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161045 individuals, 60864 families from file 20190921.ged (21 Sep 2019)

Mary "Polly" Legg --to-- Dorothy Edith Leinhart
Elah Jack Leinhart --to-- Robert Atkins Leland
Salmon Leland --to-- Gerald Lenocker
Gerald David Lenocker --to-- James A. Leonard
James Stewart Leonard --to-- Emily Lynn Lerette
Geraldine Fay Lerette --to-- John William Lester
Joseph Lester --to-- Clementine Levis
Johann Batista Levis --to-- Clara Emily Lewis
Clark Lewis --to-- John Lewis
John Lewis --to-- Sarah Ellen Lewis
Seth W. Lewis --to-- Florence E. Libby
G. Clifford Libby --to-- Ethel Theresa Lichtenstein
Aaron Lick --to-- Mittie Lilledrith
Mary T. Lilley --to-- Lucinda Lincoln
Lucy Beal Lincoln --to-- Amelia M. Lindermann
Abiah Lindley --to-- Alvin Lines
Chloe Lines --to-- Alfred Lippitt
Alfred A. Lippitt --to-- Charles Lippitt (Jr.)
Charles Lippitt --to-- Ethel Morena "Rena" Lippitt
Evan James Lippitt --to-- Joan Lippitt
John Lippitt --to-- Lydia Lippitt
Mabel Theodora or Theodora Mabel Lippitt --to-- Moses Greene Lippitt
Moses N. Lippitt --to-- Susannah Lippitt
Tabitha Greene Lippitt --to-- Hattie Mabel Litch
Joseph Litch --to-- Barbara Littlewolf
George H. Liu --to-- George Leroy Lloyd
Isaac Lloyd --to-- Mercy James Locke
Reuhema Locke --to-- Gershom Lockwood
Gertrude Alice Lockwood --to-- Martha Logan
Winnetta Logan --to-- Raymond Andrew Long
Renee Marie Long --to-- John Ronald Longsdorf
Lawrence Lester Longsdorf --to-- Frank B. Loper (Reverend)
Jerri Ann Loper --to-- Samuel Smith Lord
Sophia Lord --to-- Lotring
Charles LaVaughn Lott --to-- Matthew Allen Love
Milton Curtis Love --to-- Amey Lovett
Amey or Amy or Almy Lovett --to-- Willis C. Lovett
Woodward Lovett --to-- Sarah Low
Stephen Low --to-- Robert Traill Spence Lowell
Susan Lowell --to-- William Duane "Bill" Lucey
Carmen Lucia --to-- Hannah Lund
Hunter Jared Lund --to-- Abia Luther (Sr.)
Abia Luther (Jr.) --to-- Frances Lucille Luthringer
Carolyn Lutschg --to-- George Thatcher Lynch
James Lynch --to-- Esther Lyon
Esther Lyon --to-- John Sprole Lyons (III)
Jonathan Sprole Lyons --to-- Melissa A. MacAuley
Harry Allen MacConnell --to-- Daniel MacLeod
Jennifer MacLeod --to-- Antoinette Rhoda Mace
Benjamin Brown Mace --to-- Andrew Mackie (Reverend)
Andrew Mackie --to-- Patrick David Maddigan
Thomas James Maddigan --to-- Olney S. Mahan
Stuart Mahana --to-- Richard Geer Main
Sarah M. Main --to-- Joseph Malcolm
Robelle Malcolm --to-- Frances Maltby
George Maltby --to-- Lydia Manchester
Maria Manchester --to-- Sarah Lorette Mangum
Tamara Lynne Mangum --to-- Gladys Margaret Mann
Hannah Mann --to-- Susan Mann
Susannah Mann --to-- Joseph Michael Manning
Joyce Manning --to-- Marguerite Mansfield
Martha Mansfield --to-- John Mantor (Jr.)
Mariah Mantor --to-- Julene Marble
Keith Andrew Marble --to-- Elizabeth Marcy
Emily Jane Marcy --to-- Markon
Joan Markowicz --to-- Jessica Marrufo
Joseph Marrufo --to-- Alexander Russell Marshall (twin)
Allen Marshall --to-- Jonathan Marsters
Marston --to-- Eliza Martin
Eliza B. Martin --to-- Mark Martin
Marquis Earl Martin --to-- Seraphina or Zilpha Martyn
Gerald L. Martz --to-- Elmer Robert Mason
Elmira Bellason Mason --to-- Kiara Marie Mason

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