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Index of Persons

163577 individuals, 61965 families from file 20200920.ged (20 Sep 2020)

John S. Short --to-- Marshall George Shuart
Michael James Shuart --to-- John Shuter
Margaret Shuter --to-- Marie Sickles
Abraham Siddall --to-- William C. Silver
Curtis Silvers --to-- Elizabeth Hall Simmons
Ernest Carlton Simmons --to-- Sarah S. Simmons
Sarah Whipple Simmons --to-- Elizabeth Simpkins
John Simpkins (Reverend) --to-- Daniel Sims
Daniel Sims --to-- Jenifer Sinkler
Jeremy David Sinkler --to-- Clara M. Skaer
James Skaggs --to-- Daniel Lynn Skinner
David Gerald Skinner --to-- George Brown Skouson
Glenn Sterling Skouson --to-- John Slack
John Slack --to-- William Bowen Slater
William Smith Slater --to-- Doris G. Sloan
Elizabeth Sloan --to-- Harold Mitchell Small
John H. Small --to-- Kenneth Bruce Smilie
Kristin Michelle Smilie --to-- Abigail or Nabby Smith
Abijah Smith --to-- Alice Mabel Smith
Alice Mary Smith --to-- Amy Elizabeth Smith
Amy Louise Smith --to-- Barbara C. Smith
Barbara Edith Smith --to-- Chad Allen Smith
Charity Smith --to-- Clarissa Antoinette Smith
Clark Smith --to-- David Smith
David Smith --to-- Eber Smith
Eddy Clark Smith --to-- Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith --to-- Emor Smith
Emor Smith --to-- Francis L. Smith
Frank Smith --to-- Gilbert Smith
Gilbert Smith --to-- Hattie Smith
Hattie Smith --to-- Hulda Rosabella Smith
Huldah Smith --to-- James H. Smith
James H. Smith --to-- Job Scott Smith
Joel Smith --to-- Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith --to-- Laura Ann Smith
Laurence Douglas Smith --to-- Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith --to-- Maria S. Smith
Maria Waite Brown Smith --to-- Mary Smith
Mary Smith --to-- Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith --to-- Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith --to-- Patience Smith
Patience Smith --to-- Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith --to-- Robert James Smith
Robert Martin Smith --to-- Samuel H. Smith
Samuel J. Smith --to-- Sarah Elizabeth Smith
Sarah Fanny Smith --to-- Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith --to-- Tina Marie Smith
Tricia Smith --to-- William Smith
William Smith (Jr.) --to-- Rhoda Wilmorth Smithson
William Alvin Smithson --to-- Catherine M. Snider
Jacqueline Mae Snider --to-- John Lippitt Snow
Joseph Snow (Deacon) --to-- George Snyder
George D. Snyder --to-- Carl Sobilo
Carolyn Marie Sobilo --to-- John Somich
Jehann Sommer --to-- S. A. Souder
Soule --to-- Mary Elsie Southwick
Moses Southwick --to-- Mary Emily Sowles
Ellsworth Space --to-- Ebenezer Sparhawk (Jr.)
Elizabeth Sparhawk --to-- Elisha L. Spaulding
Elizabeth Spaulding --to-- Selah Spaulding
Thankful Spaulding --to-- Alphonse Speed
Mildred E. Speed --to-- Elizabeth Spencer
Ella Augusta Spencer --to-- Lydia Spencer
Lydia A. Spencer --to-- William A. Spencer
William E. Spencer --to-- Mary Sperry
Mary Sperry --to-- Mabel C. Splitstone
Sarah E. Splitstone --to-- Albin John Sporny (III)
Albin Junior Sporny --to-- Asahel G. Sprague
Aurelia Sprague --to-- Federal Constitution Sprague

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