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160908 individuals, 60799 families from file 20190817.ged (17 Aug 2019)

Alvin R. Risinger --to-- Eva Rix
Frances Rix --to-- Tim Roach
William Allin Roach --to-- Robert Robbins
Ronald Robbins --to-- George Roberts
George C. Roberts --to-- Sharon Alice Roberts
Sheila Roberts --to-- Martin Robertson
Mary Beth Robertson --to-- Dean Tyler Robinson
Deborah Robinson --to-- John Robinson
John Robinson --to-- Sally Robinson
Samuel Robinson --to-- Clayton Robords
John David Robords --to-- Frank Rodeghier
Jason Ray Rodeghier --to-- Dawn Kristine Roe
DeWayne Henry Roe --to-- Rogers
Rogers --to-- Fanny Rogers
Fanny G. Rogers --to-- Joyce Rogers
Judith Rogers --to-- Rugene Rogers
Samuel Rogers --to-- Ezra Rolfe
Hannah Rolfe --to-- Hannah Rood
Hannah Rood --to-- Joshua Root
Leona Dell Root --to-- Benjamin Myung Sik Rose
Beryl Maxine Rose --to-- William H. Rose (Jr.)
Youngs Rose --to-- John Ross
John E. Ross --to-- Philip Rothenstein
Helen C. Rothfuss --to-- Alonzo Rouse
Dave Rouse --to-- Lucinda W. Rowell
Mary Ella Rowell --to-- John George Roy
William Alexander Roy --to-- S. W. Ruden
Sharon Lee Rudi --to-- Lacota Cole Rumsey
Mark Rumsey --to-- Eunice Amanda Russ
John Monroe Russ (Jr.) --to-- Henry Russell
Henry Harrison Russell --to-- William Russell
William Russell --to-- John Ryan
Kathy James Ryan --to-- Israel Saben
Israel Saben (Jr.) --to-- Stella Perone Sabin
Stephen Sabin --to-- Donald Leeman Sadler
Edward Curtis Sadler --to-- Dorothy Safford
Elizabeth Safford --to-- William J. Sainter
Dante Salerno --to-- Elizabeth Salisbury
Elizabeth M. Salisbury --to-- Maria Salisbury
Marmaduke Salisbury --to-- Wiley Robert Salisbury
Willard Salisbury --to-- Leanna Christine Sample
Leroy Sample --to-- Matthew Sanborn
Miriam Sanborn --to-- Ina Sanders
James Brainard Sanders --to-- James Sands
Mark Anderson Sands --to-- Abigail L. Sargent
Americus Vespucius Sargent --to-- Benjamin Peter Saunders
Bevil Granville Wyburn Saunders --to-- Walter W. Savage
William Whipple Savage --to-- Lennah Bell Sawyer
Lewis Fish Sawyer --to-- Albert Roscoe Sayles
Alice Sayles --to-- Deborah Sayles
Deborah Wilcox Sayles --to-- Harris C. Sayles
Henry Sayles --to-- Lydia Sayles
Lydia A. Sayles --to-- Pitts Sayles
Priscilla Sayles --to-- Zerviah Sayles
Zilpha Sayles --to-- Minnie Alfretta Schamp
Arthur Schanbacher --to-- Schilling
Catherine Ann "Kate" Schilling --to-- Louis Schoaf
Margaret S. Schobert --to-- Jamie Schooley
Levi Schooley --to-- Fred Schuldies
Shirley Schuldies --to-- Jennifer Schumaker
Jonathon Schumaker --to-- Mary Scollay
Minerva Scolley --to-- Dorian Scott
Douglas M. Scott --to-- James Parker Scott
James Whipple Scott --to-- Mary "Molly" C. Scott
Mary Capron Scott --to-- Thomas W. Scott
Tonia Ann Scott --to-- Sarah Scull
Andrew Scully --to-- Clara Mae Seamans
Eliza Seamans --to-- Donna Vivian Sears
Ethel Burgess Sears --to-- Frederick David Secor
Gabriel Secor --to-- Leo Seidel

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