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161045 individuals, 60864 families from file 20190921.ged (21 Sep 2019)

Oliver Patterson --to-- Robin Elaine Paul
Sadie Paul --to-- John Pawlos
Julianna Pawnie --to-- William Grant Payne
Zella Payne --to-- Sarah Peacock
Thomas Peacock --to-- Lucy Pearce
Lucy Adelia Pearce --to-- Charles Edmond Pearson
Daniel Pearson --to-- Emma Peasley
Philip Peat --to-- Emma Jane Peck
Emma Louise Peck --to-- Nathan Peck
Nathan Peck (Reverend) --to-- Dorcas Peckham
Dorras Peckham --to-- Jens Pedersen
Johan Pedersen --to-- William Russell Peebles
Amanda Marie Peek --to-- Mary Pelaw
Patricia Pelfry --to-- Clair Mae Pendleton
Job Stanton Pendleton --to-- Samuel Lewis Pennfield
Anson Whipple Penniman --to-- Mary Jane Penrod
Mazetta Penrod --to-- Joscelain de Percy
Josceline Percy --to-- Diana Perham
Florence Gertrude Perham --to-- Allen Moore Perkins
Allen Seymour Perkins --to-- Benjamin Douglas Perkins
Benjamin Douglass Perkins --to-- Charles Clarkson Perkins
Charles Cranz Perkins --to-- Donald G. Perkins
Donald Gilbert Perkins --to-- Eliza Ann Perkins
Eliza Leonard Perkins --to-- Emma Louise Perkins
Emma Sophia Perkins --to-- Frederick Fulton Perkins (II)
Frederick Grosvenor Perkins --to-- Hannah Perkins
Hannah Perkins --to-- Ilene Carol Perkins
Ira Campbell Perkins --to-- Jesse Perkins
Jillian Perkins --to-- Joseph Perkins (Dr.)
Joseph Perkins --to-- Leonard Perkins
Lester Perkins --to-- Madeline Perkins
Manson Burdell Perkins --to-- Mary Adeline Perkins
Mary Ann Perkins --to-- Nancy Lucretia Perkins
Nathan Perkins (Reverend) --to-- Richard Perkins
Richard Perkins --to-- Sarah "Sally" Perkins
Sarah Ann Perkins --to-- Thomas C. Perkins
Thomas Clap Perkins --to-- Alden J. Perry
Alice Luverne Perry --to-- Lovila Perry
Lucy Perry --to-- Dixie Lee Peterman
Hans Neton Peterman --to-- Petersen
Alexandra Christodoulides Petersen --to-- Kelly Jo Peterson
Keven Chris Peterson --to-- Rachel S. Pettee
David L. Pettegrew --to-- William Pettit
William Alfred Pettit (Jr.) --to-- Eleanor Phelps
Elisabeth Phelps --to-- Benjamin Lester Phetteplace
Benjamin Squires Phetteplace --to-- Newell Phetteplace
Olive Phetteplace --to-- Abram Phillips
Ada A. Phillips --to-- Elijah Phillips
Eliza L. Phillips --to-- Irma Phillips
Israel Phillips --to-- Martha May "Mattie" Phillips
Mary Phillips --to-- Stephen C. Phillips
Susan Phillips --to-- David Pias
Eric Pias --to-- Percy Pickering
Philadelphia Pickering --to-- Harriet Pidge
Harry S. Pidge --to-- Charlene Ann Pierce
Charles Pierce --to-- Helen Leona Pierce
Henry O. Pierce --to-- Prudence Pierce
Raymond Alfred Pierce (Jr.) --to-- Marcel Pietrzcki (M.D.)
John Pigeon --to-- Benjamin Pillsbury
Benjamin F. Pillsbury --to-- Henry Whipple Pillsbury
Ida "Addie" Pillsbury --to-- Miriam Pillsbury
Moses Pillsbury --to-- Deborah Pilsbury
Edward Pilsbury --to-- Robert Pinkham
Walter Samuel Pinkham --to-- Freelove Pitcher
Jarris E. Pitcher --to-- Susannah D. Pitts
Ted Ronald Pitts --to-- Mary Clarinda Place
Mary Eliza Place --to-- Nathan Kenneth Platt
Rawlin Platt --to-- Marie Emelyn Plummer
Martha Plummer --to-- Samuel Poland
Samuel Poland --to-- Mary Pollock
Veana Pollock --to-- Susannah Angell Pooke
Pool --to-- Lydia Myers Pope (Mrs.)
Mary "Caroline" Pope --to-- Jane Bradley Porter

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