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149173 individuals, 59381 families from file 20220514.ged (14 May 2022)

Will Greive Hay --to-- Mary Hayes
Michael Hayes --to-- William Haynes
Haynes or Hainey --to-- Abigail Haywood
John Haywood --to-- Hezekiah Hazen
Hugh Hazen --to-- Mary Chaffee Heald
Merrill Jay Heald --to-- Annie Chace Heath
Arathusa Heath --to-- William Henry Heath
William Henry Heath --to-- Heelas
A. A. Heer --to-- Frands Hellisen
Jep Hellisen --to-- Beatrice M. Hempstead
Bertha Lee Hempstead --to-- Henry Hendrick
Joseph Hendrick --to-- Lemira Henry
Lucy Henry --to-- Hugh Henson
Jackson Alexander Henson --to-- Max G. Hepburn
Roderick Hepburn --to-- Benjamin Hernden
Lydia Hernden --to-- Cora Uretta Herrick
Cora Wheeler Herrick --to-- Dorothy Hersey
Elijah Hersey --to-- Lydia Marguerite Hewes
Richard Hewet --to-- Juliette Hibbard
Louisa Hibbard --to-- Charles C. Hicks
Clarance Hicks --to-- Marion Francis Higbee
Jacob T. Higbie --to-- Kyle Hildreth
Lorin Hildreth (Reverend) --to-- Cleve Hill
Cloe Hill --to-- Job Hill
Job Whipple Hill --to-- Olive Hill
Oliver Hill --to-- Susan Hiller
Ottielie Anna Hillert --to-- Louisa Himes
William E. Himes --to-- Ruby Evelyn Hines
Scott Henry Hines --to-- Adelaide Hitchcock
Alfred A. Hitchcock --to-- Benjamin Hoag
Benjamin Hoag --to-- Clara Jane Hobbs
Clarence Hobbs --to-- William E. Hodge
Rebecca Hodgeman --to-- Fred Hoffman
H. H. Hoffman --to-- Maria Petrova Hojeff
Martin Hokanson --to-- Micah Holbrook
Moses Holbrook --to-- William R. Holcombe
Allen H. Holdaway --to-- Charles Holden (2d)
Charles Holden (Jr.) --to-- Moses Holden (Deacon)
Nathan Holden --to-- James Nelson Holdridge
Jane E. Holdridge --to-- Darwin Holley
Elmer Ellsworth Holley --to-- David Holman
Deborah Holman --to-- David Holmes
David Harold Holmes --to-- Mary Holmes
Mary Ellen Holmes --to-- John T. Holt
Josephine Holt --to-- Ellen K. Hone
Robert S. Hone --to-- Sarah E. Hoover
Thomas J. Hoover --to-- Emily Leola Hopkins
Emily M. Hopkins --to-- Mary A. Hopkins
Mary R. Hopkins --to-- William Hopkins
William Hopkins --to-- Julia Horsfall or Hansfall
Maurice Pote Horstman --to-- George Hoskinson
Josephine Hoskinson --to-- Walter Scott Hough
Aaron Houghton --to-- Nancy H. Houston
Maybelle Houts --to-- Increase How
Jane How --to-- Carolyn Howard
Carolyn Howard --to-- George Howard (Major)
George A. Howard --to-- Joseph B. Howard
Josephine Alida Howard --to-- Oliver Whipple Howard
Ora Howard --to-- Warren Howard
Warren A. Howard --to-- Mary "Mamie" Howe
Mary Ann Howe --to-- Helen Robertson "Nellie" Howie
James Howie --to-- Betty Howlett
Zerviah Howmer --to-- Harrison Morton Hoyt
Harry H. Hoyt (Jr.) --to-- Asa Carter Hubbard
Axie Marie Hubbard --to-- Hubbell
Beverly Joan Hubbell --to-- George Washington Hudson
Georgia Matilda Hudson --to-- Hughes
Albert N. Hughes --to-- Alice Maud Huguley
H. W. Huguley --to-- Martha Hultin
Mary T. Hultzshoe --to-- Helen Evans Humphrey
Irving D. Humphrey --to-- Benjamin Hunt (Jr.)
Benjamin B. Hunt --to-- Harrison Perry Hunt
Harvey Hunt --to-- Ruth Hunt
Ruth Hunt --to-- Leonard Hunting

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