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166569 individuals, 63283 families from file 20211024.ged (24 Oct 2021)

Grover Cleveland Cannon --to-- Wallace Thomas Capen
William James Capen --to-- Joseph Capron
Joseph Capron --to-- Carbone
Charles A. Carby --to-- John Carello
Kezia Carew --to-- Henry Greenwood Carleton
Henry Greenwood Carleton --to-- Luanne Gail Carlson
Margaret Carlson --to-- Henrietta C. Carnes
Royal Carnes --to-- Charles Edwin Carpenter
Charles Willard Carpenter --to-- James Henry Carpenter
Jane Carpenter --to-- Oliver Carpenter (Jr.)
Orinda Carpenter --to-- William D. Carpenter
William H. Carpenter --to-- Mercy Carr
Merebah Carr --to-- Edward Patrick Carroll (III)
Edward Patrick Carroll --to-- Harold Carson
Holly Jean Carson --to-- Benjamin E. Carter
Benjamin Franklin Carter --to-- Eliza A. Carter
Eliza Ann Carter --to-- Irene Carter
Isaac Morley Carter --to-- Louisa Carter
Lucie M. Carter --to-- Polly Ann M. Carter
Rachel Carter --to-- Tristram Carter
Varanes Carter (Jr.) --to-- Henry Cary
Henry Cary --to-- Desire Case
Donna Case --to-- Katherine Gail Cashman
Mildred Wilson Casisky --to-- George R. Cassie
Harry E. Cassie --to-- Henry Cate (Jr.)
Kortni Cate --to-- Lura Lee Cecil
Frank A. Cederquist --to-- William Chace
William Chace --to-- Elsa Getshell Chaffee
Emory Leon Chaffee --to-- Blanche Challis
Sarah Challis --to-- John Chamberlain
John Chamberlain --to-- Georgiana Chamberlin
John Chamberlin --to-- Chandler
Chandler --to-- Sylvia E. Chandler
Virginia Roselle Chandler --to-- Rana Lynn Chapin
Raymond Edward Chapin --to-- Clara Chapman
Cody Wells Chapman --to-- Leonard Chapman
Lester Chapman --to-- Virginia Suzanne Chapman
Wally Ray Chapman --to-- Arthur Chase
Arthur Chase --to-- Harriet Chase
Harriet "Hattie" Augusta Chase --to-- Nora Chase
O'Meara Giles Chase --to-- L. Stival Chauvin
Richard Joseph Chavis --to-- Moses Cheney
Nabby Cheney --to-- Jemima M. Chesley
Joel Chesley --to-- Lucy Childs
Maria Childs --to-- Jesse Chipman
John Chipman --to-- Ane Kristine Christensen
Ashley Nicole Christensen --to-- Niels Christensen
Ole Christensen --to-- Pamela A. Christie
William Christie --to-- Emily Clarke Church
Eugene Church --to-- Stewart Church
Susan Church --to-- Susannah Claflin
Thomas Jefferson Claflin --to-- Amanda Clark
Amanda Clark --to-- Cue Colonel Clark
Currence Anne Caroline Clark --to-- Florice E. Clark
Floyd Edward Clark --to-- James Clark
James Clark --to-- Lucy Brown Clark
Lucy Frances or Mary Frances Clark --to-- Ora Lee Clark
Orpha Lurene Clark --to-- Thomas Clark
Thomas Clark --to-- Donna Jean Clarke
Dorothy Clarke --to-- Martha Clarke
Mary Clarke --to-- Chester Young Clawson
Clara Clawson --to-- Archer Walters Clayton
Barbara Elizabeth Clayton --to-- Abigail Clegg
Chris Clegg --to-- Mary Ann Clemence
Mercy A. Clemence --to-- Vienna W. Clements
William Clements --to-- Sarah Jane Clevenger
Viola Clevenger --to-- Phebe M. Cline
Seville Cline --to-- Scott P. Clouthier
Shawn A. Clouthier --to-- Henry T. Coates
Lilly Claudina Coates --to-- Nicholas Coburn
Phinehas Coburn --to-- Jane Coddington
John Coddington --to-- Margo Coffin
Mary Coffin --to-- George Franklin Colbert

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