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166818 individuals, 63403 families from file 20211204.ged (4 Dec 2021)

Mary Jane Dunn --to-- Barbara Duquette
Carrie Louisa Durand --to-- Mary Durham
Micah Joel Durham --to-- Austin Dutton
Austin Dutton --to-- Ernest Bennett Dye
George Warren Dye --to-- William Jewett Dyer
Dygert --to-- Herbert "Herb" Eames (Jr.)
Herbert Howell Eames --to-- Henry Allen Earle
Henry Allen Earle (Jr.) --to-- Charles R. Easter
Douglas R. Easter --to-- Amasa Mason Eaton
Amasa Mason Eaton --to-- Samuel Eaton
Sarah Ann Eaton --to-- Tara Lynn Eckhart
Mary Eckler --to-- Eliza Eddy
Eliza M. Eddy --to-- John Lewis Eddy
John Mathewson Eddy --to-- Phebe Eddy
Phebe Eddy --to-- Zachariah Eddy
Zachariah Eddy --to-- Ruth Evangeline Edhegard
Anna Mary Edie --to-- Doris Pearl Edson
Esther Edson --to-- Grace Edwards
Hannah Edwards --to-- William Edwards
William Beaumont Edwards --to-- William Thomas Ehler
Bonnie Ehmke --to-- Alma Eldredge
Anna Eldredge --to-- Elizabeth Ellefsen
Carl Ellefson --to-- Virginia A. Elliott
Winifred Grace Elliott --to-- Miriam Day Ellis
Myrtle Ellis --to-- Marian Vilate Ellsworth
Mary Ellsworth --to-- Ellen Elsworth
Evan Arthur Elsworth --to-- Willie W. Ely
Winnie E. Ely --to-- Mary Ridgeway Emerson
Miriam Maranda Emerson --to-- Terry Lyn Emery
Veronica Lee Emery --to-- Blanche Florence England
Charles England --to-- Peter Boewen Eno
Frances A. Enoch --to-- Agnes Elvera Eriks
Edith Emilie Eriksen --to-- Ernest L. Essex
George Washington Essex --to-- Irvine R. Esten
Joanna Esten --to-- Hazel M. Estey
Hiram Estey --to-- Elizabeth Ettridge
William Ettridge --to-- Edwin Bowen Evans
Eldad Evans --to-- Martin L. Evans
Martyn Evans --to-- Bethiah Everett
Calista Everett --to-- William Ewing
Anna (Grace) Eyler --to-- Joseph Fairbanks (Deacon)
Joseph Fairbanks --to-- Joyce Elaine Falenschek
Roger Wayne Falenschek --to-- Thomas Fanning (Captain)
Thomas Fanning --to-- Anna Melissa Farnsworth
Benjamin Farnsworth --to-- Edith E. Farnum
Edward Farnum --to-- Lydia Farnum
Lydia Farnum --to-- Benjamin Farr
Betty Farr --to-- Larkin Farrell
Luna C. Farrell --to-- Lelia Mabel Farwell
Leroy Thurber Farwell (twin) --to-- Samuel P. Faulkner
Simon Faulkner --to-- Josiah Clarendon Fay
Julius Rockwell Mathews Fay --to-- Sheryl Feiler
Charles Fein --to-- John Anthony Feloney (Jr.)
John Anthony Feloney --to-- Alice Fenner
Almira Fenner --to-- Henry W. Fenner
Herbert Angell Fenner --to-- Sally Fenner
Sally Fenner --to-- Albert Enos Fenoff
Albert Enos Fenoff (Jr.) --to-- John C. Ferguson
John Elijah Ferguson --to-- Walter Raymond Ferrara
Josephine Ferre --to-- Mary G. Few
Robert Fewlass --to-- Frederick Field
George Field --to-- Phebe Field
Pheobe Field --to-- Claire Files
Frank S. Filkins --to-- Anne M. Finnegan
Arlene P. Finnegan --to-- Lydia H. Fish
Malany Fish --to-- Emma Fisher
Emma Jenne Fisher --to-- Lottie Iona Fisher
Lucy Fisher --to-- Esquire or Squire Fisk
George Daniel Fisk --to-- Henry Fiske (Lieutenant)
Henry Fiske --to-- Benjamin L. Fitch
Bernice Fitch --to-- Nelly Fitch
Newton Fitch --to-- Cecil Michael Fitzgerald
Daniel Cecil Fitzgerald --to-- Isaac A. Flagg
Jennie E. Flagg --to-- Theodore Lawrence Flake
Travis Garret Flake --to-- Elenor Fleming

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