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160586 individuals, 60654 families from file 20190526.ged (26 May 2019)

Lily Burgess --to-- Clyde Ezra Burgoyne
Dawnah Ellen Burgoyne --to-- John Burke
Jourdan Muse Burke (Jr.) --to-- Alice M. Burlingame
Alice May Burlingame --to-- Delilah Burlingame
Della R. Burlingame --to-- Harold D. Burlingame
Harold Luther Burlingame --to-- Joseph J. Burlingame
Joseph Torrey Burlingame --to-- Nancy Burlingame
Nancy Burlingame --to-- Stephen Burlingame
Stephen Burlingame --to-- James Burnett
Katharine Burnett --to-- George William Burnham
Gertrude E. Burnham --to-- Samuel Burnham
Samuel G. Burnham --to-- Alice Burr
Amey Burr --to-- Monte Alan Burraston
Judy Burrel --to-- Joseph Burrows (Jr.)
Joseph Rice Burrows --to-- William Burt
William A. Burt --to-- Myrtle Busch
Alberto Bertrand Bush --to-- Charles Augustus Bushnell (Jr.)
Chester J. Bushnell --to-- Elfreda Butchereite
Fred Butckie --to-- Lawrence Edward Butler
Leon Melvin Butler (Jr.) --to-- Annie Butterfield
Berneice Butterfield --to-- Emaline Buttrick
Finias J. Buttrick --to-- Lela Buzzard
James Buzzel --to-- Napoleon T. Cabana
Apphia or Appia Cable --to-- Mary Cady
Nancy Cady --to-- Ethel Fay Cain
Eugene Ray Cain (twin) --to-- MaryEllen Eloise Cain
Maymie Cain --to-- Jean Fortune Calder
Joseph E. Calder --to-- Sophia Shuell Caldwell
Stephen Caldwell --to-- Nathan Call
Raymond Fuller Call --to-- George Thomas Cameron
Grace Cameron --to-- Alida Bell Campbell
Alta Campbell --to-- Eliza Campbell
Elizabeth Campbell --to-- Jennie Campbell
Jennifer Campbell --to-- Pearl Campbell
Phebe Ann Campbell --to-- William Jackson Canaday
Jason Canary --to-- Hannah Canedy
Hannah Canedy --to-- William "Squire" Canedy
Zebulon "Zebulun" Leonard Canedy --to-- Anne Y. Cannon
Arthur Quayle Cannon --to-- Glen Verne "Verne" Capen
Hannah Capen --to-- Dana W. Capron
David Capron --to-- Phillip Walcott Capron
Phoebe Capron --to-- Elsie Rosetta Card
Etta (Ester) Mae Card --to-- Benjamin Carey
Catherine Edith Carey --to-- Fred Sampson Carleton
Henry Greenwood Carleton --to-- Kristin Carlson
Kyle Robert Carlson --to-- Lannes E. Carmichael
Mary Elizabeth Carmichael --to-- Benjamin W. Carpenter
Benoni Carpenter (Dr.) --to-- Freelove H. Carpenter
Frigewith Carpenter --to-- Maria Carpenter
Martha Carpenter --to-- Samuel Allen Carpenter
Sarah Carpenter --to-- Bertha Florence Carr
Caleb Carr --to-- Rhoda French Carr
Richard G. Carr --to-- Edmund Carroll
Edward Patrick Carroll (III) --to-- Carson
Addie E. Carson --to-- Ann Carter
Ann Carter --to-- Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter (Jr.) --to-- Gladys Carter
Glenard Hiram Hugh Carter --to-- John Carter
John Carter --to-- Mary Carter
Mary Carter --to-- Richard Carter
Richard Carter --to-- Thristram Carter
Timothy W. Carter --to-- Charles Howard Cary
Daniel Howard Cary --to-- Henry O. Caryl
Mabel J. Caryl --to-- Renee Case
Rhoda Case --to-- Helen Cass
Iona Frances or Zona F. Cass --to-- James William Caster
John Caster --to-- Ola Cathey
Adelaide Louisa Catlin --to-- Mary Josephine Cekovich
James Celotti --to-- Susannah Chace
Urania Chace --to-- Atherton Chaffee
Betsey Chaffee --to-- Samuel Chaffee
Samuel Whipple Chaffee --to-- Elizabeth Chamberlain
Elizabeth Chamberlain --to-- Rhoda Chamberlain
Robert L. Chamberlain --to-- Howard Victor Chambers
Iva Chambers --to-- Dick Chandler

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