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149616 individuals, 59603 families from file 20220702.ged (2 Jul 2022)

Joan Patching --to-- William Woodrow Patterman
Patterson --to-- Susan Gray Patterson
Thomas Patterson --to-- Frank Elvin Paulson
George Loren Paulson --to-- Phillips Payson (Reverend)
Phillips Payson (Reverend) --to-- Dorcas Pearce
Edwin E. Pearce --to-- Emily H. Pearse
Pearson --to-- Mary Peavey
Sarah Peavey --to-- George Peck
George Ballou Peck --to-- Robbie L. Peck
Robie Doris or Doris Robie Peck --to-- Sarah Carver Peckham
Seth Peckham --to-- Rasmus Pedersen
Samuel Howe Pedersen --to-- Mary Peirce
Mary Peirce --to-- Danny Pence
Jenifer Pence --to-- William Pennington
William Pennington (Sir) --to-- Joseph Pepper (Lieutenant, Deacon)
Louisa M. Pepper --to-- Ada M. Perkins
Adison Perkins --to-- Benjamin Perkins
Benjamin Perkins --to-- Charles Clark Perkins
Charles Clarkson Perkins --to-- Douglas Perkins
Durden Perkins --to-- Elizabeth Perkins
Elizabeth Perkins --to-- Esther Perkins
Esther Perkins --to-- George Henry Perkins
George Henry Perkins --to-- Helen Mabel Perkins
Helen Maria Perkins --to-- Jacob Bishop Perkins
Jairus Hathaway Perkins --to-- John Erastus Perkins
John Erastus Perkins --to-- Julia Elma Perkins
Julia Frances Perkins --to-- Lydia Perkins
Lydia Perkins --to-- Mary Perkins
Mary Perkins --to-- Nathan Perkins (Reverend)
Nathan Perkins --to-- Robert W. Perkins
Robert Walter Spencer Perkins --to-- Sarah O. Perkins
Sarah Percy Perkins --to-- Warren G. Perkins
Washington Perkins --to-- Elizabeth Perry
Elizabeth Perry --to-- Phiania Perry
Polly Perry --to-- Margaret Peters
Marvin H Peters --to-- Ralph William Peterson
Richard Hale Peterson --to-- Patience Pettis
Susan Pettis --to-- Cordelia Augusta Phelps
David Phelps --to-- Charles Edward Phetteplace
Charlotte Phetteplace --to-- Riley Phetteplace
Samuel Phetteplace --to-- Anna Phillips
Anna Gertrude Phillips --to-- Eva May Phillips
Evelyn Malvina Phillips --to-- Josiah Fuller Phillips
Kate Phillips --to-- Pardon Angell Phillips
Parker Phillips --to-- Rose Dinwood Phinney
Sarah Phinney --to-- Albert Pickett
Candace Lewis Pickett --to-- Oscar Pidge
Samuel W. Pidge --to-- Donna May Pierce
E. W. Pierce --to-- Keziah Pierce
Kibbe Chapin Pierce --to-- Wendy Joy Pierce
Willard Pierce --to-- Charles Pillon
Edith Gwenne Pillon --to-- George Washington Pillsbury
George Washington Pillsbury --to-- Miriam Pillsbury
Moses Pillsbury --to-- Joan Pincock
Thomas Alexander Pincock (Dr.) --to-- John Beard Pinniger
Thomas Arnold Pinniger --to-- Joseph Pitts
Kile Dale Pitts --to-- Mary Place
Mary Place --to-- Hepzibath Platts
Mary Platts --to-- Rebecca Plummer
Rebekka Plummer --to-- Frank Pollard
Frederick Ellery Pollard --to-- Giles Arthur Pond
John Bradley Pond --to-- Edward Morrill Pope
Edwin Theodore Pope --to-- George Porter
George Porter --to-- Hannah M. Post
Hoyt Post --to-- Charles Potter
Charles Potter --to-- Hannah Potter
Hannah Potter --to-- Marion Potter
Marion Elizabeth Potter --to-- Thomas Potter (Colonel)
Thomas Hazard Potter --to-- Hopestill Power
John Power --to-- James Frank Powers
James R. Powers --to-- Stephen Eugene Prater
Jonathan Prather --to-- James Pratt
James E. Pratt --to-- John Pray
Jonathan Pray (Jr.) --to-- Matilda Prescott

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