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149616 individuals, 59603 families from file 20220702.ged (2 Jul 2022)

Jennie Helen Stroud --to-- Sarah Studebaker
Adelaide Belknap Studley --to-- Lindal Dwight Sturtevant
Lucy Sturtevant --to-- Daniel Sumner
Elizabeth Sumner --to-- Joseph Cleveland Suttle
Sutton --to-- Catherine Rhodes Swan
Charles Enos Swan --to-- Robert Page Swann (Jr.)
Robert Page Swann --to-- Carolyn S. Sweet
Catherine Sweet --to-- Jacob Sweet
James Sweet --to-- Robert Sweet
Robert Edgar Sweet --to-- Susan Sweetland
Thomas Sweetland --to-- Maude E. Swift
Myra Swift --to-- Mary Symonds
Mehitable Symonds --to-- Angeline Taft
Anne Taft --to-- Joseph Taft
Josephine Taft --to-- Thaddeus Taft
Thompson Taft (Jr.) --to-- Mary Talcott
Robert Talcott --to-- Edgar Peabody Tanner
Ella S. Tanner --to-- Rupert Tarbell
Abbie B. Tarbox --to-- Albert Perry Taylor
Alex Taylor --to-- Eunice Taylor
Eva Taylor --to-- Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor --to-- Ralph Taylor
Ralph Fleming Taylor --to-- James Frederick Teague
Marjorie Louise Teague --to-- Ira Temple
James William Temple --to-- Charles Melton Terrell
Charles Timothy Terrell --to-- Charles B. Tharp
Elizabeth Tharp --to-- Charles Merrick Thayer
Charles Mitchell Thayer --to-- James Thayer
James Luther Walker Thayer --to-- Roxana Thayer
Rufus Thayer --to-- Carl Thoma
Charles E. Thoma --to-- Elsie I. Thomas
Elsie S. Thomas --to-- Mercy or Mary Thomas
Mildred Thomas --to-- Bertha Frances Thompson
Betsey A. Thompson --to-- Jane F. Thompson
Jane Frances Thompson --to-- Sarah A. Thompson
Sarah Jane Thompson --to-- Harriet Thorne
Leon Thorne --to-- Eliza Thornton
Eliza S. Thornton --to-- Laban W. Thornton
Lila Thornton --to-- H. Thorp
Pearl Kathryn Thorp --to-- Cynthia Thurber
Darlene Thurber --to-- Samuel C. Thurber
Samuel T. Thurber (IV) --to-- Sarah Mowry Thwing
Emily F. Tibbals --to-- Lucille Angeline Tiedemann
Russell Dale Tiedemann --to-- Isabelle H. Tilden
John Tilden --to-- Jonathan Tillinghast
Joseph Tillinghast --to-- Gilbert Timmins
John Timmins --to-- Horace Henry Tinker (Dr.)
Horace Waite Tinker --to-- Martha Titus
Mary Titus --to-- Frank Todd
George Libanus Todd --to-- Emma Maria "Mary" Tomlinson
Lindsay Tomlinson --to-- Sarah Toppan
Sarah Toppan --to-- Lydia Tourtellot
Mary Tourtellot --to-- Benjamin Tower
Benjamin Tower --to-- Doris Tower
Earl Berdet Tower --to-- Frederick Ward Tower
Frederick William Tower --to-- James Henry Tower (III)
James Henry Tower (Jr.) --to-- Levi H. Tower
Levi Howard Tower --to-- Mary W. Tower
Maryette D. Tower --to-- Rollin C. Tower
Rose Tower --to-- William C. Tower
William Emerson Tower --to-- Susannah Towne
Abigail Towner --to-- Lucy Eldridge Tracy
Lydia Tracy --to-- Milo Travis
Deborah Treadway --to-- Susanna Treadwell
Thomas Treadwell --to-- Etta Mae Trimble
Helen Jean Trimble --to-- Willie Silas Trobee
Lisa Christien Troger --to-- Nancy S. Truax
Paula Ann Truax --to-- Clifford A. Tryon
Flora Tryon --to-- John Tucker
John Hyme Tucker (Sr.) --to-- Nettie Tuller
Rose McKee Tuller --to-- Henderson Melton Turner
Henry Brayton Turner --to-- Thomas Turner
Timothy Turner --to-- Lydia Tuttle
Martha Tuttle --to-- Cora Lee "Corky" Tyler

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