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163577 individuals, 61965 families from file 20200920.ged (20 Sep 2020)

Peter James Kurapka (VIII) --to-- Carl LaForge
Rosemarie Patricia LaFrenz --to-- William Labrum
William Arthur Labrum --to-- Abiel Ladoyt
Manuela Laduc --to-- Susan Irene Lakins
Alexander Lakose --to-- Timothy Lamb
W. F. or Frederick Lamb --to-- William Lamphere
William Lamphere --to-- Green Hezekiah Lancaster
Henry Monroe Lancaster --to-- Charlotte Lane
Claribel Lane --to-- Martha Lane
Martha Lane --to-- Nathaniel Jesse Lang
Samuel Josiah Lang --to-- Percy Tower Langley
Sarah Langley --to-- Abner Lapham
Adelbert Lapham --to-- Nancy Lapham
Nathaniel Lapham --to-- Darrell Larkin
Evelyn "Eva" Larkin --to-- Isaac Larrabee
Jane Larrabee --to-- Pia Nordby Larsen
Ruth Marie Larsen --to-- Ebenezer Lass
William Lass --to-- Louisa Briggs Latham
Lucy Latham --to-- Samuel Lathrop
Sarah Lathrop --to-- Kathi Estelle Laux
Misty Anne Laux --to-- Evan Jay Law
Everett R. Law --to-- Orville Dennis Law
Phebe Nellie Law --to-- Archibald Gilbert Lawrence
Arius Lawrence --to-- Margaret Lawrence
Maria Lawrence --to-- Joseph Lawton
Joshua R. Lawton --to-- Mattie LeSeur
Madeline LeVanneur --to-- Samuel Learned
Julia Barton Leas --to-- Brady Leder
Nilolette Leder --to-- Hugh B. Lee (Jr.)
Hugh B. Lee (Sr.) --to-- Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee --to-- Eliza Marsylvia Leffingwell
Rachel Leffingwell --to-- Frank Thompson Leighton (Rear Admiral)
Hannah Leighton --to-- Mary Elizabeth Leland
Mary Elizabeth Leland --to-- Carle Burton Lenker
Vivian Lenker --to-- Hiram A. Leonard
Ida Mary Leonard --to-- Doris Marie Lerette
Eleanor Rita Lerette --to-- John William Lester
Joseph Lester --to-- Lewandowski
Rita Marie Lewandowski --to-- Cynthia Congdon Lewis
David Lewis --to-- John Freddie Lewis
John Tyron Lewis --to-- Thomas Lewis
Thomas D. Lewis --to-- Henry Libby
James Libby --to-- Angela Liebold
Barbara Liebold --to-- Orrin Lillie
Malissa Lillison --to-- Nathaniel Lincoln
Nathaniel Lincoln --to-- Ann Maria Lindsay
Barbara Ann Lindsay --to-- Charles Edward Linn
Doris Elaine Linn --to-- Ann Maria Lippitt
Ann Phillis Lippitt --to-- Christine Alma Lippitt
Christopher Lippitt --to-- George Ernest Lippitt
George Gooding Lippitt --to-- Joseph Lippitt
Joseph Lippitt --to-- Mary B. Lippitt
Mary B. Lippitt --to-- Rebecca Lippitt
Rebecca Lippitt --to-- Wendy Wilson Lippitt
William Lippitt --to-- Scott William Little
Thomas Little --to-- Calista Livingston
Carrie Livingston --to-- Joshua Kai Lobert
Julian Sakae Lobert --to-- Albert Harry Lockwood
Alice C. Lockwood --to-- William Loetterle
Anna Marie Christine Loff --to-- Gary William Long
Hannah Long --to-- Fannie Mae Longmore
Katherine Longnecker --to-- Mabel Loomis
Martha Loomis --to-- Hepzibah Lord
Herbert Lord --to-- Barbara Dudley Lothrop
Bathsheba Lothrop --to-- Alfred Wanzer Love
Ann Eliza Love --to-- Charles Taylor Lovering
Charles Taylor Lovering --to-- Olney Whipple Lovett
Rosella A. Lovett --to-- Lester Brooks Low
Margaret Low --to-- Isaac B. Lowell

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