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166807 individuals, 63399 families from file 20211126.ged (26 Nov 2021)

Frank Eugene Gibbs --to-- Hazel Moore Gibson
Helen Adelia Gibson --to-- Aubrey Gicking
Brian Gicking --to-- George William Gifford
Hannah L. Gifford --to-- Jesse Gilbert
John Gilbert --to-- Laura Gildart
Margaret Gilday --to-- Daniel William Gilles
Debra Ann Gilles --to-- John T. Gillock
Charles Gillson --to-- Donald Gilmore
Ed Gilmore --to-- Emily Lauren Ging
Ivan Wilton Ging (Jr.) --to-- Candus Glaspie
Emily Katrina Glass --to-- Herbert Gleason
Hiram Gleason --to-- Amasa S. Glover
Anna Glover --to-- Cora Godbout
Abbey Angell Goddard --to-- Eliza Goddard
Elizabeth Goddard --to-- Madeline Ives Goddard
Martha Goddard --to-- Susannah Goddard
Sybil Goddard --to-- Evelyn Lucille Goff
Everett Wendell Goff --to-- Sally Goldsmith
Thomas Goldsmith --to-- Richard P. Goodall
Earl Hardiker Goodby --to-- Ebenezer Goodhue
Ebenezer Goodhue (Jr.) --to-- Sarah Goodhue
Sarah Goodhue --to-- Ida M. Goodrich
Lephe Goodrich --to-- Charles Howard Gordon (Dr.)
Cheyene Travis Gordon --to-- Abraham Gore
Abraham Brokaw Gore --to-- Steven Joseph Gorski
Della Gorsline --to-- Jonathan Gorton
Jonathan Gorton (Jr.) --to-- Daniel Goss
Daniel Goss --to-- Mary Elizabeth Gough
William E. Gough --to-- Louisa Gould
Lydia Gould --to-- Abigail Gove
Arthur Gove --to-- Michael Duncan Goyer
Nancy Lee Goyer --to-- Catherine Graham
Charles Graham --to-- Millard C. Grandfield
Grandy --to-- Cody Michael Grant
Darby Lynne Grant --to-- Mary F. Grant
May Grant --to-- Ebenezer Graves
Edith Graves --to-- Eliza Bosworth Gray
Elizabeth Gray --to-- Randolph Eugene "Randy" Gray
Robert C. Gray --to-- Benjamin F. Green
Benjamin Perry Green --to-- Helen Elizabeth Green
Henry Green --to-- Michael Joseph Green
Minerva Green --to-- Albert "Allie" H. Greene
Albert C. Greene (General) --to-- Celistia Rozelle "Lettie" Greene
Charles Greene --to-- Frank William Greene
Frederick Albert Greene --to-- John Francis Greene
John Holden Greene --to-- Mary Tilbits Greene
Mary Warner Greene --to-- Sally Holden Greene
Sally Low Greene --to-- Waite Greene
Waite Lippitt Greene --to-- John Cameron Greenleaf
John Manning Greenleaf --to-- Emily Greer
Gerald R. Greer --to-- Darrell Lewis Gresley
Frank Gresley --to-- Kathryn or Catharine Griffin
Katie Collins Griffin --to-- Rhoda Griffith
Sarah Griffith --to-- Thomas Perkins Grinnell
William Fowler Grinnell --to-- Carl James Grolle
John Edward Grolle --to-- Melinda Grout
Samuel Grout --to-- Charles Norton Grubb
Emily S. Grubb --to-- Jacob Grønnegaard
Jonas Grønnegaard --to-- Grace Guilford
John Guilford --to-- Louisa Gunn
Lyman Gunn --to-- Ebenezer Gunnison
Ebenezer D. Gunnison --to-- Jessie Fremont Gunnison
John Gunnison --to-- Robert Whipple Gunnison
Rolla Gunnison --to-- Allen Guthrie
Bernice Guthrie --to-- Jimmie Donald Haberman
Thersea Habisreittinger --to-- Gamaliel Hadley
George Albert Hadley --to-- William Van Hagan
Calvin J. Hagar --to-- Charles Thomas Haigh
Harriet A. Haigh --to-- Arthur Hale
Augusta Wellington Hale --to-- Lorenzo Hale
Lorinda Hale --to-- John Halkyard
William Halkyard --to-- Dorothy Ellen "Dot" Hall
Eben Hall --to-- James Hall
James Hall --to-- Mary Elizabeth Hall
Mathias Hall --to-- Tabitha Hall

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