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149616 individuals, 59603 families from file 20220702.ged (2 Jul 2022)

Phedora Stone Critchfeild --to-- William Herbert Croft
Sara Malinda Crofut --to-- Freeman Crosby
Gary Lee Crosby --to-- Levi Cross
Lucinda Cross --to-- Ada Genester Crouch
Alden Avery Crouch --to-- Elizabeth Crouch
Elizabeth Crouch --to-- Jessie Mary Crouch
Joel Crouch --to-- Rachel Violet Crouch
Ralph Leslie Crouch --to-- Joseph Doane Crowell
Lilbourn "Pete" Crowell --to-- Clarence Palmer Crumb
Eileen Crumb --to-- Thomas Culver
Genevieve Cumbea --to-- Sophronia Cummings
Sophronia C. Cummings --to-- Alpha Royal Curl
Charles M. Curl --to-- Curry
Daisey Vernelia Curry --to-- Lydia Curtis
Margaret Curtis --to-- Elizabeth Johnson Cushing
Emily Arabella Cushing --to-- Charles Cutler
Clorinda H. Cutler --to-- Joseph Dana Cutter
Kate Cutter --to-- Joab Daggett
Maria A. Daggett --to-- Sophia Dale
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Dales --to-- Hans Jorgensen Dam
Hans Jørgen Dam --to-- Abby Dana
Abigail Dana --to-- John Dane
John Dane --to-- George P. Daniels
Gladys Mildred Daniels --to-- Mervin Lucius Darby
Richard J. Darby --to-- Elmer Darling
Eloise Wood Darling --to-- Milton Darling
Myra Agnes Darling --to-- Sarah Dart
William Elliott Dart --to-- Emma Blanche Davey or Dorsey
Vinna David --to-- Albert J. Davis
Alberta Grace Davis --to-- Cordelia A. Davis
Cynthia Davis --to-- Endora A. Davis
Ernest Augustus Davis --to-- Ichabod Davis
Ichabod Davis (Jr.) --to-- Leona Davis
Leonard Davis --to-- Mary N. Davis
Matilda Davis --to-- Ruth Davis
S. P. Davis --to-- William Wilkins Davis
Willis Clark Davis --to-- Comfort Day
Cynthia Day --to-- James M. De Cator
Leila De Cator --to-- Leon Bert DeMange
Rolland Robert "Rollie" DeMartin (Lieutenant) --to-- Cornelia Dean
Edward Dean --to-- Clarence Andrew Dearixon
Clarence Hubert Dearixon --to-- Frances Dee
James L. Dee --to-- Michael Laren Deem
Natalie Deem --to-- Jesse Thomas Delay
Corintha Delevay --to-- Mary Delphine Deniston
Ann P. Denitz --to-- Minnie Dennison
Robert J. Dennison --to-- John Derowe or Derehaugh
Grace Derr --to-- Bridget Devlin
Sarah Devoe --to-- Mary Dewey
Mary Dewey --to-- Amy or Amey Dexter
Amy or Amey Dexter --to-- Christopher Dexter
Christopher Dexter --to-- Fannie Stoddard Dexter
Fanny Orne Dexter --to-- Hiram Dexter
Hollis Dexter --to-- John Singer Dexter
John Willard Dexter --to-- Mary Dexter
Mary Dexter --to-- Phillip Gird Dexter
Polly Dexter --to-- Susan Dexter
Susan Maria Dexter --to-- Susie C. Dezendorf
Harriet Dezotell --to-- Martha Dickinson
Mary Ann Dickinson --to-- Louisa Diehlman
Wallace Diemer --to-- Lucille E. Dimmick
Mary Marie Dimmick --to-- Susan Maria Divoll
Hannah Ellen Dix --to-- Irving J. Dobson
Irving J. Dobson --to-- Elmer E. Dodge
Emma Dodge --to-- Sarah Dodge
Sarah Dodge --to-- John Singer Doll
Phebe Doll --to-- William Donnison
William Donnison --to-- William T. Dornbush
William A. Dorney --to-- Doubleday
Allen Nelson Doubleday --to-- Tammara Jean Douthit
Bessie May Douty --to-- William J. Downard
Annice or Annis Downer --to-- Willis Benjamin Doyle
Lydia Pearl Dozier --to-- Natalie Mae Draves
Patrick Alan Draves --to-- Dripps

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