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161033 individuals, 60858 families from file 20190914.ged (14 Sep 2019)

Williams Leggett --to-- Karre Ivan Leishman
Samuel Deem Leishman --to-- William Lemk
Garrett Walker Lemke --to-- Abigail Leonard
Abigail Leonard --to-- Mary Ellen Leonard
Mira Leonard --to-- Richard Lesco
Lesher --to-- Joseph Leszkiewicz
Judith L. Letellier --to-- Allan George Lewis
Alta Lewis --to-- Georgina Lewis
Gerald Frank Lewis --to-- Melinda Lewis
Michael Lewis --to-- Anna Libby
Ansel Libby --to-- William Smith Libby
Zebulon Libby --to-- Betty May Ligon
Candace Lu "Candy" Ligon --to-- Julia Lincoln
Julia Aurelia Lincoln --to-- Evelyn Isabell Linder
Rebecca Jane Linder --to-- Alvin Lines
Chloe Lines --to-- Alice Lippitt
Alphonso Linton Lippitt --to-- Charles W. Lippitt
Charles Warren Lippitt (Sr., Governor) --to-- Franklin Brown Lippitt (Jr.)
Franklin Brown "Frank" Lippitt --to-- John Holden Lippitt
John P. Lippitt --to-- Mary Lippitt
Mary Lippitt --to-- Phebe Holden Lippitt
Polly Lippitt --to-- Warren Stanley Lippitt
Waterman Lippitt --to-- Margaret Mae Little
Margaret Mary Little --to-- Beaumont John Livingston
Beverly Jean Livingston --to-- Derrik Lee Lobert
Joshua Kai Lobert --to-- Alice C. Lockwood
Amelia Deforest Lockwood --to-- Gladys Juline Lofgreen
Louise Elizabeth Lofgren --to-- Jason Robin Long
Jessica Lynn Long --to-- Dennis Dean Longsdorf
Doreen Luanne Longsdorf --to-- Jerry Loos
John J. Loos --to-- Parthenia Lord (Mrs.)
Richard Lord --to-- Thomas Mark Lothrop
Lotring --to-- Shannon Croline Love
Vivian Evelyn Love --to-- Caroline Lovett
Caroline G. Lovett --to-- Zachus Lovewell
John Harvey Lovie --to-- Lowe
Lowe --to-- Sarah Margruder Lowry
Verma Lowry --to-- Laura Ludtke
Jorgen Ludvigsen --to-- Betty Louise Lunt
Charles Lunt --to-- Fred Luther
George Luther --to-- Charlotte Lyford
Jeffrey Ross Lyford --to-- Randall Lynn
Vera Mae Lynn --to-- Susanna Lyon
Vinal Lyon --to-- Mildred M.
MARY MCALOON --to-- Alexander MacHattie
Minnie Isabella MacHattie --to-- William J. F. Macalister
Eliza Bernard Macarthy --to-- Ada M. Mackey
Captain Mackey --to-- Charles Macreath
David Macumber --to-- James P. Mahan
Linda Mahan --to-- Survish Main
Thomas Main --to-- Elijah Malin
Pansy Ellen Malin --to-- John Maltby
John Maltby --to-- Ruth Gladys "Gladys" Manchester
Sarah Jane Manchester --to-- Albert Geary Mann
Albert or Lyman Mann --to-- Joseph Mann
Josephine Angell Mann --to-- Beverly Ann Manning
Birchie Manning --to-- Peter Manning
Phyllis Manning --to-- Edward Manton
Edward E. Manton --to-- Abigail D. Marble
Almira Marble --to-- Henry Marchant
Henry Marchant --to-- Artemacy Mariger
Audrey Mariger --to-- John Avery Marrs
John Leonard Marrs --to-- Ruth Marsh
Sally Marsh --to-- Sarah Marshall
Sophie Marshall --to-- David Martin (Jr.)
Deborah A. Martin --to-- Margaret Martin
Mariah Martin --to-- Gerald L. Martz
Maxine Carol Martzas --to-- Emma C. Mason
Emma L. Mason --to-- Lillian Wright Mason

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