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160724 individuals, 60721 families from file 20190623.ged (23 Jun 2019)

Kristine Elizabeth Piret --to-- Seth S. Pitts
Susan Lydia Pitts --to-- Mowry Place
Nancy Place --to-- Dawson Steuben Pleak
Jette Olney Pleak --to-- Traci Plummer
William Plummer --to-- Henry E. Polk
Waterman Polk --to-- Albert Pond
Alice Elizabeth "Lizzie" Pond --to-- David Poor
Edward E. Poor --to-- Bernice Lu Hetta Porter
Betsey Porter --to-- William Angell Porter
William M. Porter --to-- Anna Potter
Anna Potter --to-- Ezekiel Potter
Ezra D. Potter --to-- Judith Potter
Julia Isabelle Potter --to-- Sarah Potter
Sarah Potter --to-- Jane Arlene Powell
Janice Sharon Powell --to-- Dean E. Powers
Duane J. Powers --to-- Mary E. Powers
Michael Harold Powers --to-- Daniel Jerome Pratt
Daniel W. Pratt (Jr.) --to-- Mercy Pratt
Moses Pratt --to-- Grace Preece
Judith S. Pregaldin --to-- Alberta Preston
Ann Maria Preston --to-- Tracy Louise Prewitt
Mary M. Prewitt or Mary P. Davidson --to-- Jennie Priest
John Priest --to-- Russell Proctor
Sarah Proctor --to-- Ella Jane Prouty
Eunice Prouty --to-- Marsha Ann Pruitt
Rachel Pruitt --to-- Solomon Purdy
Beulah Purington --to-- Caleb Putnam
Calvin Putnam --to-- Lucy Putnam
Lyman Putnam --to-- Francis Worrell Pyle
John Pylston --to-- Nellie Ellen Quinn
Niles Richard Quinn --to-- April Raethke
Robbie Raethke --to-- Douglas D. Rames
Dwight S. Rames --to-- George William Ramsey
George William Ramsey (III) --to-- Hugh O. Rand
Jasper Raymond Rand --to-- Arvella Randall
Asa Randall --to-- Frank Earle Randall
Franklin P. Randall --to-- Josiah Randall
Judkins Randall --to-- Rebecca Dexter Randall
Reuben Fuller Randall --to-- John Francis Randazzo
Kelly Frances Randazzo --to-- Martin Ransom
Mia Ransom --to-- Margrethe Rasmussen
Margrethe Rasmussen --to-- Mary Rathbone
Mary Brown Rathbone --to-- Virginia Lorraine Rauhaus
Carrie Lynn Raun --to-- Barton Jenckes Ray
Barton W. Ray --to-- Mary Ray
Mary Ray --to-- Lemuel Raymond
LoReta Clara Raymond --to-- Joseph Warren Razee
Julia Razee --to-- Max Arnold Rea
Rae Jean Rea --to-- Reber
Rose Reburn --to-- Ervin Redman
George Redman --to-- Elaine Marie Reed
Elbridge Reed --to-- Ruth Cecilia Reed
Ryan Christopher Reed --to-- Reeves
Afton Reeves --to-- John Ralph Reidhead
Lillyan Reidhead --to-- Anthony Remington
Arnold Remington --to-- Ralph Remington
Renee Jeanne Remington --to-- Clarence Rentmiester
Renville --to-- Doris Reynolds
Doris Elaine Reynolds --to-- Warren A. Reynolds
William Reynolds --to-- Elijah Rhodes
Elisha Hunt Rhodes --to-- Merideth Rhodes
Nehemiah Rhodes --to-- Amasa Rice
Ambrose W. Rice --to-- Dorothy Rice
Dorothy Rice --to-- Heidi Lynn Rice
Henrietta Rice --to-- Margaret Rice
Martha Rice --to-- Rachel Rice
Randall Rice --to-- William Warren Rice
Zalmon Rice --to-- Tom Richard
William Richard --to-- Mary B. Richards
Mary G. Richards --to-- David Todd Richardson
Deborah Richardson --to-- Judith Ann Richardson
Julia Richardson --to-- Sierra Lynn Richardson
Silas Richardson --to-- Harold Anthony Richmond
Harriet "Hattie" Richmond --to-- Julia Dawson Ricketts

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