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163577 individuals, 61965 families from file 20200920.ged (20 Sep 2020)

Lewis Henry Perkins --to-- Margaret Sarah Perkins
Margueretta Louise Perkins --to-- Mary Bishop Perkins
Mary Brown Perkins --to-- Nehemiah Perkins
Nehemiah Perkins (Jr.) --to-- Rufus Lord Perkins
Ruth Perkins --to-- Sibil Perkins (twin)
Sidney Perkins --to-- Willard H. Perkins
William Perkins --to-- Edith Mason Perry
Ednah Elwood Perry --to-- Nathaniel G. Perry
Noah Perry --to-- Flora B. Peters
George W. Peters --to-- Alma Peterson
Alvin Axel Peterson --to-- Peter O. Peterson
Ralph William Peterson --to-- Elizabeth Garcelon Pettingill
Joseph Pettingill --to-- Nancy Ann Pfander
Steven Lee Pfander --to-- Phyllis Phelps
Rebecca Phelps --to-- Isabella J. Phetteplace
James Phetteplace --to-- Marjorie Philbrick
Mehetable Philbrick --to-- Blanche Fenella Phillips
Carrie Phillips --to-- George Phillips
George Elmer Phillips --to-- Levi Phillips
Lewellyn P. Phillips --to-- Robert Phillips
Robert Simmons Phillips --to-- John D. Phinney
Keziah Phinney --to-- Benjamin Pickering
Carroll Edward Pickering --to-- James Picou
John Elfey Picou --to-- Anna Pierce
Anna Pierce --to-- George Dewey Pierce
George R. Pierce --to-- Mary Jane Pierce
Mary L. Platt Pierce --to-- Jessie E. Pierson
Kathryn Helene Pierson --to-- Alfred Fisk Pillsbury
Alice Wedgewood Pillsbury --to-- Guy Ambrose Pillsbury
Hannah Pillsbury --to-- Mary Lucille Pillsbury
Micajah Pillsbury --to-- Deborah Pilsbury
Edward Pilsbury --to-- James Pinkney
Ronald Lee Pinkston --to-- Raphael Chase Pitcher (Jr.)
Rapheal Chase Pitcher --to-- William Pitts
William Franklin Pitts --to-- Olive Place
Olive L. Place --to-- Hepzibath Platts
Mary Platts --to-- Nancy S. Plummer
Nellie or Ellen F. Plummer --to-- Katherine Louise Polcari
Louise Marie Polcari --to-- Alanson Polsey
Maria Adelaide Polsey --to-- Claire Amanda Poole
Cora Belle Poole --to-- Mildred Pope
Polly Pope --to-- Jerusha Porter
Jessie Porter --to-- John Hazen Post
Jotham Post --to-- Charles Potter
Charles Potter --to-- Garry D. Potter
George H. Potter --to-- Lucius B. Potter
Lydia Potter --to-- Stokes Potter
Sukey G. Potter --to-- John Hare Powell
John Robert Powell --to-- Dean E. Powers
Duane J. Powers --to-- Mark Powers
Martha Powers --to-- Christopher Pratt
Clara Pratt --to-- Lucy Pratt
Lucy Pratt --to-- Richard Pray
Richard Pray --to-- Steven Prescott
Shara Prescott-Williams --to-- Thursa M. "Thresa" Preston
William or Thomas Preston --to-- Mae Pride
Olive Pride --to-- Melissa Pritchard
William Pritchard --to-- Nellie M. Prosser
Noble Prosser --to-- Susan Lenora Prouty
Tirzah Prouty --to-- Deb Adelbert Pullen
Hannah Pullen --to-- Pauline Purvis
Samuel Thomas Purvis --to-- Eliza Whipple Putnam
Elizabeth Putnam --to-- Phineas Putnam
Phineas Putnam --to-- Alma Quick
Bertha Quick --to-- Isaac Quinney
Isabella Quinney --to-- Renee Raffini
George Raffoul --to-- William Ramee
Cheryl E. Rames --to-- Erin Ramsey
Eugene Ramsey --to-- Ellen Elmira Rand

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