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149616 individuals, 59603 families from file 20220702.ged (2 Jul 2022)

Ebenezer Tyler --to-- William Albert Tyler (III)
William Albert Tyler --to-- Elizabeth S. Underwood
Ella Underwood --to-- Sarah Updike
Sarah Updike --to-- George E. Upton
Margery Gladys Upton --to-- Freddie A. Valentine
George W. or John Valentine (twin) --to-- Orlando Van Camp
Saunders Van Camp --to-- Carrol Marcus Van Dyke
Clifford Van Dyke --to-- Ransom Van Leuven
Ransom Carlos Van Leuven --to-- Fletcher Van-Volkenburg
Florence M. Van-Volkenburg --to-- Don Vandenheuvel
Wayne Vander Bert --to-- Robert Vaughan
Salinda Martha Vaughan --to-- Megan Velora
Preston Brooks Velora --to-- Lucius Vesey
Oscar Vesey --to-- Anna A. Vincent
Asa Vincent --to-- Anna F. Vinton
Anna Parkman Vinton --to-- Desiree Von Essen
Eddie Von Essen --to-- Edward Vreeland
Edward Butterfield Vreeland --to-- Asel Wade
Ashea A. Wade --to-- Maudell Francine Wade
Mercy Wade --to-- David Wadsworth (Captain)
David Wadsworth (Jr.) --to-- Philey Warren or Philia W. or Phila W. Wadsworth
Polly Wadsworth --to-- Sandra Kay Wagner
Sharon Paulette Wagner --to-- Mary Emma Waite
Monroe Waite --to-- Harriet Whipple Walcott
Henry Howard Walcott --to-- Jonathan Waldo
L. Jean Waldo --to-- James Walford
James A. Walford --to-- David Walker
Dean Walker --to-- James L. Walker
James M. Walker --to-- Mary Ann Walker (twin)
Mary Eliza Walker --to-- Timothy Walker
Timothy Walker --to-- Pauline Stone Wallace
Proctor Wallace --to-- Ellen Maria Walling
George E. Walling --to-- Stephen S. Wallis or Wallace
Alice Walls --to-- Howard Reginald Walthers
Leslie Whitcomb Walthers --to-- Theodore Laurence Wanstall
Anna Want --to-- Elizabeth Ward
Ellen Ward --to-- Lucy Ward
Lydia Ward --to-- William Ward
William Ward --to-- David Warner
David Warner --to-- Sarah Warner
Sarah Warner --to-- Electa Warren
Elisa Warren --to-- Lurilla Warren
Lydia Warren --to-- William Henry Warren
William Simmons Warren --to-- Andrew Wasmer
Justin Wasmer --to-- Alzada Brown Waterman
Amasa Waterman --to-- Comer Waterman
Comer A. Waterman --to-- George H. Waterman
George Lester Waterman --to-- John Olney Waterman
John Robinson Waterman --to-- Mary Francis Waterman
Mary G. Waterman --to-- Royal Sutherland Waterman
Rufus Waterman --to-- William Albert Waterman
William Alonzo Waterman --to-- Louisa Watkins
Louisa Mills Watkins --to-- Charles Robert Watrous
Charles Sherman Watrous --to-- Erastus Watrous
Ernest Watrous --to-- Jacob Watrous
James Watrous --to-- Martha Gertrude Watrous
Mary Watrous --to-- Robert M. Gowdy Watrous
Robert Symington Watrous --to-- Alice Louise Watson
Amelia Elizabeth Watson --to-- Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson --to-- Alpha Weatherhead
Amanda Pond Weatherhead --to-- Adelia Frances Weaver
Albert C. Weaver --to-- Catherine Alvira Webb
Chace Webb --to-- William Webb
William Webb --to-- Gary Webster
George H. Webster --to-- Frank Herbert Weed
Henry E. Weed --to-- Sally Weeks
Samuel Charles Weeks --to-- John N. Weir
Katherine E. Weir --to-- Welch
Welch --to-- Horace Aaron Weller (Jr.)
Horace Alanson Weller --to-- Charles Henry Shaw Wells
Charlotte Cogshall Wells --to-- Oliver Wells
Olney Wells --to-- Edmund Wentworth
Elias P. Wentworth --to-- John Wescott
Leslie Wescott --to-- Ida West

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