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160586 individuals, 60654 families from file 20190526.ged (26 May 2019)

Ida Mary Leonard --to-- Ivan Lequid
Amanda Jo Lerette --to-- Charlotte Amanda Lester
Clarence Alpheus Lester --to-- Blanche Effie Letts
Daniel A. Letts (Sr.) --to-- Amos Lewis
Anita Lewis --to-- Gene Lewis
George Lewis (twin) --to-- Marilla Lewis
Mary Lewis --to-- William E. Lewis
William Henry Lewis --to-- Josiah Libby
Lorina Libby --to-- Donna Marie Liebold
Dwight Phillip Liebold --to-- Henry Lillibridge
Esther Lillie --to-- Lucy Beal Lincoln
Luther Lincoln --to-- Cecelia Louise "Lou" Linder
Evelyn Isabell Linder --to-- Thomas Lindsey
Walter G. Lindsey --to-- Abby Frances Lippitt
Abby Sweet Lippitt --to-- Bernice Lippitt
Betsey Lippitt --to-- Devereaux Haigh Lippitt (III)
Devereux Haigh Lippitt (IV) --to-- Harriet B. Lippitt
Helen Howard or Helen Wilson Lippitt --to-- Joseph Francis Lippitt
Joseph Jeremiah Lippitt --to-- Mary Ann Lippitt
Mary Armistead Lippitt --to-- Penelope Lippitt
Perry Fontaine Lippitt --to-- Thomas McCormick Lippitt
Thomas Perry Lippitt --to-- Electus B. Litchfield
Heloise M. Litchfield --to-- Barbara Littlewolf
George H. Liu --to-- Ella Lloyd
Elvon C. Lloyd --to-- Hamilton Locke
Hamilton Locke --to-- Benoni Tillinghast Lockwood
Benoni or Benjamin Lockwood --to-- Milton Weil Loeser
William Loetterle --to-- Effie Luree Long
Eliza Jean Long --to-- Jonas Longley
Jonas Longley --to-- Edmund Looby
Mary Looby --to-- Anna Celinda Lord
Blanch Elizabeth Lord --to-- Sarah Jane Lorimer
Loring --to-- Jon A. Lotz
Kimberly Linette "Kim" Lotz --to-- William Love
William Love --to-- Albert P. Lovett
Amey Lovett --to-- Susannah Lovett
Thomas Lovett --to-- Joseph Holden Low
Josiah Low --to-- William Courtney Lowe
Annie Adeline Lowell --to-- Lucas
Barney Lucas --to-- Christiana Lugensland
Luggelle --to-- Waldon J. Lunt
Sophia Lupien --to-- Harry H. Luther
Harry Hopkins Luther --to-- Smith Lydecker
Crosby Lydia --to-- Elihu Lynde
Elihu Spencer Lynde --to-- James Lyon
James Lyon --to-- Madonna Lyons
Marie Lena Lyons --to-- Brandon MacDonald
Brennan Allen MacDonald --to-- Jennifer MacLeod
Karen MacLeod --to-- Wesley Ryan Macdonald
Mace --to-- Captain Mackey
David Mackey --to-- Olive Macomber
Stephen Macomber --to-- Sarah Magilton
Peter Magnussen --to-- Barton Main
Bethiah Main --to-- Charles Edwin Makepeace
Etta Rosella Makepeace --to-- Annis Mallory
Benjamin R. Mallory --to-- Elijah Man
Hephzibah Man --to-- Daniel Conrad Mandel
Jacob Edwin Pereira Mandel --to-- Adelia Alvira Mann
Albert Geary Mann --to-- Ira G. Pitcher Mann
Isaac Mann (Deacon) --to-- Thomas Mann
Thomas Whipple Mann --to-- Joseph Michael Manning
Joyce Manning --to-- Grace Mansfield
Japhet Mansfield --to-- Shadrach Manton
Sophia Manton --to-- Frank M. Marble
Freegrace Marble --to-- N. H. Marchant
Nancy Marchant --to-- Nancy Gay Margetts
Nelson Whipple Margetts --to-- Rustianna Leigh Marroquin
George Marrowes --to-- George Perkins Marsh
George W. Marsh --to-- George M. Marshall
George Thomas Marshall --to-- William Whipple Martens
David Edward Marthe --to-- Florence Grace Martin
Florence Minerva "Minnie" Martin --to-- Mary Martin
Mary Ann Martin --to-- Mary Martyn
Michael Martyn --to-- Elizabeth Mason
Elizabeth Mason --to-- John J. Mason (M.D.)

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