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163439 individuals, 61903 families from file 20200808.ged (8 Aug 2020)

Dolphia Riddle --to-- Harry F. Ridgley
Robert Lewis Ridgley --to-- Emma Maud Riley
Franklin Riley --to-- Payton Risetter
Agnes Rish --to-- Alma Rix
Caroline Mary Rix --to-- Perry E. Roach
Robert D. Roach --to-- Marie Robbins
Marion Elder Robbins --to-- Elizabeth Roberts
Elizabeth Roberts --to-- Roland Roberts
Ruth Odessa Roberts --to-- Josephine Robertson
Katherine Lee Robertson --to-- Caroline W. Robinson
Charles "Doc" Robinson --to-- Irena Robinson
Isabella Jane Robinson --to-- Olney Robinson
Oscar Robinson --to-- Lois P. Robison
Margery Adele Robison --to-- Gregory S. Rockwood
H. A. Rockwood --to-- Raymond Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez Urzua --to-- John Webb Roesch
Martin Thomas Roesch --to-- Delight Rogers
Denison Rogers --to-- Jerusha Rogers
Joab B. Rogers --to-- Nathalyn Rogers
Nathan Rogers --to-- Richard Rohleder
Richard Rohleder --to-- Earlene Jennie Rolph
Frederick O. Romer --to-- Isaac Roosevelt
James Roosevelt --to-- Richard Baskett Rorison
Malvina Rorrback --to-- Happy Rose
Harry Rose --to-- Andrew Lytton Ross
Annie E. Ross --to-- William Ross
William Ross --to-- Elizabeth A. Rounds
Fayette Alonzo Rounds --to-- Bruce Stearns Rowe
Caleb Rowe --to-- Samuel Rowland
William A. Rowland --to-- Sarah Anne Rubert
Spencer Rubin --to-- George Benjamin Ruggles
George Benjamin Ruggles --to-- Charles Frederick Runge
Julia Albertina Runge --to-- Betty Jean Russell
Brooke Russell --to-- John W. Russell
Jonathan Russell --to-- Marie Rose "Dolly" Russo
Betty Louise Rust --to-- Walter D'Arcy Ryan
John A. Ryberg --to-- Reuben W. Saben
Richard Saben --to-- Joseph J. Sachey
Joseph J. Sachey --to-- Heather Mae Sadler
Holly Marie Sadler --to-- Hannah Safford
John Safford --to-- Abigail C. Salisbury
Ada Salisbury --to-- Ennis or Emness Salisbury (Deacon)
Ephraim Salisbury --to-- Mary Salisbury
Mary Salisbury --to-- William Salisbury
William A. Salisbury --to-- Claudius Richard Sampson
David Sampson --to-- Pearl Sanborn
Polly H. Sanborn --to-- James Brainard Sanders
Jayne Sanders --to-- Anne Clarissa "Clodie" Sands
Dora Elsie Sands --to-- Mary Sanxey
Theodore Sanxey --to-- Anna Saunders
Anne Frances Saunders --to-- Mary Ann Savage
Michael Savage --to-- John Sawyer
John Quincy Adams Sawyer --to-- Abigail Sayles
Addison Clark Sayles --to-- Daniel Sayles (Jr.)
Daniel Sayles --to-- Hannah Sayles
Hannah Sayles --to-- Louise Sayles
Lucina Sayles --to-- Pardon Sayles
Parley Sayles --to-- William Carlos Sayles
William Clark Sayles --to-- Milo Schaffer
Myron Whipple Schaffer --to-- Raymond Schiesser
James Schiffner --to-- Diane Marie Schneider
Doris Thelma Schneider --to-- Kathy Ann "Kate" Schoner
Kimberly Michelle Schoner --to-- Ronda Ann Schrimper
Charles Schroback --to-- William Clifford Schultz
William John Schultz --to-- Ada May Scofield
Alice B. Scofield --to-- Brad Allen Scott
Brian Joshua Scott --to-- Henry Scott
Henry Scott --to-- Louis Scott
Louisa J. Scott --to-- Sarah Scott
Sarah Scott --to-- Velma Ruth Scowden
Anne Barbeau Scranton --to-- Charles Seaman

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