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163577 individuals, 61965 families from file 20200920.ged (20 Sep 2020)

Thomas Greene --to-- Anna Greenleaf
Bertrell Greenleaf --to-- Sabrena Grace Greenwood
Sally Greenwood --to-- Theodore Greib
Elizabeth Grell --to-- Joseph A. Griffin
Joseph Finley Griffin --to-- Sarah Ann Isobella Griffith
VaNita Maud Griffith --to-- William Franklin Grinstead
Ellen Mary Griscom --to-- Julia Estall Gron
Peter Gron --to-- Jackson McCulloch Grove
James Grove --to-- Wallace F. Grubb
Walter Cuthbert Grubb --to-- Vicki Guenther
Caroline Guerin --to-- Elma Guillory
Ortere Guillory --to-- Albert C. Gunnison
Albert Orlando Gunnison --to-- Eunice Gunnison
Eunice A. Gunnison --to-- Margery Gunnison
Margery Gunnison --to-- William Gunnison
William C. Gunnison --to-- Rose Mae Guyette
Ruth Mildred Guyette --to-- Floretta Hadden
Maria Hadden --to-- Sylvia Janette Haff
Hafner --to-- Charles Hahn
Charlotte Marie Hahn --to-- Ethel Juanita Hair
Gerald Hair --to-- Israel G. Hale
James Hale --to-- Deborah Haley
Eleanor Haley --to-- Cynthia Hall
Cyrene Hall --to-- Henrietta "Retta" Hall
Henry Hall --to-- Mary Curtis Hall
Mary E. Hall --to-- Susanna Hall
Susannah Hall --to-- Ethel Halsey
Frances Maria Halsey --to-- Henry William Hamblin
Iris Hamblin --to-- Grace Hamilton
Harry Hamilton --to-- Sarah J. Hamlin
Susan Hamlin --to-- Edward Levin Hammond (Sr.)
Eleanor Hammond --to-- Margaret Hammond
Margaret Hammond --to-- William Hammond
William Hammond --to-- Jacob Truman Hancock
Jay Loren Hancock --to-- Thomas Hanford
William Harlow Hanford --to-- Rebecca Hansel
Roger L. Hansel --to-- Jacob Hansen
Jake Hansen --to-- Rune Hansen
Sidsel Hansen --to-- Maren Hanson
Mels John Hanson --to-- Hyla Lorraine Hardenbergh
Anna Hardenburg --to-- Annie Grace Hardy
Arthur Harris Hardy --to-- Thomas Hardy
Thomas Hardy --to-- Sally Harlow
Sarah Elizabeth Harlow --to-- Elizabeth Rosemary Harn
Elmer Levi Harn --to-- Mary Agnes Harrigan
William Harrigan --to-- Amanda M. Harrington
Amos L. Harrington --to-- Isabel or Eleanor Harrington
James H. Harrington --to-- Thankful Harrington
Truman R. Harrington --to-- Anna or Annie Lazelle Harris
Anne Harris --to-- Daniel Anthony Harris
Daniel H. Harris --to-- Eugenia Jerusha Harris
Eulalee E. Harris --to-- Jabez Harris
Jabez Harris --to-- Louisa Martha Harris
Lucretia Harris --to-- Minnie Harris
Minnie Harris --to-- Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris --to-- William Harris
William Harris --to-- John Harshbarger
Karen Harshbarger --to-- Paterson Francis Hart
Paula Coy Hart --to-- Stephen Hartson
Edna Hartstack --to-- John A. Harvey
Kyle Harvey --to-- Lydia Harwood
Lydia Harwood --to-- Huldah Haskell
Ira Haskell --to-- Henry Melbern Hassett
John E. Hassett --to-- Alma Zillah Hatch
Alonzo Herbert Hatch --to-- Thomas Hatche
A. Gordon Hatchell --to-- Roy James Hatt
Roy James Hatt (Jr.) --to-- Dexter Stearns Haven
Eben Blodgett Haven --to-- Laura Amelia Haven
Laura L. Haven --to-- Robert Havens

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