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149849 individuals, 59726 families from file 20220813.ged (13 Aug 2022)

William Stuart Herreshoff --to-- William Herrick
William Charles Marion Herrick --to-- Estelle Clare Heuer
Hazel Francis Heuer --to-- Anna Heywood
Emma Heywood --to-- Helen Hickock
Joel Hickock --to-- John Hidden
Joseph Hidden --to-- Selah Higley
Wilma Jean Higley --to-- Betsey Hill
Betsey Hill --to-- Henry Benjamin Hill
Herbert Hill --to-- Mary Hill
Mary Hill --to-- Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill --to-- Lucile L. Hilsenbeck
Robert Dale Hilsenbeck --to-- Lydia Hinds
Lydia Bartlett Hinds --to-- Linda Hipwell
Nancy Lynn Hipwell --to-- Olive G. Hix or Hicks
Eliza Ann Hixon --to-- Frank O. Hobart
Grace Hobart --to-- Elizabeth High Hoch
Frances Hochstetler --to-- Sherman Hodson
Minnie V. Hodum --to-- Stephanie Hogrefe
Hogue --to-- John Holbrook
John Field Holbrook --to-- Leroy Holcomb
Lorraine E. Holcomb --to-- Ann Gibbs Holden
Anna Holden --to-- Jonathan Holden
Joseph Holden --to-- William E. Holden
William H. Holden --to-- Judy Belle Holland
Keziah Holland --to-- Clarissa Hollock
Julia Oledia Hollopeter --to-- Abigail Holmes
Abraham Holmes --to-- Joseph Holmes
Joseph Holmes --to-- Edith Holt
Elizabeth Holt --to-- Anna E. "Annie" Holway
Levi Holway --to-- Mary Hannah Hooper
Salmon Hooper --to-- David Hopkins
Davis Hopkins --to-- Jane E. Hopkins
Jeremiah Hopkins --to-- Seth Curtis Hopkins
Silvanus Hopkins --to-- Gary Horner
Ida May Horner --to-- Rosella W. Horton
Ruth Horton --to-- Sarah Hotchkiss
Sarah Hotchkiss --to-- Napoleon Paul Joseph Houle
Rebecca Houle --to-- Sarah E. Hovey
Simeon Hovey --to-- Arthur Howard
Arthur Howard --to-- Emma Howard
Emma Luella Howard --to-- Jason W. "Jake" Howard
Jason Whipple Howard --to-- Mary Ann Susan Howard
Mary E. Howard --to-- Stephen B. Howard
Susan Howard --to-- Helen Stone Howe
Hellen Howe --to-- Sarah Maria Howell
Sophia Howell --to-- Nathan H. Howland
Nathaniel Howland --to-- Edwin Hoyt
Edwin Hoyt (Jr.) --to-- Sarah Clare Hoyt
Sarah Randall Hoyt --to-- Mary Sheldon Hubbard
Moses Hubbard --to-- Arthur Edward Hudson
Arthur Eugene Hudson --to-- James Harrison Huffman
James Harrison Huffman --to-- Mary Elizabeth Hughes
Mary Ruth Hughes --to-- Donald Hull
Elbert Mann Hull --to-- Sarah Humpherys
Sarah Ellen Humpherys --to-- Hunnicutt
Hunsaker --to-- Eugene Wayne Hunt
Eunice Louise Hunt --to-- Mary Elizabeth Hunt
Mary S. Hunt --to-- Isabelle L. Hunter
J. Wilson Hunter --to-- Betsey Huntoon
Betsey Huntoon --to-- Lucy Matilda Hurlbut
Lydia Hurlbut --to-- Frank P. Huse
Glenn B. Huse --to-- Avis I. Hutchin
Doel Cynes Hutchings --to-- Betty Hutchinson
Blanche F. Hutchinson --to-- Adam Huth
Victoria Hutmuller --to-- Arthur J. Hydman
Myrtle M. Hydman --to-- Annie Arnold Ingalls
Charles F. Ingalls --to-- Helen Courtenay Ingram
Maida Ingram --to-- Nathan Inman
Oziel Inman --to-- Ardythe Maryh "Dusty" Iron Wing

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