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160724 individuals, 60721 families from file 20190623.ged (23 Jun 2019)

Jane Lothridge --to-- Agnes Haley Love
Alfred Wanzer Love --to-- Robert Bacon Lovering
William Bacon Lovering --to-- Susannah Lovett
Thomas Lovett --to-- Samuel Low
Sarah Low --to-- Ida Lowiska
John Lowiska --to-- Harry Ludeman
Charles Ludington --to-- Audrey Lunt
Barbara Ann Lunt --to-- Ezra Luther
Fred Luther --to-- Jeffrey Ross Lyford
Molly May Lyford --to-- Lyon
Aaron Lyon --to-- Alice Whipple Lyons
Asahel Lyons --to-- Ethan Daniel Maas
Floyd Maas --to-- Alan MacKeen
Fraser Alan MacKeen --to-- Andrew Mace
Antoinette Rhoda Mace --to-- Ian David Gordon Mackie
Margaret Owen Gordon Mackie --to-- Alan Lee Madison
Alma J. Madison --to-- Timothy Mahoney
Timothy Mahoney --to-- A. Major
Cortland Major --to-- Robert Mallo
Annis Mallory --to-- Mary E. Manamon
Abby Manchester --to-- Lashelle Maner
Lisa Jeanette Maner --to-- Elsa Mann
Elsie Mann --to-- Poly Mann
Rachel Mann --to-- Joanne Manning
John Manning --to-- Mary Mansfield
Mercy Mansfield --to-- Charleigh Alexis Manus
Celia M. Manville --to-- Thomas James Marble
Vernum Wilkinson Marble --to-- Samuel Marean
William Marean --to-- Glen John Marquis
Katelynn Marie Marquis --to-- Hellen Marsh
Henrietta Marsh --to-- Lovicia Marshall
Lovina Marshall --to-- Ardell Martin
Barbara Marion Martin --to-- Julia C. Martin
Karen Lee Martin --to-- Ruby Martindall
Bernade Edward Martineau --to-- Elizabeth S. Mason
Ella C. Mason --to-- Kiara Marie Mason
Kittie Josephine Mason --to-- Richard Gordon Mason
Robert Mason --to-- William J. Masters
Julia Mastick --to-- Asha Mathewson
Benjamin Mathewson --to-- James Mathewson (Jr.)
James Mathewson (3rd) --to-- Phebe Olney Mathewson
Philip Mathewson --to-- Addison Ambrose Matteson
Almon Whitman Matteson --to-- Susannah Matteson
Thomas Matteson --to-- Walter Mattingly
Walter Hugh Mattingly --to-- Frank Mauran (Jr.)
Frederick Lawrence Mauran --to-- Nancy Mawney (twin)
Nancy "Anne" Mawney --to-- Emily E. May
George May --to-- Abner Maynard
Abram Maynard --to-- Joel Whipple Mayo
Josephine Mayo --to-- Helen Louise McBride
James Douglas McBride --to-- Mary Elizabeth McCarty
Robert McCarty --to-- McClure
Albert Harry McClure --to-- Jennie Myrtle McCory
Charles George McCosco --to-- William Porter McCoy
James Bruton McCranie --to-- Elsie G. McCullum
Janet M. McCullum --to-- Richard Hayes McDonald (Jr.)
Robert A. McDonald --to-- Mary McFadden
Andrea Lynn McFall --to-- Linda Diane McGee
Lovella S. McGee --to-- Edward McGrew
Jeffery Taber McGrew --to-- James McIntosh
James McIntosh --to-- Byron McKay
Carrie H. McKay --to-- Robert McKenney
Rufus Bernham McKenney --to-- Grover Cleveland McKinley
Harold William McKinley --to-- Sarah Lucinda McLaren
Jessica Michelle McLarty --to-- J. R. McLeod
Jeffrey McLeod --to-- James Virgil McMillin
Jennie Viola McMillin --to-- Hannah McNutt
Pamella Kim McNutt --to-- Shayne P. Mccaffery
Kate C. Mceachron --to-- Martha Helen Mead
Mary Mead --to-- Mary Augusta Meays
Mecham --to-- Annie May Maria Medbery
Bell Noble Medbery --to-- George Washington Medbery
Grace Medbery --to-- Matie Almyra Medbery
Maud L. Medbery --to-- Benjamin Franklin Medbury

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