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160908 individuals, 60799 families from file 20190817.ged (17 Aug 2019)

Lippitt Cory Snow --to-- Helen Gertrude Snyder
Hugh Marshall Snyder --to-- Alice Soder
Soderlund --to-- Humphrey Sommers
Mary Sommers --to-- Samuel Soule
Sarah Soule --to-- Phebe Southwick
Phebe Southwick --to-- Maria B. Spader
Jason Richard Spaeth --to-- Agnes Eula Sparks
Allie M. Sparks --to-- Frank Edward Spaulding
Frank H. Spaulding --to-- John Ashbridge "Jack" Speakman (Jr.)
Robert Blaine Speakman --to-- Harriet Brackett Spence
Isabella Spence --to-- Gladys M. Spencer
H. Spencer --to-- Nabbie Spencer
Nabby Spencer --to-- Abigail Sperry
Anna Sperry --to-- Sidney Kyle Sperry
Stephen Sperry --to-- Avelina L. Spooner
Betsey Spooner --to-- Abigail Sprague
Abigail Sprague --to-- Cynthia Sprague
Cynthia H. Sprague --to-- Hannah Sprague
Hannah Sprague --to-- Lydia Sprague
Lydia Sprague --to-- Richard Sprague
Richard Sprague --to-- William Sprague
William Sprague --to-- Ebenezer Sproat (Lieutenant-Colonel)
Edna Pearl Sproat --to-- Jennifer StHill
Dewey Stabler --to-- Joseph Stafford (Jr.)
Joseph Stafford --to-- Katherine Staley
Vera Joyce Staley --to-- Andrew C. Stanley
Benjamin Stanley --to-- Harriet Eliza Stanton
Harriett Pansy Stanton --to-- Arthur Staples
Augusta Ann Staples --to-- Joseph Staples
Joseph Henry Staples --to-- William Staples
William Cole Staples --to-- Roy Starks
Samuel Starks --to-- Timothy Starr
Van Ness Starr --to-- Benjamin Stearns (M.D.)
Benjamin Stearns (Jr.) --to-- Hannah Stearns
Hannah Stearns --to-- Neil Vernon Stearns
Otis Stearns --to-- Maria Almeda Stebbins
Marietta Stebbins --to-- George Thomas Steele
Hamish McKay Steele --to-- Anna Steere
Anna "Annie" Steere --to-- Edward Shock Steere
Edwin Steere --to-- Harvey B. Steere
Helen Alzada Steere --to-- Lydia Steere
Lydia Steere --to-- Phebe L. Steere
Philip Mowry Steere --to-- Sophia Steere
Stephen Steere --to-- Eddie Stegen
Bert Stegner --to-- Hans Stephansen
Peder Stephansen --to-- Nonie Stephenson
Peggy Mae Stephenson --to-- Forrest H. Steva
Jean Stevart --to-- Florence Augustine Stevens
Francis Stevens --to-- Marinda Alice Stevens
Mark Stevens --to-- Aaron Daniel Stevenson
Amy May Stevenson --to-- Charlotte Stewart
Christina "Christy" Stewart --to-- Martha Jane Stewart
Mary Stewart --to-- Valentine G Stickel (twin)
Walter H. Stickel --to-- Emily A. Stillwell
George H. Stillwell --to-- Curtis Jeffery James Stocker
Harriet A. Stocker --to-- Florinda Stoddard
Francis Russell Stoddard (Sr.) --to-- Stone
Stone --to-- Aaron Stone
Aaron Stone --to-- Abraham Stone
Abraham Stone --to-- Albert Edwin Stone
Albert Francis Stone --to-- Alvey Stone
Alvin Stone --to-- Anna Stone
Anna Stone --to-- Arthur Davis Stone
Arthur Deane Stone --to-- Barbara Jean Stone
Barbara Lee Stone --to-- Betsey Stone
Betsey Stone --to-- Caroline Stone
Caroline Stone --to-- Charles Stone
Charles Stone --to-- Charles Nathan Stone
Charles Newton Stone --to-- Clara Jennette Stone
Clara Juliette Stone --to-- Czarina Stone

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