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163577 individuals, 61965 families from file 20200920.ged (20 Sep 2020)

Robert Cox --to-- Bessie Scofield Craft
Byron C. Craft --to-- Hazel Craig
James Craig --to-- Mary Elizabeth Cram
Minnie Elnora Cram --to-- Caleb Franklin Crandall
Caleb Rawn Crandall --to-- James Brown Beverly Crandall
James Edgar Crandall --to-- Russell Crandall
Ruth Crandall --to-- Eulalia A. Crannell
William Crannery --to-- Elizabeth Crawford
Elizabeth Marie Crawford --to-- Harriet Craycroft
Mattie Myrtle Crayton --to-- Crews
Charles I. Crews --to-- Herbert Critchell
Lillian E. Critchett --to-- Crockran
Eleanor Croes --to-- Albert Crosby
Amy Leah Crosby --to-- Catlin Mary Cross
Charles Cross --to-- Bonnie Jeanne Crossley
James H. Crossley --to-- Celia Mabel Crouch
Charles Lyntin Crouch --to-- Esther Althea Crouch
Eugene Crouch --to-- Joseph Lewers Crouch
Joseph Lewers Crouch (Jr.) --to-- Rachel Crouch
Rachel Violet Crouch --to-- Louisa J. Crow
Sarah J. Crow --to-- Verna Croxall
Virginia Croxall --to-- Warren Cudworth
Mary Louise Cuff --to-- Harriet Cummings
Harriet Adelphia Cummings --to-- William Edward Cunard
Olive Cundall --to-- Michael Richard Currie
Richard Lynn Currie --to-- Pauline E. Currin
Robert Franklin Currin --to-- Hattie Curtis
Henry Andrew Curtis --to-- Warren Curtis
Wellington Curtis --to-- Eliza Cushman
Ethel Jackson Cushman --to-- Mabel Edna Cutler
Maria Elizabeth Cutler --to-- Samuel Cutting
Sarah or Sally Cutting --to-- Jessie Dahlager
John Conley Dahlager --to-- Joseph Dales
Daley --to-- Nurit Daly
Roger Daly --to-- Johannes Alexander Dam
Jørgen Larsen Dam --to-- Walter Lawrence Damon
Deborah Damon or Smith --to-- Elizabeth Dane
Ephraim A. Dane --to-- Albert Early Daniels
Ann Marie Daniels --to-- Wilhelmine Bergette Larsen Danielsen
Amos Lockwood Danielson --to-- Abigail Darling
Abigail Woodward Darling --to-- Herbert Lincoln Darling
Herbert P. Darling --to-- Reuben Darling
Reuben Darling --to-- Herbert George Dart
Lester Crandall Dart --to-- Thomas Davenport
Tiffany Renee Davenport --to-- Davis
Davis --to-- Carrie Alice Davis
Catherine "Kit" Davis --to-- Elenor Nora Davis
Elery Ellwood Davis --to-- George Herbert Davis (Dr.)
George N. Davis --to-- James H. Davis
James Lee Davis --to-- Lucina Davis
Lucy Davis --to-- Minnie Davis
Modica Lou Davis --to-- Rudolph Davis
Ruth Davis --to-- Wells Albert Davis
Wilbur A. Davis --to-- Minnie Jane Dawson
Ralph Thomas Dawson --to-- Norman David Day
Olive Day --to-- Algernon Sidney De Wolf
Clara Anna De Wolf --to-- James H. DePue
Giuseppe Marian DePuglio --to-- Alice Pamelia Dean
Caroline Cordelia Dean --to-- Vida V. Dearborn
William Dearborn --to-- Mary B. Decker
Miriam Vilate Decker --to-- JoAnne Deem
Jonathan Russell Deem --to-- Jennifer Anne Degan
Kaylee Ann Degan --to-- Deming
Brenda Kay Deming --to-- Echo Denning
Kenneth Dennington --to-- Maude Dennison
Robert J. Dennison --to-- Jack Sidney Deremiah
John Frances Deremiah (III) --to-- Marietta P. Devereux
Nathaniel Anthony Devereux --to-- Daisy Ella Dewey
David Dewey --to-- Albert Dexter

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