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166420 individuals, 63212 families from file 20210918.ged (18 Sep 2021)

Henry Hastings Sibley (Governor) --to-- Eliza Ann Sigourney
Joseph Allen Sikes (Sr.) --to-- Dusty Mae Simanski-Newman
William J. Sime --to-- Martha Marrilla "Mattie" Simmons
Mary Simmons --to-- Samuel Simonds (Hon.)
William Simonds --to-- Maria Simpson
Mary Simpson --to-- Conrad Singele
Emma Agnes Singele --to-- Lydia Sisson
Mary Jane Sisson --to-- Zilphia Skief
Ina Berniece Skillhorn --to-- Willard Ralph or Joseph Willard Skinner
William Leland Skinner --to-- Ruth Skowron
Sharon Skowron --to-- Joseph Slater
Lucia Anna "Lucy" Slater --to-- Mary Slead
Palmer Sledman --to-- Vernon Eugene "Bud" Slotterbeck
Thomas B. Slough --to-- Jerry Smiddy
Maynard Smiddy --to-- Abigail Smith
Abigail Smith --to-- Alice Smith
Alice Smith --to-- Amey Ellen Smith
Amey Harris Smith --to-- Asa Lynds Smith (Reverend)
Asahel Smith --to-- Carrie Smith
Carrie P. Smith --to-- Cicely Harriet Alice Smith
Clara Smith --to-- Daniel David Smith
Daniel Jefferson Smith --to-- Douglas Smith
Douglas B. Smith --to-- Eliza Smith
Eliza Smith --to-- Emma D. Smith
Emma F. Smith --to-- Frances Moody Smith
Frances P. Smith --to-- Georgia I. Smith
Georgia L. Smith --to-- Harris Surls Smith
Harris W. Smith --to-- Howard Smith
Howard Augustus Smith --to-- James F. Smith
James F. Smith --to-- Joanna Wilkinson Smith
Job Smith --to-- Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith --to-- Laura Amy Smith
Laura Ann Smith --to-- Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith --to-- Maria Waite Brown Smith
Marietta Smith --to-- Mary Smith
Mary Smith --to-- Mercy Smith
Mercy Smith --to-- Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith --to-- Paul Lester Smith
Paulene Smith --to-- Raymond Allan Smith
Raymond James Smith --to-- Roxana A. Smith
Roxanne Smith --to-- Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith --to-- Sessions Mowry Smith
Shannon Joseph Smith --to-- Susan Smith
Susan Smith --to-- Virginia Lee "Gini" Smith
Virginia Louise Smith --to-- William Smith
William Smith --to-- Margaret Smyth
Marion E. Smyth --to-- Snow
Snow --to-- Rebecca Snow
Rebecca Green Snow --to-- Marlene Marie Snyder
Marrel Henry Snyder --to-- Elizabeth Ellen Gabrielle Solano
Epimenio Albert Solano --to-- Dean Sooter
Dorsey Sooter --to-- Southwick
Albert Edward Southwick --to-- Elizabeth Southworth
Ella Frances Southworth --to-- Josephine Spalding
Julia E. Spalding --to-- Harriet Sparling
Margaret Elizabeth Sparnicht --to-- Lois Spaulding
Lottie May Spaulding --to-- Marilyn Spear
Marjorie McDonald Spear --to-- Bessie Spencer
Blackman B. Spencer --to-- Jeremiah Spencer
Job Spencer --to-- Richard Spencer
Richard Spencer --to-- George Sperry
George Elliot Sperry --to-- William Arnold Spicer
Fred Elmer Spicker --to-- Mable Spooner
Malinda Spooner --to-- Amey or Amy Sprague
Amos Sprague --to-- Elizabeth Sprague
Elizabeth Sprague --to-- John Sprague
John Sprague --to-- Nathan Sprague
Nathan Sprague --to-- Sarah Sprague
Sarah Elizabeth Sprague --to-- Mary Louise Spring
Samuel Read Spring --to-- Mary E. Squire or Squier
Madison A. Squire or Squires --to-- Amos Stafford
Anna Stafford --to-- Thomas Stafford (Jr.)
Thomas Rice Stafford --to-- Sarah Stanclift
Candy Standish --to-- Andrew Stanton

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