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166807 individuals, 63399 families from file 20211126.ged (26 Nov 2021)

Sarah Roberts --to-- Leland R. Robertson
Lewis Robertson --to-- Charles "Doc" Robinson
Charles D. Robinson --to-- Howard Robinson
Huldah Robinson --to-- Nancy Robinson
Nancy Jane Robinson --to-- Eleaner True Robison
George Samuel Robison --to-- Stanley Cook Rockwell
Winfield S. Rockwell --to-- Mary Rodman
Sarah L. Rodman --to-- William Henry Roe
Almira Roe or Rowe --to-- Carlos Ladd Rogers
Charles Rogers --to-- Henry Rogers
Henry Rogers --to-- Maria Rogers
Marietta Rogers --to-- Susanna Rogers
Susannah Rogers --to-- John Rolland (Jr.)
Patricia Rolland --to-- Robert Burleigh Roof
Samuel Donald Roof --to-- Jess Hart Root
Jesse Root --to-- William Roscoe (Jr.)
William Henry Roscoe --to-- Nicolas Dylan Rose
Otis VanNorman Rose --to-- Dimple Mae Ross
Edith Ross --to-- Clinton Tucker Rosser
Edward Rosser --to-- Fayette Alonzo Rounds
Gilbert Rounds --to-- Belle Rowe
Betsey Rowe --to-- Joseph L. Rowland
Julia E. Rowland --to-- Agnes Royer
Ruth Royer (Mrs.) --to-- Eva M. Rugg
Jacob Rugg --to-- Joseph Rumwell
Mary Rumwell --to-- Russell
Russell --to-- Harry Russell
Helen Russell --to-- Samuel Stone Russell
Sarah Russell --to-- Martha Ruttenberge
Zilpha Ruttenburg --to-- Kristian Pedersen Røboe
Margrethe Christine Røboe --to-- Ella Sophia Sabin
Esther Sabin --to-- John Saddler
Karen Lee Saddler --to-- Michael Glenn Sadler
Michael Lynn Sadler --to-- Caroline Sage
Charles T. Sage --to-- Bethiah or Bethia Salisbury
Betsy Salisbury --to-- Henrietta Salisbury
Henry H. Salisbury --to-- Rachel Salisbury
Rachel Salisbury --to-- Florence L. Salmon
Margaret J. Salmon --to-- Sarah Sams
Anna Samson --to-- Harmony Rose Sanchez
Heather Lynn Sanchez --to-- Marshall Danforth Sanders (Jr.)
Mary Sanders --to-- William G. Sands
Charles Sandstrom --to-- Ida F. Sargeant
Mary Sargeant --to-- Amos Saunders
Ann E. Saunders --to-- John Savage (Captain)
Laura Angeline Savage --to-- Horace Austin Sawyer
James Sawyer --to-- Charles Sayers
Charles G. Sayers --to-- Charles Sayles
Charles A. Sayles --to-- Ethel E. Sayles
Evelyn A. Sayles --to-- Julia Ann or Julia Scott Sayles
Julia Ann or Juliana or Julianna Sayles --to-- Mercy E. Sayles
Mildred E. Sayles --to-- Stephen Whipple Sayles
Stephen Whipple Sayles --to-- Stephanie Scarow
Hannah Scarr --to-- Henry M. Schell
Henry S. Schell --to-- Tiffany Elizabeth Schleifer-Lamm
George A. Schleiger --to-- Steven Gerald Schoenecker
Hunter Alexander Schoenfuss --to-- Skye Whitney Schooley
Taij Schooley --to-- Michael Anthony Schrum
Thomas Anthony Schrum --to-- Luke Joseph Schumacher
Samantha Anne Schumacher --to-- Henry Scofield
Herman B. Scofield --to-- Charles Scott
Charles Scott --to-- Henry F. Scott
Herbert Francis Scott --to-- Louise Smith Scott
Luella Scott --to-- Samuel Wallace Scott
Sarah Scott --to-- Russel Scovill
Seymour Scovill --to-- Riley Dean Seal
Sheri Diane Seal --to-- Charles Searle
Clinton Kenneth Searle --to-- Carol Ann Seaton
Clarence Arthur Seaton --to-- Carl Seeger
Ida J. Seeger --to-- Chelsea Mae Seifert
Ida M. Seifert --to-- Elizabeth Campfield Selover
Harold Seymour Selover --to-- Mary Sevier
Rebecca Sevier --to-- Floyd Dalton Shackleford
John Shackleford --to-- Neil Davis Shafer
Nellie S. Shafer --to-- Clarence Miles Shamberger

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