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160580 individuals, 60653 families from file 20190519.ged (19 May 2019)

Pauline Davis --to-- Sarah Nicole Davis
Serena Davis --to-- John Davison
Joseph C. Davison --to-- Caroline Elizabeth Day
Charles Edward Day --to-- Susan Day
Viola Day --to-- De Rocco
Algernon Sidney De Wolf --to-- Alma DePue
Burr DePue --to-- McKenna Jae Deagman
Anita Deakin --to-- Seymour Dean
Sherburne Mason Dean --to-- Ferra Wallace Decker
Harold K. Decker --to-- Clarissa Ann Deem
Connie Marie Deem --to-- Randi Rae Deem
Randy Orville Deem --to-- William Edgar Delaney
Cynthia E. Delano --to-- Michael Steven Deming
Sarah Fuller Deming --to-- Clifford Hatch Dennis
Daniel Joseph Dennis --to-- David Allen Denny
Grant Denny --to-- Jack Sidney Deremiah
John Frances Deremiah (III) --to-- Prince Deuel
Margaret Deveber --to-- Carrie F. Dewell
Charles O. Dewell --to-- Abbie Maria Dexter
Abby Dexter --to-- Andrew W. Dexter
Andrew Waterman Dexter --to-- Charles Leroy Dexter
Charles N. Dexter --to-- Elmira P. Dexter
Else Dexter --to-- Gregory Dexter
Gregory Dexter --to-- Jennie Mitchell Dexter
Jerahmeel Dexter --to-- Lewis Dexter
Lewis Dexter (Jr.) --to-- Mary Eliza Dexter
Mary Eliza Dexter --to-- Polly Dexter
Polly Dexter --to-- Stephen Dexter
Stephen Dexter --to-- William James Dexter
William W. Dexter --to-- Dorothy Dickenson
Margaret Dickenson --to-- Thomas Wells Dickinson (Jr.)
William Dickinson --to-- Robert Charles Diehl
Louisa Diehlman --to-- Ann Margaret Dillingham
Elisha Dillingham --to-- Johannes Langstrup Dirdal
Rickard Dirdal --to-- Jean Marie Dixon
Jerome Dixon --to-- Daniel Robert Dobson
Delos Douglas Dobson --to-- Alton Dodge
Amanda Kay Dodge --to-- Jerusha Dodge
Jill Ann Dodge --to-- William Dodge
William Dodge --to-- Anna Mary "Mollie" Donache
Ella Donahue --to-- Ilene Donner
Irene Donner --to-- C. Jean Dorman
Israel Dorman --to-- Thomas S. Dorsey
Jodi Dorst --to-- Teressa Dougall
Virginia Dougall --to-- Alden A. Dow
Baron Cooper Dow --to-- Ted Eron Downard
William J. Downard --to-- Elizabeth Doyle
Elmer Haynes Doyle --to-- Rodney Drake
Sarah Drake --to-- Martha Dresser
Mary Dresser --to-- Eileen Marie Dripps
James Irwin Dripps --to-- Solomon Drowne
Solomon Drowne --to-- Timothy John Dubois
Billie Louise Duboise --to-- Howard Silas Dudley
Hubert Dudley --to-- Donald Arthur Duerr (II)
Ila Story Duerr --to-- Paul Marcus Duke
Robert Elmer Duke --to-- Peggy Dunbar
Sibil Dunbar --to-- Sarah Duncan
Virginia Duncan --to-- Mary Ellen Dunican
Catherine Dunivan --to-- Adelia or Adela Dunnell
Alice Maude Mary Dunnell --to-- Lucien Bonaparte Durand
Mabel Pyari Taj Durand --to-- Marion Durillo
Almon Durkee --to-- Amos Dutton
Arethusa Dutton --to-- William Henry Dwinelle
William Henry Dwinelle --to-- Charlene Dyke
Charles Dyke --to-- George Jonathan Eames
George L. Eames --to-- Cornelia A. Earle
Cornelia Arnold Earle --to-- Thomas Lee Earns
Timothy Bryon Earns --to-- Hannah Easton
Harriet E. Easton --to-- Louisa E. Eaton
Lucien Eaton --to-- Carl Frommel Eborn
Nancy Ebrerlein --to-- Betsey Eddy
Caleb Eddy --to-- Frederick A. Eddy
Freelove Eddy --to-- Lyman H. Eddy
Margaret Eddy --to-- Richard Eddy
Richard Eddy --to-- Zephaniah Eddy

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