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160724 individuals, 60721 families from file 20190623.ged (23 Jun 2019)

Betsy Medbury --to-- Sidney Medicas (Jr.)
Edna Medina --to-- Peter Martin Meinecke
Sara Leigh Meinecke --to-- Joseph Enrique Mendiola
Katherine Patricia Mendiola --to-- Clara Merrick
Fanny Merrick --to-- Mary Merrill
Mary Jane Merrill --to-- Irene Esther Merritt
James McKnight Merritt --to-- Ida M. Messenger
John Messenger --to-- Elizabeth C. Metcalf
Elvira Metcalf --to-- Gertrude Esther Metzinger
Edna May Metzler --to-- James W. Middleton
John Middleton (Rev.) --to-- Anne Millard
Beth Millard --to-- Alonzo Allen Miller
Amos Miller --to-- David John Miller
Denzil Miller --to-- Gerald William Miller
Gladys Miller --to-- Katie May Miller
Keith Miller --to-- Nellie Miller
Nicole Miller --to-- Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller --to-- Josiah Milliken
Martha Milliken --to-- James Henry Mills
James Olney Mills --to-- Thomas Stephenson Mills
Trisha Mills --to-- James J. Miner
Jeremiah Miner (Jr.) --to-- Jane Minor
Jesse Minor --to-- Christy Anne Mitchell
Clara Frances Mitchell --to-- James M. Mitchell
James W. Mitchell --to-- Sarah Mitchell
Sarah Mitchell --to-- Elsie Ann Moffatt
Emily Thankful Moffatt --to-- Denise Lucie Moginier
Sarah Mohan --to-- Edith May Money
J. Money --to-- Julie Diane Montague
Lydia Montague --to-- Daniel Moody
Deborah G. Moody --to-- Bertha May Moore
Betsey Moore --to-- Henry E. Moore
Henry Pinkerton Moore --to-- Rebecca Jane Moore
Rhoda Charlotte Moore --to-- Isabelle "Belle" Mordue
Josephine Mordue --to-- Cora E. Morgan
Cordelia Morgan --to-- Martha Morgan
Martha Evelyn Morgan --to-- Betty Morrill
Caroline E. Morrill --to-- Florence Lillian Morris
Frank Morris --to-- Elizabeth Morrison
Elizabeth Morrison --to-- Seth Patrick Morrow
Wayne Gibson Morrow --to-- James Morse
James Allen Morse --to-- Samuel Morse
Sarah Morse --to-- Martha Morton
Mary Ann Morton --to-- Dale Stanford Mosher
Daniel Mosher --to-- Curtis Palmer Moss
Frank E. Moss --to-- Servelon B. Mott
Susan Hazel Mott --to-- Abby Mowry
Abby Amelia Brown Mowry --to-- Amie or Amey Mowry
Ananias Mowry --to-- Charles Mowry
Charles Cook Mowry --to-- Duty Mowry
Duty Smith Mowry --to-- Ethan Harris Mowry
Ethel Mowry --to-- Hannah Dorothy Mowry
Hannah Frances Mowry --to-- Jeremiah Mowry
Jeremiah Mowry --to-- Leonard S. Mowry
Leroy Mowry --to-- Mary Mowry
Mary Mowry --to-- Nelson Mowry
Newell Mowry --to-- Robert Aaron Mowry
Robey Mowry --to-- Sophia M. Mowry
Spencer Mowry --to-- Welcome Mowry
Welcome Mowry (Jr.) --to-- Emma Mudge
Joshua Mudge --to-- Jennifer Mullen
John Mullen --to-- Douglas Gordon Munger
Ervilla Elizabeth Munger --to-- Munsey
Annie W. Munsey --to-- William Murdock
William Murdock --to-- Ronald Murphy
Ruth Murphy --to-- Charlotte Musser
Simon Musser --to-- Jerry Lee Myers (Jr.)
Jerry Lee Myers --to-- Shaun Nansel
Martha Nantel --to-- Terry Nash
Timothy Nash --to-- Louise Helen Neal
Michael Neal --to-- Seber Neil
Shirley Neil --to-- Grant Wells Nelson
Greg Nelson --to-- Gayle Nelson (Whipple)
Harvey Byron Nelson (Whipple) --to-- Francis D. Neville

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