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149616 individuals, 59603 families from file 20220702.ged (2 Jul 2022)

Joyce Irene Little --to-- Alice Liversey
Ruth A. Livesy --to-- James Locke
John Locke --to-- Levi Lockwood
Louis S. Lockwood --to-- Abigail Loker
John Virgel Loless --to-- Lovicia Longley
Miriam Longley --to-- Jerry Lee Loper
Robert Loper --to-- David or Daniel W. Loring
Eliza Ann Loring --to-- Loundes
Mae Loungeville --to-- Nancy Frances Lovern
David Lovet --to-- Thomas Lovett
Thomasine Lovett --to-- William Low
William Henry Low --to-- George M. Lowry
James Lowry --to-- Hendrick W. Lueder
Frieda D. Lueth --to-- Abigail "Abby" Luther
Adelaide Luther --to-- Richard George Lutz
Robert Estal Lutz --to-- Agnes Lyng
Isaac Lyng --to-- Samantha Lyon
Sarah Lyon --to-- Ray Maben
Alonzo Mabie --to-- William F. MacPherson (Jr.)
Caroline MacRae --to-- Edward H. Mackey
Eleanor P. Mackey --to-- Della Madden
Fanny Madden --to-- Hulda Mahoney
Kenneth Victor Mahoney --to-- Albert Henry Makee
Galen Perry Makee --to-- Julius Malnory
Lester Malnory --to-- Harris Angell Manchester
Henry M. Manchester --to-- Adelia Alvira Mann
Albert Geary Mann --to-- Jesse Mann
Joel Mann --to-- Arlene Conway Manning
Arthur Pember Manning --to-- John Mansfield
Joseph Mansfield --to-- Charleigh Alexis Manus
Celia M. Manville --to-- Richard Marbury
Angier March --to-- Nancy Gay Margetts
Nelson Whipple Margetts --to-- Josephine Marrs
Kathryn June Marrs --to-- Albert Guvera Marshall
Alexander Russell Marshall (twin) --to-- Marston
John Marston --to-- Geraldine E. Martin
Gertrude Martin --to-- Sarah "Sally" Martin
Solomon Martin --to-- Clark Mason
Cora Mason --to-- John J. Mason (M.D.)
John L. Mason --to-- Peleg C. Mason
Peletiah or Pelatia Mason --to-- Anna Mastenbrook
Masters --to-- Ann Louise Mathewson
Anne Mathewson --to-- Helen Louise Mathewson
Henry Mathewson --to-- Paris W. Mathewson
Patience Mathewson --to-- Abraham Matteson
Addison Ambrose Matteson --to-- Walter Matteson
Walter Matteson --to-- William T. Mattoon
James Mattos --to-- Francis Maus
Bessie Floy Maust --to-- Robert Burns Maxfield
Robert Burns Maxfield --to-- Lyle May
Margaret Bradford May --to-- George Maynard
George F. Maynard --to-- Robert Maytum
Paul Mazakute (Reverend) --to-- Ida May McCandless
J. Guy McCandless (Dr.) --to-- Len McClennan
Charles N. McCleod --to-- Chauncy McCormick
Glen Ruferd McCormick --to-- William Porter McCoy
Daniel Webster McCracken --to-- Martha Anne McDaniel
Sallie McDaniel --to-- William Creighton McDougal
Ella Gertrude McDougall --to-- Arthur E. McFatridge
Dorothy Mae McFatridge --to-- Marriana McGowan
Martha McGowan --to-- Sybil Frances McInerny
Elizabeth McInnis --to-- Peter Leo McKallagat
Agnes Jane McKay --to-- Charles G. McKenney
Erastus W. McKenney --to-- Mary Ann McKim
Anna McKin --to-- Agnes McLanahan
McLane --to-- J. R. McLeod
Jeffrey McLeod --to-- Laura Royal McMullen
Lloyd L. McMullen --to-- John McPherson
Victoria McPherson --to-- Bradley Mead (Captain)
Charles Mead --to-- Nelson Wallace Meaker
Forrest Meamber --to-- Chauncy Joseph Medberry
Marjory Medberry --to-- Emilyn F. Medbery
Emma Medbery --to-- Lillian Medbery
Lillian Ellnora Medbery --to-- William Cal Medbery

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