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161045 individuals, 60864 families from file 20190921.ged (21 Sep 2019)

Susan Lynette Clark --to-- Charles Frederick Clarke
Charles Sumner Clarke --to-- Julianne Laurel Clarke
Kennith Roland Clarke --to-- Polly Clary
Sophia Clary --to-- Margaret Dearborn Clay
Susan Lynn Clay --to-- Wilbur George "Bill" Clayton
William Arthur Clayton --to-- Herbert C. Clemence
Ida May Clemence --to-- Welcome Clemence
Welcome H. Clemence --to-- Cyrus Cleveland
Cyrus Cleveland --to-- Amos Clift (Jr.)
Amos Leonard Clift --to-- Charles E. Close
Dora M. Close --to-- Vance Jacob Cluff (Jr.)
William Carruth Cluff --to-- Peggy Cobb
Phebe Etes Cobb --to-- John M. Cochran
Lydia Cochran --to-- Carol Coffee
Ella Coffee --to-- Emerson Cogswell
Jeremiah Cogswell --to-- Nathaniel Wheat Colburn
Paul Colburn --to-- Cole
Cole --to-- Frank J. Cole
Geneva Pearl Cole --to-- Matthew Cole
Michel Cole --to-- Eben Coleman
Edgar Holmes Coleman --to-- Abigail Dole Colley
Joseph Colley (Captain) --to-- Elsa J. Collins
Fanny M. Collins --to-- Maria W. Collyer
Mary E. Collyer --to-- Charles Colwell
Charles E. Colwell --to-- Sarah Coman or Coomer
Fred Comar --to-- John Alden Comrie
Kenneth Alden Comrie --to-- Daniel Comstock
Daniel Comstock --to-- John Comstock
John Comstock --to-- Samuel Comstock
Samuel Comstock --to-- John Conboy
Mary Jane Conboy --to-- Henry Remington Congdon (Sr.)
Henry Remington Congdon (Jr.) --to-- Marion Conklin
Martha Eggleston Conklin --to-- Reland S. Conner
Sophronia Conner --to-- Esther Converse
Hiram Converse --to-- Albert Henry Cook
Albertus T. Cook --to-- Caroline Washington Cook
Carrie A. Cook --to-- Eliza Cook
Eliza A. Cook --to-- Harry Ballou Cook
Harry Edgar Cook --to-- Lavinia Cook
Leonard Cook --to-- Martha Cook
Martin Cook --to-- Philander Perry Cook
Phoebe Eliza Cook --to-- Thaddeus Cook
Thankful Cook --to-- Elizabeth Sherman Cooke
Elizabeth W. Cooke --to-- Betsey Cooley
Brett LeRoy Cooley --to-- Abigail Gratia Coolidge
Anne Coolidge --to-- Herbert Pierce Coombs
Jacob Coombs --to-- Althea Elizabeth Jane Cooper
Amy Sylvia Cooper --to-- Moses Cooper (Jr.)
Nancy Cooper --to-- Elizabeth Copp
Robert Wendell Copp --to-- Linda Corder
Lynn Corder --to-- Katherine Merle Corey
Laura Corey --to-- Richard Cornell
Richard Cornell --to-- Lillian Jane Corson
Moses Corson --to-- Patricia Valora Costello
Helen Costy --to-- Linda Coughlin
Mary Eva Coughlin --to-- Emily Louise Covell
Hannah Joslin Covell --to-- Elizabeth Howell Cowell
Ella Julia Cowell --to-- Grace Cleveland Cox
Harrison Cox --to-- Clarissa M. Cozzens
Earle M. Cozzens --to-- Elizabeth Anne Crafts
Esther Sartwell Crafts --to-- George Bowdoin Craighill
George Bowdoin Craighill (Jr.) --to-- Will Cramer
William Cramer --to-- Edwin Everett Crandall
Edythe May Crandall --to-- Lemuel Crandall
Lester Clarendon Crandall --to-- Victor L. Crandall
Walter Augustus Crandall --to-- Samuel Cranston
Charles Cranz --to-- Jeremiah Crawford
John Crawford --to-- Mary Elizabeth Crego
Richard Sheldon Crego --to-- Albert Raymond Crim
Raymond Rix Crim --to-- Bethany Lynn Crocker
Betty Dorine Crocker --to-- William Herbert Croft
Sara Malinda Crofut --to-- Christina Crosby
Curtis Morrison Crosby --to-- Ephraim Cross

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