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161655 individuals, 61170 families from file 20191128.ged (28 Nov 2019)

Elizabeth Rhoda Pickwick --to-- Allen Pierce
Almira Pierce --to-- Eliza Pierce (twin)
Elizabeth Pierce --to-- Julius M. Pierce
Kathy Ann Pierce --to-- Scott Phillip Pierce
Silence Pierce --to-- Barbara Jane Pike
Bertha Pike --to-- Caleb Pillsbury
Caleb Pillsbury (Captain) --to-- Ida Small Pillsbury
Ithamar Pillsbury (twin) --to-- Mary Elizabeth Alma Pillsbury
Mary Lucille Pillsbury --to-- Belle Pilmer
Emily Pilmer --to-- Bessie Pinkerton
Charles Albert Pinkham --to-- Thomas Pipkin
Andrew Pipkorn --to-- Cynthia Loraine Pitts
Dennis Mowry Pitts --to-- Edger Place
Edwin Place --to-- Verdella Mary Place
William Henry Place --to-- Elsie Ploenert
Frank Benjamin Plotner --to-- Samuel Plummer
Samuel Plummer --to-- Christina Polcari
Jeannine Polcari --to-- James Campbell Pollock
Lola Pollock --to-- Joseph Bernard Ponder
Joseph Stephen Ponder --to-- Edwin Theodore Pope
Elijah Pope --to-- Elenor Porter
Elizabeth Sanford Porter --to-- Sarah Mariah Goss Porter
Stephen Douglas Porter (Sr.) --to-- Alfred Potter
Alice Potter --to-- Edith Potter
Edmund Potter --to-- Henry Olney Potter
Herman Potter --to-- Mary Potter
Mary Potter --to-- Susan Potter
Susan Caroline Potter --to-- Esther Mae Powell
Frances Powell --to-- Caroline Elizabeth Powers
Catherine Ann Powers --to-- Jonathan Powers
Joshua Cameron Powers --to-- Jane Powyes
Mary Poynings --to-- Halle Anne Pratt
Hannah Pratt --to-- Paul Pratt
Perley Miles Pratt --to-- Delos H. Predmore
Grace Preece --to-- Polly Presho
Sampson Presho --to-- Sherwood Preston
Susan Preston --to-- Robert Johnston Price
Susan Juchau Price --to-- Charles E. Prince
Eliza Jane Prince --to-- Luvina Katherine Prokasky
Proksch --to-- Ella Jane Prouty
Eunice Prouty --to-- Danielle Pruitt
Danny Pruitt --to-- Nathaniel Pulsifer
Eunice Pulsipher --to-- Timothy Pusch
George Newton Pusey --to-- Elisha Putnam (Deacon)
Eliza Stacey Putnam --to-- Milla Putnam
Murray Putnam --to-- Francis Worrell Pyle
John Pylston --to-- Ella Elizabeth Quincy
Henry Quincy --to-- Ivory Jeanne Rabe
William Frank Rabe --to-- Fredrick Rakoski
Robert Rakoski --to-- Delia Ramsdell
George Allen Ramsdell (Governor) --to-- Jonathan Ramsey
Joseph Ramsey --to-- Jasper Raymond Rand
Jasper Raymond Rand --to-- Anna C. Randall
Anna Eliza or Anne E. Randall --to-- Eliza Ann Randall
Elizabeth Randall --to-- James Randall
James Randall --to-- Marilyn Jordan Randall
Mark David Randall --to-- Samuel Doherty Randall
Samuel Jenks Randall --to-- John Randel
Silas Randel --to-- Elias Ransom
Elvira Victoria Adelaid Ransom --to-- Gjertrud Rasmussen
Hannah Cecelia Rasmussen --to-- Eleanor Rathbone
Elizabeth Rathbone --to-- William Rathbone
William Rathbone --to-- Margaret Rawls
Catharine Rawn --to-- Betsey Ray
Calvin Ray --to-- Joseph Arnold Ray
Knight Ray --to-- Caleb Raymond

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