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160803 individuals, 60754 families from file 20190714.ged (14 Jul 2019)

John D. Kelly --to-- Samuel O. Kelsey
Theodore Kelsey --to-- Kauriana Kendall
Kevin Earl Kendall --to-- Daniel Kennedy
David Kennedy --to-- Mabell Lucille Kenney
Mary Kenney --to-- Frederick Kentner
George Kentner --to-- Floyd Kern
Martin William Kern --to-- Myron S. Kessler
Nicholas Kessler --to-- Sarah Keyes
William Fremont Keyes --to-- Laura Catherine Kiesling
Rudolph Philip Kiesselbach --to-- Ellen Perkins Kilpatrick
John Douglas Kilpatrick --to-- David Kimball
David Kimball --to-- Jonathan Kimball
Jonathan Kimball --to-- Sarah Kimball
Sarah Kimball --to-- Nancy Annette Kinch
Brittany Nicole Kinder --to-- Diane King
Donna Midori Hokumalamalama King --to-- Katie J. King
Keith King --to-- Sarah Francis King
Sarah Irons King --to-- Benjamin Kingsbury
Bruce Otto Kingsbury --to-- Matthew Kingsley
Naomi Kingsley --to-- Henry Kinney (Jr.)
Henry Kinney --to-- Linda Ann Kinser
William Clayton Kinser --to-- Thelma Bernice Kirby
Edith Pauline Kircher --to-- Jo Anne Kirksay
Bessie Emma Kirksey --to-- Emelie Greta Cecilia Kittlesen
Erica Nell Elisabeth Kittlesen --to-- Catherine Anne "Cathy" Kleinman
Charles Brent Kleinman --to-- Mehitable Knapp
Myron Harry Knapp --to-- Cora Rowland Knight
Daniel Knight --to-- Nancy Knight
Nathan Knight --to-- Marlyce Knott
Cora Barbara Knotts (twin) --to-- Asa Knowlton
Asabel Knowlton --to-- John Knowlton
John Knowlton (Sr.) --to-- Stephen Knowlton
Sylvanus Knowlton --to-- Else Margrethe Koch
Gerda Mathilde Koch --to-- Lena B. Koontz
Rebecca Ann Koontz --to-- Lisa Suzanne Kraske
Mara Mayo Rodriguiz Kraske --to-- Krohn
Hilda Krokstrom --to-- Johanna Kunda
Marie Muriel Kunert --to-- Rick LaCroix
Rollande Clair LaCroix --to-- Edwin Glen Labrum
George Ephraim Labrum --to-- Thomas W. Ladd
William Ladd --to-- Sarah Lucinda Lake
Elizabeth Lakeman --to-- Rebecca Lamb
Rufus Lamb --to-- Laura Lamphere
Lewis Lamphere --to-- Daniel Angell Lancaster
Daniel Peter Lancaster --to-- Annie A. Lane
Anthony Lane --to-- Lulu Lane
Lydia Lane --to-- John Walton Lang (II)
John Walton Lang (Brigadier General) --to-- Ethelda Martha Langley
George A. Langley --to-- Aaron James Lanting
Alyssa Joan Lanting --to-- Marvin Lapham
Mary Lapham --to-- John T. Lareu
Nelson Lareu --to-- Benjamin Larrabee
Deborah Larrabee --to-- Linwood Larsen
Maren Larsen --to-- Scott Allen Larson
Violette Larson --to-- Jayne Marie Latham
John Latham --to-- Jedediah Lathrop
John Lathrop --to-- Joseph Edward Lauridsen
Marilyn Jo Lauridsen --to-- Douglas Charles Law
Douglas Eugene Law --to-- Nancy Law
Nelson Aldrich Law --to-- Lawrence
Lawrence --to-- John Terrell Lawrence
John W. Lawrence --to-- Amanda Lawton
Anne Estelle Lawton --to-- Lee LeCompte
Lorette LeCompte --to-- Abigail Learned
Benoni Learned --to-- twin Leavitt
twin Leavitt --to-- Frances Lee
Frances A. Lee --to-- Rebecca Anne Lee
Richard Lee (Reverend) --to-- Levi Leete
Lucia Leete --to-- Alice Grey Leiby
Joseph Leiby --to-- James Leland
Jasper Leland --to-- William Lemon

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