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161045 individuals, 60864 families from file 20190921.ged (21 Sep 2019)

George B. Dodge --to-- Sarah Whipple Dodge
Solomon Dodge --to-- Rosina Minerva Dolph
Lloyd George Dolphin --to-- Irene Donner
William Donner --to-- Alta Geneva Dornburgh
Artchie George Dornburgh --to-- Mabel Doten
Eugene Dotson --to-- John Douglas
John C. Douglas --to-- L. Dow
Lee Dow --to-- Clarinda Downing
Emanuel Downing --to-- Daryl Drake
Daryl Drake --to-- Seth Draper
Taylor Draper --to-- Addie Viola Driggs
Alexander Hamilton Driggs --to-- Robin Drown
Scott Drown --to-- Christine Dubois
Floryde Dubois --to-- Harry Dudley
Howard Silas Dudley --to-- Robert "Bob" Duerringer
Valerie Duerringer --to-- Carl Dumler
Rosie Eunice Dumler --to-- Betsy Duncan
Betty Eleanor Duncan --to-- Nancy Dunford
William Dunfree --to-- Harry Sinclair Dunlavy
Maggie W. Dunlavy --to-- Ruth Dunton
Susanna Dunton --to-- Mary Jane Durfee
Richard C. Durfee --to-- Eldora Rose Dutcher
Frank Dutcher --to-- James Howard Dwinelle
John Whipple Dwinelle --to-- Tamara Dyer
Thomas Dyer --to-- George Jonathan Eames
George L. Eames --to-- Emily Wilbour Earle
George Benjamin Earle --to-- Charles R. Easter (Jr.)
Charles R. Easter --to-- Alma Ellery Eaton
Amasa Mason Eaton --to-- Rufus Eaton
Ruth Eaton --to-- Gerald Eckhart
Gerald Eckhart --to-- Eliphalet Eddy
Elisha Eddy --to-- John Eddy
John Eddy --to-- Peleg Eddy
Peleg Arnold Eddy --to-- William Eddy (Reverend)
William Eddy --to-- George Edgett
Julia Ann Edgett --to-- Hugh C. Edsall
Jane Edsall --to-- Enoch Edwards
Ethel Myrtis Ballou Edwards --to-- Ruth Wilkinson Edwards
Sadye Ellen Edwards --to-- Donald C. Egry
Julius Egry (Jr.) --to-- Thomas Elder
Amy or Anne Elderkin --to-- Moses Eli
Lydia Eliot --to-- Herbert Myron John Elliott
James V. Elliott (Jr.) --to-- Laura Ellis
Lucia Ellis --to-- Ephraim Ellsworth
Frank Blair Ellsworth --to-- Edith Flora Elsner
Jim Elson --to-- Lorenzo Douglas Ely
Mable Ely --to-- Jasper Edward Emerson
Jennie Emerson --to-- Elizabeth Emery
Ella A. Emery --to-- Hannah Endle
Milo John Endler --to-- Nathan Engstrom
Susan Engstrom --to-- Mark David Erbland
Peter Jay Erbland --to-- Rose Marie Escott
Walter Escott --to-- Heman Este (Captain)
Mary Estella --to-- Hulda Estes
James Estes --to-- Olga Estrada
Patricia "Patsie" Estrada --to-- Caroline B. Evans
Carrie M. Evans --to-- John David Evans
John Earl Evans --to-- Thomas C. Evans
Thomas H. Evans --to-- Melissa "Ellen" Evetts
Jennie Mae Evick --to-- Keith Alfred Fair
Liesel Lorraine Fair --to-- Samuel Fairfield
Solomon Fairfield --to-- William Fallass
William Fallass --to-- Sherry Farmer
Thomas John Farmer --to-- Asha Farnum
Benjamin Farnum --to-- Ida Louise Farnum
Ithiel Farnum --to-- Sally Maria Farnum
Sarah Farnum --to-- Scott Farragan
Thomas Farragan --to-- Alice M. Farrow
Annie May Farrow --to-- Taylor Jamison Fast
Melva Fateringham --to-- Isabella Perkins Faxon
Joanna Faxon --to-- John Fearby
Mary Mae or May Fearby --to-- Dellia Fellows
Elisabeth Fellows --to-- Robert Felt

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