whipple
Abram Whipple --to-- Adelaide S. "Addie" Whipple

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