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161045 individuals, 60864 families from file 20190921.ged (21 Sep 2019)

William S. Smith --to-- Abigail Snell
Bezer Snell --to-- Charles Wanton Snow
Christopher Lippitt Snow --to-- Sarah Luella "Ella" Snow
Susan Snow --to-- Martin Snyder
Mary J. Snyder --to-- Benjamin Michael Kalani Solano
Elizabeth Ellen Gabrielle Solano --to-- Jorge Sonora
Kamal Singh Soor --to-- Fredrick South
Gage Allen South --to-- Susie L. Southwick
Thomas Mussey Southwick --to-- Estella Rebecca Spafford
George Spafford --to-- Earl L. Sparks
Elizabeth Sparks --to-- George Ernest Spaulding
George Henry Spaulding --to-- Lattie Spauser
John Ashbridge "Jack" Speakman (Jr.) --to-- Martha Rebecca Spell
Carroll Spence --to-- Frank Gideon Spencer (Jr.)
George Spencer --to-- Mary Elizabeth Spencer
Mary Elizabeth Spencer --to-- John Alfred Spendlove
Judith Anne Spendlove --to-- Moses Sperry
Moses Sperry --to-- Issac Spofford
John T. Spofford --to-- Cheryle Rujeanne Sporny
Joannes "John K." Sporny --to-- Asahel G. Sprague
Aurelia Sprague --to-- Esther Sprague
Ethan or Nathan B. Sprague --to-- John Lovell Sprague (Jr.)
John Smith Sprague --to-- Nathan Brown Sprague
Nathan Brown Sprague --to-- Sarah Sprague
Sarah Sprague --to-- Frances E. Spring
Frederick Spring --to-- Squier
Addie M. Squier --to-- Richard Stacy
Sara Stacy --to-- Phebe Stafford
Polly Stafford --to-- Albert Stamford
Albert Stamford (Jr.) --to-- Lloyd Stanley
Luther Stanley --to-- Louis Stanton
Lovica Stanton --to-- Claranell D. Staples
Clifford Blanchard Staples --to-- Lester Francis Staples
Lillis Staples --to-- Edwin Stapleton
Katherine Stapleton --to-- Steven Starks
Wayne Starks --to-- Susanna Starr
Timothy Starr --to-- Austin Stearns
Barry James Stearns --to-- Georgianna G. Stearns
Gerald Alexander "Gerry" Stearns --to-- Mehetable "Hetty" Stearns
Michael Stearns --to-- Cordelia Stebbins
Edward Stebbins --to-- Andrew McKay Steele
Anthony McKay Steele --to-- Abigail Steere
Abigail Steere --to-- Clark or Clarke Mowry Steere
Clarke M. Steere --to-- Frank Clinton Steere
Frederick Steere --to-- John Steere
John C. Steere --to-- Maxey W. or Maxcey Steere
Mildred E. Steere --to-- Samuel Steere (Jr.)
Samuel Steere --to-- Walter Scott Steere
Wanton Steere --to-- Robert Steinberg
Elizabeth Steineckert --to-- Abigail Stephensen
Douglas Triver Stephensen --to-- Rankin V. Stermer
Evelyn Gage Stern --to-- Asa Stevens
Barbara LaVon Stevens --to-- Gregory R. Stevens
Hannah Stevens --to-- Merial Evelyn Stevens
Michael Kyle Stevens --to-- Daniel Ezra Stevenson
Edna Gay Stevenson --to-- Dana Sue Stewart
Danial Parker Stewart --to-- Mary Elizabeth Stewart
Melvin Frederick Stewart --to-- Macinda Ann Stickelman
Sherry Lynn Sticken --to-- Elvina "Elma" Emily Stillwell
Emily A. Stillwell --to-- Sam Stockdel
Anna Louise Stocker --to-- Augusta Stoddard
Benjamin Stoddard --to-- Mary Stolters
Sarah Jane Stolters --to-- Stone
Stone --to-- Abigail Stone
Abigail Stone --to-- Adoniram Judson Stone
Agnes Stone --to-- Allen Libbey Stone
Allen Weston Stone --to-- Andrew H. Stone
Andrew Hemphill Stone --to-- Annis Stone
Annis H. Stone --to-- Asenath Stone
Asenath Stone --to-- Benjamin Franklin Stone
Benjamin Franklin Stone --to-- Bliss Stone
Bradford Lincoln Stone --to-- Catherine Stone
Catherine Stone --to-- Charles Clinton Stone

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