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161045 individuals, 60864 families from file 20190921.ged (21 Sep 2019)

Lucas James Ridley --to-- John Riley
John Willard Riley --to-- Frederick C. Rising
Katharine Rising --to-- Carrie Rix
Cheater Rix --to-- Lyle A. Roach
Perry E. Roach --to-- Lovicey H. Robbins
Lucy Robbins --to-- Doris Roberts
Edna Roberts --to-- Pamela Jean Roberts
Peter William Roberts --to-- Jamacia Rose Martin Robertson
James Robertson --to-- Asa Robinson
Bailey Elaine Robinson --to-- H. L. Robinson
Hannah Robinson --to-- May Louise Robinson
Mercy Robinson --to-- David Lynn Robison
Doyle Charles Robison --to-- Merritt Rockwell
Miranda Rockwell --to-- Eliza Rodman
Mary Rodman --to-- Wilfred Ogden Roe (Jr.)
Wilfred Ogden Roe (Sr.) --to-- Anna Colby Rogers
Bathsheba Rogers --to-- Henry Rogers
Henry Rogers --to-- Marietta Rogers
Mark Chandler Rogers --to-- Timothy Rogers
Tom Brady Rogers --to-- Aris Rollins
Asa Rollins --to-- Betty Dee Lora Rookstool
Anna Laura "Ann" Roome --to-- Sara Linette Root
Savannah Manning Root --to-- Charles H. Rose
Charles Henry Rose --to-- Anna Maria Roseberry
Gary Lee Roseberry --to-- John Ross
John Ross --to-- Bernice Truitt Rothenstein
Edythe Mildred Rothenstein --to-- Kayte Rounsavall
Robbie Rae Rounsavall --to-- Sanborn Rowe
Sarah Rowe --to-- William A. Rowley
Jayne Ann Rowse --to-- Loana Rudd
Matilda Rudd --to-- Brita Christine Ruiness
Garrett Paul Ruiness --to-- Katherine Elizabeth Rusch
Rebecca Gail Rusch --to-- Dustin Russell
Earl Russell --to-- Mary Russell
Mary Russell --to-- Anna Rutherford
Michael Rutherford --to-- Josephine Ryerson
Susan (Suzette) Parker Ryerson --to-- Clifton Olney Sabin
Clinton Mark Sabin --to-- Lucy Lavina Sackett
Mary E. Sackett --to-- Lee Mitchell Sadler
Lehman Sadler --to-- Martha Safford
Martha Safford --to-- Amy or Amey An Salisbury
Anna Salisbury --to-- Fanny Salisbury
Flavel Patterson Salisbury --to-- Minerva Salisbury
Moses B. Salisbury --to-- William D. Salisbury
William Henry Salisbury --to-- Frances Sampson
Hephzibah Sampson --to-- Pearl Sanborn
Polly H. Sanborn --to-- Ina Sanders
James Brainard Sanders --to-- Sandperl
Anne Clarissa "Clodie" Sands --to-- Henry Sanxey
Henry Campbell Sanxey --to-- Bernice Sauls
Saunders --to-- Joel Savage
John Savage (Captain) --to-- Helena Sawyer
Horace Austin Sawyer --to-- Robert Adams Sayers
Sayles --to-- Charles H. Sayles
Charles H. "Charlie" Sayles --to-- Evelyn A. Sayles
Francis Sayles --to-- Julia Ann or Julia Scott Sayles
Julia Ann or Juliana or Julianna Sayles --to-- Mercy Sayles
Mercy E. Sayles --to-- Stephen Sayles
Stephen Whipple Sayles --to-- Mary C. Scannell
Caroline Scarlett --to-- John Rush Schell
Mida L. Schell --to-- John Schlotman
Samuel Schlotman --to-- Michael Marie Schofield
Olivia E. Schofield --to-- David Schramlin
Augusta Schramm --to-- Irving C. Schultz (Reverend)
Janie Belle Schultz --to-- Martin Schwab
James Stephen Schwaber --to-- Abigail Scott
Abigail Scott --to-- Elizabeth Peronne Scott
Ella Scott --to-- Jessie D. Scott
Joanna Scott --to-- Mildred A. Scott
Miriam Douglas Scott --to-- Tracy Scott (Reverend)
Tracy Renee Scott --to-- Abel Scull
Sarah Scull --to-- Seamans
Ann Seamans --to-- Virginia Claire Searls

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