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160724 individuals, 60721 families from file 20190623.ged (23 Jun 2019)

Neil Davis Shafer --to-- John Jacob Shank
Mary H. Shank --to-- William Leroy Sharp
William Michael Sharp --to-- Alfred E. Shaw
Alfred Elvin Shaw --to-- Lois Shaw
Lovina Shaw --to-- Ebenezer B. Shearman
Jane Shearman --to-- B. F. Sheldon (Reverend)
Ballou Arnold Sheldon --to-- Kale Brian Davis Sheldon
Laura Sheldon --to-- Susan Hudson Sheldon
Susannah Sheldon --to-- Helen C. Shepard
Inez Shepard --to-- Mary Sherburne
Roba M. Sherburne --to-- Erastus Sherman
Eunice Sherman --to-- Mildred C. Sherman
Mildred Louise Sherman --to-- Thayer Sherriff
Eleanor Sherringham --to-- Mine Shimizu
Landon David James Shimon --to-- Ellen Shoemaker
Francis Shoemaker --to-- Mildred Shorts
Elizabeth Shortsleeve --to-- Eva Shumacker
Mary Shumake --to-- Francis Darius Sibley
Francis Tingley Sibley --to-- Michael Earl Sikes
Susan Elizabeth Sikes --to-- Ernest Melvin Simmerman (Sr.)
Ernest Melvin Simmerman --to-- Myron Simmons
Ory Chandler Simmons --to-- Arthur Whipple Simons
Elizabeth Simons --to-- Sidney Simpson
Sidney Simpson --to-- John Singletary
John Whipple Singletary --to-- Hannah Sivyer
Mina Hale Six --to-- Clifford Horace Skinner
Clifford Horace Skinner --to-- Glenn Whipple Skouson
Jeffrey Alan Skouson --to-- Mary Slack
Mary "Polly" Slack --to-- Robert Michael Slawinski
Slawson --to-- Frances A. Sloat
John Sloat --to-- Howard Russell Smalley (Colonel)
Jeffrey Popenhagen Smalley --to-- Smith
Smith --to-- Ahab Smith
Aholiab Smith --to-- Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith --to-- Arlan Smith
Arnold Smith --to-- Capitola Ann Smith
Carl B. Smith --to-- Christina Smith
Christina Smith --to-- Daniel Smith
Daniel Aldrich Smith --to-- Douglas Smith
Douglas B. Smith --to-- Eliza A. Smith
Eliza Ann Smith --to-- Emor Smith
Emor Smith --to-- Frank W. Smith
Franklin Smith --to-- Grace M. Smith
Grace Mary Bell Smith --to-- Henry Smith
Henry Smith --to-- Israel Smith
Israel Smith --to-- Jencks Appleby Smith (Jr.)
Jennie Smith --to-- John Smith
John Smith --to-- June Ann Smith
June Pearl Smith --to-- Linda Smith
Linda Smith --to-- Mahala Smith
Mahala Ann Smith --to-- Mary Smith
Mary Smith --to-- Mary Sophia Smith
Mary Steere Smith --to-- Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith --to-- Olney W. Smith
Oren H. Smith --to-- Prudence Smith
Rachel Smith --to-- Robert Gail Smith
Robert J. Smith --to-- Samuel Newell Smith (Jr.)
Samuel T. Smith --to-- Scott Waterman Smith
Sena Smith --to-- Susan Smith
Susan Smith --to-- Waitey Mowry Smith
Waity Smith --to-- William Bowman Smith
William Bruce Smith --to-- Abigail Snell
Bezer Snell --to-- Don Carlos Snow
Dorcus Ann Snow --to-- Annie Snuring
Albert Franklin Snyder --to-- Roy Francis Snyder
Samuel Francis Snyder --to-- Sheryl Kim Solomon
Blair Solon --to-- Judith Ann Sorenson
Marie Helen Sorenson --to-- Hannah Southwick
Hannah Southwick --to-- Anne Sowby
Larry Bennett Sowby --to-- Nathan Joel Spann
Ronald Lee Spann --to-- Donna Belle Spaulding
Douglas Spaulding --to-- Sarah H. Spaulding
Selah Spaulding --to-- James Leo Speirs
John Spell --to-- Gideon Spencer

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