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149616 individuals, 59603 families from file 20220702.ged (2 Jul 2022)

William Chester Pendleton Medbery --to-- Mary Ann Medbury
Mercy Medbury --to-- Smith L. Meeker
William P. Meeker --to-- Elizabeth Menagh
Mary Menges --to-- Henry Kingsbury Merrifield
Levi Merrifield --to-- Maude Millie Merrill
Mercy Merrill --to-- Mary Abbie Merritt
Mary E. Merritt --to-- Susan Messer
Ward Messer --to-- Joseph Metcalf
Julia Metcalf --to-- Harold L. Meyer
Henry Meyer --to-- Elsie Miler
Almina Miles --to-- Mary Abigail Millard
Nancy Millard --to-- Caroline Miller
Caroline Whipple "Carrie" Miller --to-- Emanuel Miller
Emery Miller --to-- Jean Marie Miller
Jemima Miller --to-- Martha V. Miller
Martin Miller --to-- Samuel S. Miller
Sarah Miller --to-- Jacob Millholen
Jacob Millholen --to-- Fitz Henry Mills
Florence Georgiana Mills --to-- Scott Mills
Susan Joanna Mills --to-- James Green Miner
Jeremiah Miner (Jr.) --to-- Mabel Minott
Martha Minott --to-- Dorothy Mitchell
Dorothy B. Mitchell --to-- Josephine Mitchell
Joyce Love Mitchell --to-- Sarah Mitten
Mix --to-- Willis "Billie Vee" Moffett
Anna Agnes Moffit --to-- Susan Mone
Edith May Money --to-- Louis Augustus Montandon
Mercedes Martos Montecino --to-- Hannah Moody
James Moody --to-- Darius Alonzo Moore
David James Moore --to-- Maria Josephine Moore
Marion Moore --to-- Rhoda Moors
Susanna Moors --to-- Edwin George Morey (Major)
Elizabeth Morey --to-- Jane Morgan
Jerusha Morgan --to-- Aaron B. Morrill
Abigail Morrill --to-- Florence Lillian Morris
Frank Morris --to-- Leon Hiram "Lee" Morrison
Lyle F. Morrison --to-- Eliza Morse
Elizabeth Morse --to-- Martin V. B. Morse
Mary Morse --to-- Curtis Lee Mortenson
Mary Matilda Mortenson --to-- Samuel Moses
Samuel Moses --to-- Amelia A. Mosier
David Clark Mosier --to-- William Mott
Zena Mott --to-- Abby J. Mowry
Abby Jane Mowry --to-- Ananias Mowry
Ananias Mowry (Jr.) --to-- Charles Mowry
Charles Mowry --to-- Dinah Mowry
Dorcas Mowry --to-- Ephraim Mowry
Erla Mowry --to-- Gideon Bailey Mowry
Gilbert Mowry --to-- Jabez W. Mowry
James Mowry --to-- Julianna Mowry
Junia S. Mowry --to-- Margery Mowry
Margery Mowry --to-- Minerva Mowry
Minnie Arabella Mowry --to-- Philip Mowry
Polly Mowry --to-- Sarah Elizabeth Mowry
Sarah S. Mowry --to-- Urania Mowry
Urania Mowry --to-- Wilson W. Mowry
Wilton Joseph Mowry --to-- Richard Neely Mull
Charles H. Mullan --to-- Samantha Sophia Munger
William Stearne Munger --to-- Jane Marie Munson
Janet Munson --to-- Ansen A. Murphy
Bill Murphy --to-- Walter Murray
William Murray --to-- Myers
Abram Myers --to-- John Nail
Sarah Virginia Naille --to-- Sylvanus Nash
Terry Nash --to-- Sarah Ann Needels
Bertha Emily Needham --to-- Anna Maria Nelson
Anna Minette Nelson --to-- Rosco Charles Nelson
Ruth F. Nelson --to-- Nellie Mae "Nell" Neutzling
Peter Neutzling --to-- Sarah Jeannette Newcomb
William Oliver Newcomb --to-- Lorenzo Newell
Louisa Newell --to-- Thomas Newman
Thomas Newman --to-- Phineas Newton
Polly Newton --to-- Davis William Sylvester Nichols
Demaris Nichols --to-- Leota Nichols

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