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163439 individuals, 61903 families from file 20200808.ged (8 Aug 2020)

Elizabeth Leete --to-- William Joseph Lehmann
John Loren Lehmkuhler --to-- Ebenezer Leland
Eleazer Leland --to-- James Lemon
James Lemon --to-- Daniel Leonard
Deborah Leonard --to-- Solomon Leonard
Susan Leonard --to-- Susan Caroline Leslie
William H. Leslie --to-- Daniel A. Letts (Sr.)
Daniel A. Letts (Jr.) --to-- Arthur Lewis
Asenath Lewis --to-- Henry Lewis
Henry Edwards Lewis --to-- Nina Lewis
Palmer Lewis --to-- Berta or Bertha Louise Libby
Charles Edwin Libby --to-- Ida Liberty
Joseph Liberty --to-- Betty May Ligon
Candace Lu "Candy" Ligon --to-- Jerom Lincoln
Jessie Harlan Lincoln --to-- Linden
Miranda Maury Linden --to-- Robert Lindstrom
Vickie Lindstrom --to-- Adeline Lippitt
Albert Durer Lippitt --to-- Celia Lippitt
Celia Gooding Wilbur Lippitt --to-- Emily Elizabeth Lippitt
Ethel Morena "Rena" Lippitt --to-- John Lippitt
John Lippitt --to-- Margaret Devereux Lippitt
Maria Low Lippitt --to-- Narcissa Lippitt
Nathaniel Lippitt --to-- Thomas M. Lippitt
Thomas McCormick Lippitt --to-- Phoebe Langdon Lithgow
William G. Litle --to-- Chauncey A. Livermore
Chauncey Addison Livermore --to-- William Henry Lloyd
Katherine Lloyde --to-- Judy Ann Lockrow
Karl Burton Lockrow --to-- Ruth Lockwood
Sarah Lockwood --to-- Charles Eugene Lombard
Daniel Lombard --to-- John Longfellow
William Longfellow --to-- Deborah Judith Lonsdale
Gina M. Lonson --to-- Cameron Stone Lord
Caroline Victoria Lord --to-- Joseph Loring
Joseph Fuller Loring --to-- Stephen Wayne Louden
Louder --to-- Austin Lovell
C. Helen Lovell --to-- John Lovett
John Lovett (Jr.) --to-- Barbara Low
Bennett Low --to-- Mary Alicia Lowe
Mary Elizabeth Lowe --to-- Tryntjen Lubberts
Deborah M. Luben --to-- Kenneth Lufkin
Moses Lufkin (Jr.) --to-- Agatha or Agnes Lusignan
Alice Lusignan (Countess of Warren, Surrey and Sussex) --to-- Mary E. Luther
Mehitable Luther --to-- Elam S. Lyman
Electa Lyman --to-- Betsey Lyon
Betsey Lyon --to-- Geraldine Lyons
Hilliard Nicolas Lyons --to-- Vernon Arnold Maas
Agusta Mabbitt --to-- Murdock James MacKay
Alan MacKeen --to-- Gregory Scott Macdonald
Hugh "Mac" Macdonald --to-- Edward H. Mackey
Eleanor P. Mackey --to-- Charles Macreath
David Macumber --to-- Sarah Ann Maguire
Mah-Koonce --to-- Mary Joyce Main
Nancy Main --to-- Henry Malcolm
Isaac Brock Malcolm --to-- George Maltby
George Maltby --to-- Mary Manchester
Mary Manchester --to-- Janette B. Manley
Olive Manley --to-- Henry Mann
Hiram Mann --to-- Thomas Mann
Thomas Mann --to-- Mabel Manning
Marion Alberta Manning --to-- Silence Mansfield
Stanley Allen Mansfield --to-- Debbie Manwaring
Genevieve Manwaring --to-- Whittney Lynn Marble
William Marble --to-- John Marean
Katherine Marean --to-- Henry Marlin
Marlow --to-- Charles Abbott Marsh
Clara Nevada Marsh --to-- Guvera H. Marshall
Hannah Marshall --to-- Martin
Martin --to-- Ida Martin
Ida L. Martin --to-- Scott Martin
Sherry Martin --to-- Amey Mason
Amy Alicyn Mason --to-- Isaac Mason

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