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161655 individuals, 61170 families from file 20191128.ged (28 Nov 2019)

Mindy Marie Darnell --to-- Hiram S. Davenport
Horace Davenport --to-- Mrs. Davidson
Nathaniel Davidson --to-- Amos Sawyer Davis
Andrew Davis --to-- Cleo Dell Davis
Clifford Ross Davis --to-- Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis --to-- George N. Davis
George Stanton Davis --to-- Jake Davis
James Davis --to-- Laura Ann Davis
Laura Ann Davis --to-- Mary Ann Davis
Mary Ann Davis --to-- Patricia Davis
Patricia E. Davis --to-- Sarah C. Davis
Sarah Dille Davis --to-- Ann Davison
Blanch Cleveland Davison --to-- Amey Day
Amey Angell Day --to-- Polly Day
Rachel Suzanne Day --to-- James Blaine De Mar
Richard Francis De Mar --to-- Joseph Frederick DeMatties
Joseph Frederick DeMatties --to-- Oliver DeWolfe
Prudence DeWolfe --to-- Sally Dean
Samuel Dean --to-- Alice Decker
Alice Luella Decker --to-- Amy Jo Deem
Andrew Jacob Deem --to-- Marilyn Deem
Marla Deem --to-- Jennifer Deiter
Lula Estell Deiter --to-- Curtis Bradley Deming
Edward David Deming --to-- Sophia Denney
Echo Denning --to-- Sandra Jean Dennis
Sarah F. Dennis --to-- Helen Almira "Elmira" Dent
John Herbert Dent --to-- Marion Dette
Mary Susan Dette --to-- John Robert Dewar
Mary Jane Dewar --to-- Mary Woolsey "Polly" Dewey
Polly Dewey --to-- Amey Dexter
Amey Dexter --to-- Betsey Dexter
Betsey Dexter --to-- Edward C. Dexter
Edward M. Dexter --to-- George Carpenter Dexter
George Clinton Dexter --to-- Isabel Dexter
Jabez Dexter --to-- Joseph Dexter
Joseph Dexter --to-- Mary Dexter
Mary Dexter --to-- Pardon N. Dexter
Patricia Dexter --to-- Sarah L. Dexter
Sarah Sophia Dexter --to-- William Dexter
William Dexter --to-- Miranda Jo Dibler
Florence Dibrell --to-- Linda L. Dickinson
Lucy Dickinson --to-- Robert Dickson
Roy Dickson --to-- Anna Maria Dill
David Dill --to-- Mahala Ding
James Sidney Dingman --to-- Nancy Lavina Divoll
Rohanna Divoll --to-- Vicki Marie Doane
Frances M. Doane or Holden --to-- May S. Dockstader
Orene Dockweiler --to-- Frederick Dodge
George Dodge --to-- Pickering Dodge
Prudence Dodge --to-- Walter Dole
Walter Dolf --to-- Mae Lunette Doner
William Everett Doner --to-- Mary Isabel Doolittle
Ora Doolittle --to-- James B. Dorrance
Lyvonia B. Dorrance --to-- Sarah A. Doty
Seth Doty --to-- George Reyman Douglass
Glen H. Douglass --to-- Mehitable H. Dow
Nellie Dale Dow --to-- Lucy Downing
Sally Downing --to-- Clara Frances Drake
Daniel Drake --to-- Lovina Draper
Lucy J. Draper --to-- John F. Drew
Mabel Alice Drew --to-- Leslie Ann Driskill
April Driver --to-- Olive Drury
Sarah Belle Drury --to-- Joseph James Duckworth
Roland B. Duckworth --to-- Peter Andre Dudley
Peter Newton Dudley --to-- Duffey
Brian Duffey --to-- Betsey Dunbar

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