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160580 individuals, 60653 families from file 20190519.ged (19 May 2019)

David Pierce --to-- James Rufus Pierce
Jane Pierce --to-- Richard Henry Pierce
Richard Leslie Pierce --to-- John Pigeon
Marie Christina Pigeon --to-- Amos Pillsbury
Amos Pillsbury --to-- George Nason Pillsbury
George Washington Pillsbury --to-- Lydia B. Pillsbury
Lydia J. Pillsbury --to-- Susannah Pillsbury
Susannah Pillsbury --to-- George Dean Pingree
James William Pingree --to-- Myra O. Piper
Nettie H. Piper --to-- Calvin Leroy Pitts
Carla Ruth Pitts --to-- Cyrus Winsor Place
Daniel Place --to-- Rosella C. Place
Ruhama Place --to-- Mary Lucile Pleasant
Edith Marguerite Pledge --to-- Rebecca Plummer
Rebekka Plummer --to-- Brian Thomas Polcari
Christina Polcari --to-- Heather Crawford Pollock
James Campbell Pollock --to-- Jennifer Leah Ponder
Joseph Bernard Ponder --to-- Edwin Theodore Pope
Edwin Theodore Pope --to-- Edward L. Porter
Elenor Porter --to-- Sarah Elva Porter
Sarah Mariah Goss Porter --to-- Alfred Potter
Alfred Potter --to-- Edmund Potter
Edna W. Potter --to-- Herman Potter
Hezekiah Potter --to-- Mary Potter
Mary Potter --to-- Susan Haven Potter
Susanna Potter --to-- James Powell
Jane Arlene Powell --to-- Charles J. Powers (Jr.)
Clara Powers --to-- Joyce Nadean Powers
Julia Powers --to-- Pratt
Pratt --to-- Hannah Pratt
Hannah Pratt --to-- Phineas Pratt
Phyllis Pratt --to-- Allen Glenn Prelusky
Anna "Annie" Prentice --to-- Alberta Preston
Ann Maria Preston --to-- Julius C. Prevost
Clarence Samuel Prew --to-- Olive Pride
Sarah Pride --to-- Kay Prine
Lucinda B. Prinelle --to-- Isaac J. Prosser
Isaac Stillman Prosser --to-- John Prouty
John Prouty --to-- Silas Prulen (Reverend)
Alexander Matt Prusi --to-- Edward Champlin Purdy
Hannah Purdy --to-- Erma Putman
Katherine Putmaster --to-- Fred Ashabel Putnam
George Putnam --to-- Rufus Putnam (General)
Ruth Putnam --to-- Clarence Quick
Earl Quick --to-- Elizabeth Quinney
George Quinney --to-- Rebecca Lynn Radle
Sarah Johanna Radle --to-- Nancy Karen Ralston
Alice Ramage --to-- Carol Ann Ramsey
Charlene Ramsey --to-- Meredith Ramsey
Richard Ramsey --to-- Solomon Rand
Solomon Rand --to-- Blakely Randall
Byron Joslin Randall --to-- Frances Dyer Randall
Frank Earle Randall --to-- John Charles Randall
John E. Randall --to-- Matthew Sylvester Randall
Melecent Randall --to-- Stephen Randall (Dr.)
Stephen L. Randall --to-- Richmond Kidder Randolph
Walter Randolph --to-- Holly Remington Rao
John Charles Rao --to-- Marie Rasmussen
Milton Joseph Rasmussen --to-- Jonathan C. Rathbone
Joseph Rathbone --to-- Elizabeth Rathburn
Joseph Rathburn (Jr.) --to-- Henry Martyn Rawson
Ira Rawson --to-- Emily Matilda Ray
Emily Mystillia Ray --to-- Rueben Ray
Ruth Abby Ray --to-- Mary Raymond
Mary A. Raymond --to-- Jonah Razee
Jonah Razee --to-- David Lanftus Rea
Delmar John Rea --to-- Calvin D. Reade
Minnie Etta Reade --to-- George W. Redfern
Mary A. Redfern --to-- William Reece
Reeck --to-- Elizabeth M. Reed
Elizabeth M. "Lizzie" Reed --to-- Robert Bruce Reed
Robert Ralph Reed --to-- Kenneth Lance Reese
Kenneth Winston Reese --to-- Charles Verne Reid
Conald Cliff Reid --to-- James Howard Reinhart
Janet Marlene Reinhart --to-- Frances Almena Remington

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