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165405 individuals, 62788 families from file 20210613.ged (13 Jun 2021)

Beatrice Riley --to-- Dorothy Sophia Risen
Edith Elizabeth Risen --to-- Eleanor Ritts
Bonita Gene Ritzman --to-- Ellen E. Roach
Eva Louise Roach --to-- Gilbert Francis Robbins
H. H. Robbins --to-- Charles Eugene Roberts
Charles Michael Roberts --to-- Margot Roberts
Marion Roberts --to-- Danny Joe Robertson
David Robertson --to-- Robinson
Robinson --to-- Erastus Robinson
Ethel Virginia Robinson --to-- Linda Kaye Robinson
Lorena Hortense Robinson --to-- Whipple Robinson
Wilda B. Robinson --to-- Victor Rocha
Charles Victor Rocheville --to-- Ely Roderick
Brittany Rodes --to-- Denise Marie Roe
Diane Irene Roe --to-- Rogers
Rogers --to-- Ethan Allen "Allen" Rogers
Eunice Rogers --to-- John Stillman Rogers
Jon Carlton Rogers --to-- Philip Rogers
Rachel Rogers --to-- Anna Marie Roland
Estella Roland --to-- Gertrude May Romney
Gina Romney --to-- Joan Lindsay Roosevelt
John Aspinwall Roosevelt --to-- Mike Roring
Harmon Chadbourn Rorison --to-- Glen Howard Rose
Glen Jon Rose --to-- Roskruge
John Roskruge --to-- Sophia M. Ross
Stephen Ross --to-- Luraneh C. Round
Mary Round --to-- Julia Ann Melissa Rouse
Kristina Maria Rouse --to-- Willard Rowell
Florence M. Rowen --to-- Ethel Reiko Royagi
Austin Garland Royal --to-- Ruthan Palmer Rude
Hilda Ruden --to-- Kent Allyn "Deak" Rummelhart
Thomas Gerard Rummelhart --to-- Eric Rushing
Heather Rushing --to-- Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Russell
Ellen Russell --to-- Mary Russell
Mary Russell --to-- Michael Rutherford
Rutledge --to-- Josephine Ryerson
Susan (Suzette) Parker Ryerson --to-- Clinton Mark Sabin
Cynthia Geneva Sabin --to-- Mary E. Sackett
Thomas S. Sackett --to-- Lehman Sadler
Lena Sadler --to-- Mary Safford
Mercy Safford --to-- Anna Salisbury
Anna T. Salisbury --to-- Ganza or Ganzey or Ganzy Salisbury
Gardner Abel Salisbury --to-- Moses Brown Salisbury
Nancy Salisbury --to-- William Wheelock Salisbury
Martha Jane or Jennie Sallada --to-- Hephzibah Sampson
Joanna Sampson --to-- Pearl Sanborn
Polly H. Sanborn --to-- Helen Josephine Sanders
Ina Sanders --to-- Fritz V. Sandner
Kristee Sandner --to-- Mary Santos
Mace Santrizos --to-- John Satterfield
Anna Lorna Sauber --to-- Walter Ernest Sauter (Sr.)
Walter Ernest Sauter --to-- Fannie J. Sawyer
Florence M. Sawyer --to-- Picot de Saye
Robert de Saye --to-- Caroline Minerva Sayles
Carrie Newell Sayles --to-- Esek Sayles
Esek Sayles --to-- John Earle Sayles
John Henry Sayles --to-- Mary Gardner Sayles
Mary Mowry Sayles --to-- Sarah W. Sayles
Smith Sayles --to-- Sarah Kimes Scandrett
Thomas Scandrett --to-- Anna Marie Scheidecker
Charles Scheiner --to-- Glori Schleibein
Pamela Joan Myers Schleifer --to-- Schoenecker
Heidi Jo Schoenecker --to-- Levi Schooley
Martin Allen Schooley --to-- Robert Harry Schroeder
William F. Schroeder --to-- Kathleen Ann Schumacher
Kenneth Michael Schumacher --to-- Etta G. Scofield
Florence Scofield --to-- Catherine Scott
Celinda Scott --to-- Henry C. Scott
Henry Edwards Scott --to-- Louis Scott
Louisa J. Scott --to-- Samuel Scott
Samuel S. Scott --to-- George Scovill
Mary Jane Scovill --to-- Parley Duane Seal
Riley Dean Seal --to-- Benjamin Greene Searle
Charles Searle --to-- Ann Cameron Seaton

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