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149616 individuals, 59603 families from file 20220702.ged (2 Jul 2022)

Alice Smith --to-- Amphyllis Smith
Amy Smith --to-- Austin Smith
Azariah Smith --to-- Charity Smith
Charles Smith --to-- Clement Smith
Clementina Smith --to-- Deborah Smith
Deborah Smith --to-- Edward P. Smith
Edwin A. Smith --to-- Ella Louisa Smith
Ella May Smith --to-- Ethel Myrtle Smith
Etta Smith --to-- George Smith
George Smith --to-- Harley Everett Smith
Harley Ostrander Smith --to-- Henry Whipple Smith
Herbert Smith --to-- Jack Gardner Smith
Jacob Smith --to-- Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith --to-- John D. Smith
John Edward Smith --to-- Kenneth Andrew Smith (Sr.)
Keturah Smith --to-- Louise Dora Smith
Love L. Smith --to-- Maria Smith
Maria Smith --to-- Mary Smith
Mary Smith --to-- Melinda Stevenson Smith
Melissa Smith --to-- Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith --to-- Paul Smith
Paul Lester Smith --to-- Raymond James Smith
Raymond Wetherbee Smith --to-- Rufus Clark Smith
Russell Smith --to-- Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith --to-- Sidney Bidulph Smith
Sidney L. Smith --to-- Susannah Smith
Sybil Smith --to-- Warren Smith
Warren Smith --to-- William M. Smith
William Oscar Smith --to-- Emily J. Snell
Florence Bertha Snell --to-- Frances Wanton Snow
Genevieve Snow --to-- Dorothy Snyder
Edward Franklin Snyder --to-- Margery L. Sodaghrin
Alice Soder --to-- Edward Soper
Jacqueline Soper --to-- Edward S. Southwick
Elisabeth Southwick --to-- Martin Southworth
Martin Norman Southworth --to-- Ebenezer Sparhawk (Jr.)
Elizabeth Sparhawk --to-- Hannah Spaulding
Harriet Spaulding --to-- Elkanah Spear (Jr.)
Evelyn C. Spear --to-- Abby Anna Spencer
Abram Spencer --to-- Helen Young Spencer
Henry Spencer --to-- Peleg Spencer
Phebe R. Spencer --to-- Elisha Bennett Sperry
Ernest George Sperry --to-- Ann Spink
Isaac Spink --to-- Samuel A. Spooner
Sarah Spooner --to-- Anthony Sprague
Anthony Sprague (Jr.) --to-- Esther Sprague
Esther Sprague --to-- Jonathan Sprague
Jonathan Sprague --to-- Patience Sprague
Peleg Sprague --to-- Susan Sprague
Susannah Sprague --to-- Jacob Springstead
Margaret Rachel Springstead --to-- Rick St. John
Stefan St. John --to-- John Stafford
John Greene Stafford --to-- Monroe Stair
Norman Stair --to-- Claude J. Stanley
David Stanley --to-- Elizabeth Stanton
Emma Salina Stanton --to-- Anna Staples
Arnold Staples --to-- Jemima Staples
Jemima Staples --to-- Walter L. Staples
Welcome Staples --to-- Lydia Starkweather
Marshall Harrison Starkweather --to-- Clara Start
Noah Start --to-- Charles Ernest Stearns
Charles Freeborn Stearns --to-- John Kimball Stearns
Jonathan Stearns --to-- William Oliver Randall Stearns
Albert Ido Stebbins --to-- George Thomas Steele
Harold Steele --to-- Anthony Enoch Steere
Anthony W. Steere --to-- Ella M. Steere
Ellen Frances Steere --to-- Ira Steere
Ira P. Steere --to-- Martha E. "Patty" Steere
Martin J. Steere (Reverend) --to-- Roscoe Steere
Rufus Steere --to-- Waity Steere
Waity Mowry Steere --to-- Phyllis Stemple
Else Margrethe Stenby --to-- Wilma Ann Stephenson
Elizabeth Payne Stepp --to-- Benjamin F. Stevens
Bertha Stevens --to-- Helen Stevens

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