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160724 individuals, 60721 families from file 20190623.ged (23 Jun 2019)

Alice Leiby Coombs --to-- Doris Coon
Doris M. Coon --to-- Lemuel Powers Cooper
Libbie Elsie Cooper --to-- Sarah Copeland
Vesta Copeland --to-- Z. Taylor Corbin
Catherine Louise Corcoran --to-- John W. Corey
Joseph Corey --to-- Ruth Cornell
Stephen Cornell --to-- George LaRue Corwin
Lydia Leath Corwin --to-- Katherine A. Cotter
Lewis Fairchild Cotter --to-- Izobel Coulter
Murray Edwin Coulter --to-- David Smith Covey
Eunice Covey --to-- Martin K. Cowing
Martin K. Cowing --to-- Shelly Cox
Silas Cox --to-- Fred Cushing Craft
George Hyde Craft --to-- Ora Mildred Craig
Ottis Craig --to-- Howard Cramer
Hugh Cramer --to-- Daniel Henry Crandall
David Crandall --to-- Lester Clarendon Crandall
Lewis Crandall --to-- William Henry Crandall
William Lodowick Crandall --to-- Samuel Crary
Orace Crass --to-- Margaret Crawford
Maria Louisa Crawford --to-- Hepsibah Cressey
John Cressey --to-- Anna Katherine Crist
Bessie Crist --to-- Willis Alba Crocker
Willis Alba Crocker (Jr.) --to-- Josiah Hazard Crooker
Josiah Whipple Crooker --to-- Abiel Cross
Adam Michael Cross --to-- Thomas Cross
Thomas Cross --to-- Betsy Mary Crouch
Caleb E. Crouch --to-- Eugene Crouch
Eugene Tennyson Crouch --to-- Judy Crouch
Julia Crouch --to-- Ronald Crouch
Rosaline "Rosa" Crouch --to-- Allan Harris Crowell (Jr.)
Allen Harris Crowell --to-- Susanna Cruff
Thomas Cruff --to-- Georgia Belle Culpepper
Melanie Lynne Culpepper --to-- Lois Cummings
Luella Maude Cummings --to-- Elizabeth Cunningham
Ellen Cunningham --to-- James Madison Currier
James Madison Currier --to-- Calvin Curtis
Carol Kristen Curtis --to-- Ralph Curtis
Raymond Elton Curtis --to-- Samuel Barrett Cushing
Samuel Barrett Cushing --to-- Helen Hazel Cutler
Henry Harrison Cutler --to-- Elizabeth Cutting
Elizabeth Brown Cutting --to-- Denice Dahl
Karen Dahl --to-- Daley
Anis Margaret (Muffet) Daley --to-- Lillian Dalziell
Dam --to-- Lars Jørgensen Dam
Laura Cecilie Dam --to-- Colville Dana (Captain)
Deborah Dana --to-- Martha Dane
Martha "Molly" Dane --to-- George Metcalf Daniels
George P. Daniels --to-- Tammy Lee Danroth
Theresa Irene Danroth --to-- Eliakim Darling
Elihu Darling --to-- Mary Givens Darling
Mary Louisa Darling --to-- Michelle Lynn Darnell
Mindy Marie Darnell --to-- Norman Davenport
Percy Davenport --to-- John M. Davies (M.D.)
John Norman Davies --to-- Brandon Crary Davis
Brian Davis --to-- Edwin A. Davis
Edwin H. Davis --to-- George Herbert Davis (Dr.)
George N. Davis --to-- Jeffrey Davis
Jennet Davis --to-- Lydia Davis
Lydia Davis --to-- Nathan Abraham Davis (Dr.)
Nathan James Davis --to-- Samuel F. Davis
Sarah Davis --to-- Mary Davis or Mary Davis Tucker
Ann Davison --to-- David Day
David Day --to-- Nathaniel L. Dayton
Olive Beals Dayton --to-- Emma Catherine DeJong
Keith DeJong --to-- Lavinia DeWolf
Lydia DeWolf --to-- Richard Dean
Sager Dean --to-- Eric K. Decker
Etta Viola Decker --to-- Evelyn Deem
Floricel Deem --to-- Charles Deering
Louise Deering --to-- Della Esther Demaray
Emma Luis Demarco --to-- Sophia Denney
Echo Denning --to-- Robert Swan Dennison
Saba Dennison --to-- Willie Deriar

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