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163762 individuals, 62048 families from file 20200927.ged (27 Sep 2020)

Pearl Myers --to-- Mary H. "Mollie" Nantz
William Emmet Napier --to-- Samuel Simpson Nash
Samuel Simpson Nash (Jr.) --to-- Alice Maria Neal
Aline Neal --to-- Hollie Michelle Neeley
Patrick Neeley --to-- Amanda Sophie Nelson
Amy Nelson --to-- Joseph Nelson
Kathryn Mary Nelson --to-- Frederick Hinkey Nesbit
James Howard Nesbit --to-- Cuthbert Neville
David Kent Neville --to-- David Arlington Nevius
Manilla Ellen Nevius --to-- Alonzo Newell
Alvin Newell --to-- Louise Lincoln Newell
Lucius Herbert Newell --to-- Eva Newman
Hannah Newman --to-- Douglas G. Newton
Elizabeth Gail Newton --to-- Duc Hong Nguyen
Tam Nguyen --to-- Carolina Amelia Nichols
Carolina Scot Nichols --to-- Harsha Thomas Nichols
Harvey Elmer Nichols --to-- Molly Nichols
Mr. Nichols --to-- Enos Nickerson
Melora A. Nickerson --to-- Johanne Nielsen
Johnny Vang Nielsen --to-- Rachel Nii
Amanda Niklasson --to-- Sarah Elizabeth Nims
Vergil Nims --to-- Sandra Kay Noble
Sheridan J. Noble --to-- Christopher McCulloch Norfleet
Daphne Beggs Norfleet --to-- Isaac North
Louis F. North --to-- Mary Edith Northup
Thomas Northup --to-- John Warren Norton
Joseph Norton --to-- Sally Novak
Trisha Anne Novak --to-- Charles M. Nugent
Glenn Webber Nugent --to-- John Chauncey Nutting
Jonas Nutting (Captain) --to-- Holden R. Nye
Jefferson Nye --to-- John Owen O'Brien
Kathryn Joy O'Brien --to-- Lois O'Donnell
Robin Thomas O'Donnell --to-- Thomas W. O'Reilly
Spencer O'Riley --to-- Ida Atala Oatley
Jennie Gray Oatley --to-- Simon Odgaard
Torben Odgaard --to-- Olive B. Oldenburg
Abby L. Oldfield --to-- Jeffrey Olin
John Olin --to-- Albert Houghton Olmsted
Alice Olmsted --to-- Ada M. Olney
Ada M. Olney --to-- Almeda A. Olney
Almedia Olney --to-- Anne Olney
Anne Olney --to-- Benjamin Olney
Benjamin Olney --to-- Catharine Olney
Catharine A. Olney --to-- Clara B. Olney
Clara Josephine Olney --to-- Daisy Olney
Daisy Olney --to-- Dora E. Olney
Dorace E. Olney --to-- Elisha Olney
Elisha Olney --to-- Emeline Olney
Emeline Olney --to-- Eve Olney
Evelyn Olney --to-- Frank Llewellyn Olney
Frank Llewellyn Olney --to-- George Hopkins Olney
George Humphrey Olney --to-- Harriet T. Olney
Harriet Wilson Olney --to-- Horace M. Olney
Horatio Olney --to-- James Olney
James Olney --to-- Jeremiah S. Olney
Jeremiah W. Olney --to-- John Emory Olney
John Gallup Olney --to-- Judson Olney
Julia A. Olney --to-- Lillie Olney
Lionel Olney --to-- Lydia Olney
Lydia Olney --to-- Martha Olney
Martha Olney --to-- Mary Alameda Olney
Mary Alice Olney --to-- Melvin Olney
Melvin Olney --to-- Nealy N. Olney
Nedabiah Olney --to-- Parmelia Olney

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