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160724 individuals, 60721 families from file 20190623.ged (23 Jun 2019)

Anna Janulewit --to-- Gregory Wayne Jarvis
Heber Jarvis --to-- Angeline Jefferies
John Jefferies --to-- Amey Jenckes
Amie Jenckes --to-- Edward Nathaniel Jenckes
Edwin Jenckes --to-- Jerahmeel Jenckes
Jerathmel Bowers Jenckes --to-- Mary Jenckes
Mary Jenckes --to-- Stephen Hunt Jenckes
Stephen Whipple Jenckes --to-- Hattie Eudora Jencks
Hattie Eulalia Jencks --to-- Alfred Horace Jenkins
Alfred Mason Jenkins --to-- Thomas L. Jenkins (Jr.)
Thomas Leroy Jenkins --to-- George W. Jenks
George Walton Jenks --to-- Owen Tubal Jenks
Pardon Jenks --to-- Ben Jennings
Benjamin Jennings --to-- Lee Jennings
Leona May Jennings --to-- Jensen
Alice Meta Jensen --to-- Sofie Jensen
Stacy Jensen --to-- James Jerauld
James Jerauld (Jr.) --to-- John J. Jessup
Marie F. Jessup --to-- Anna Jillson
Arnold Jillson --to-- Martha Jillson
Martha Jillson --to-- (Berndine) Marie Johannesdatter Elle
Rakel Conradine Fredrikke Johansdatter Evje --to-- Alfred Angell Johnson
Alfred Winston "Red" Johnson --to-- Charles Tilden Johnson
Charles W. Johnson --to-- Elisha Johnson
Elisha Johnson --to-- George Peter Johnson
George W. Johnson (II) --to-- Jane Johnson
Jane Cadwalader Johnson --to-- Laura Grace Johnson
Laurel Carolyn Johnson --to-- Mary E. Johnson
Mary E. Johnson --to-- Rex Albert Johnson
Rhonda Johnson --to-- Susan P. Johnson
Suzanne Marie Johnson --to-- Franklin Johnston
Frederick A. Johnston --to-- Henry Jollie
Isabella D. "Belle" Jollie --to-- Carrie Lynn Jones
Catherine Jones --to-- Enoch Jones
Ephraim Jones --to-- James J. Jones
Jane Jones --to-- Margaret Cassadra Jones
Margaret Lee Jones --to-- Paulette Joanna Jones
Pearl Jones --to-- Thomas Michael Jones
Timothy Carter Jones --to-- Harmon Paul Buffum Jordan
James Jordan --to-- Poul Jorgensen
Reuben "Pete" Jorgensen --to-- Philenia Joslin
Polly Joslin --to-- Doris Emily Juckett
Frank Clayton Juckett --to-- Stacy Jean July
Steve July --to-- George Robert Kane
Grace Whipple Kane --to-- Sara Frae Kaufman
Adolph John "Jerry" Kaufmann (Jr.) --to-- Archibald Jackson Kearns (Dr.)
Archibald Jackson Kearns (Reverend) --to-- Barbara Jean Keeling
Forrest Everett Keeling --to-- Asahel Keith
Bela Keith --to-- Rhoda Perkins Keith
Rufus Perkins Keith --to-- Andrew Gordon Kelley
Ann Louise Kelley --to-- Earle Nahum Whiting Kellogg
Edward William Kellogg --to-- David Dudley Kelly
Delbert Kelly --to-- Henry H. Kelsey
Ida M. Kelsey --to-- Caty Kendall
Edla May Kendall --to-- Kennedy
Kennedy --to-- Jay Kenney
Jeremiah Kenney --to-- Eleanor L. Kentner
Electa Kentner --to-- Martin William Kern
Orlo Kern --to-- Tony Kessler
William H. Kessler --to-- Thomas Milburn Keys
Viola Alice Keys --to-- Mary A. Kilburn
Norman Whipple Kilburn --to-- Joseph Kilton
Mary Kilton --to-- Emma Jane Kimball
Enoch Kimball --to-- Mary Kimball
Mary Kimball --to-- William B. Kimball
Ziphora Kimball --to-- Amy Ida King
Ann King --to-- Henry F. King (Sr.)
Henry F. King --to-- Owen M. King
Phebe King --to-- Isaac Kingman
Isaac Henry Kingman --to-- Alvin Kingsley
Amos Kingsley --to-- Elsie Kinney
Elsie Beatrice Kinney --to-- Abby Kinnicut
Amy Kinnicutt --to-- Noah Kiplinger
Elizabeth Kipp --to-- Jacob Hurd Kirkpatrick

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