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152156 individuals, 60877 families from file 20240420.ged (20 Apr 2024)

Lillian Burrows --to-- Sarah Burtey
Burton --to-- Irvin Busby
Lois Busby --to-- Elsie French Bushnell
Florence Bertha Bushnell --to-- Benjamin Franklin Butler
Blanche E. Butler --to-- Thelma Ethelyn Butler
Thomas Albert Butler --to-- Brian Butters
David Robert Butters --to-- Ellen Louisa Buxton
Emily Buxton --to-- Aksel Christian BÝrgesen
Magda Hansine Johanne BÝrgesen --to-- Mary Cady
Mary Helen Cady --to-- Georgia Irene Cain
Georgia Rayma Cain --to-- David Baxter Caird
Chloretta Cairns --to-- Barbara May Calhoun
Brian Lewis Calhoun --to-- Jennifer Callahan
John Callahan --to-- Roy D. Cameron
Ruperd George Cameron --to-- Charles Campbell
Charles Clyde Campbell --to-- Isaac John Campbell
Isabel Campbell --to-- Rosetta Campbell
Sadie Campbell --to-- Anna Canedy
Annable Canedy --to-- Martha Canedy
Martha Canedy --to-- Phebe Canfield
Rachael Canfield --to-- Wilfred Stohl Cannon
Willard Leslie Cannon --to-- Addison E. Capron
Adin Ballou Capron (Jr.) --to-- Lucy Capron
Lurina R. Capron --to-- Eldon Joseph Card
Elisha Card --to-- Benjamin Carey
Catherine Edith Carey --to-- Henry Greenwood Carleton
Henry Greenwood Carleton --to-- J. H. Carlton
Mary Carlton --to-- Abigail "Nabby" Carpenter
Adelia Louise Carpenter --to-- Edith L. Carpenter
Edward A. Carpenter --to-- John S. Carpenter
John Turpin Carpenter --to-- Patty Carpenter
Permelia Carpenter --to-- William H. Carpenter
William M. Carpenter --to-- Merebah Carr
Mucena T. Carr --to-- Edward Patrick Carroll (Jr.)
Ella M. Carroll --to-- May Carson
Nancy Carson --to-- Charles Carter
Charles Carter --to-- Flora Bell "Nana" Carter
Frances E. Carter --to-- Jesnia Alfleeta Carter
John Carter --to-- Mary Elizabeth Carter
Mary Elizabeth Carter --to-- Samuel Newton Carter
Samuel Parker Carter --to-- Norma Grace Carvel
Thomas Aldon "Aldon" Carvel --to-- Nancy Cary
Otis Cary --to-- M. John Case
Maria Antoinette Case --to-- Albert M. Cass
Ann Cass --to-- James Redmond Caster
James William Caster --to-- Lewis Catlin
Lewis F. Catlin --to-- Cynthia K. Chace
Dudley Chace --to-- Elizabeth Chafee
Francis Hasselt Chafee --to-- Leon G. Chaffee
Lydia Marsh Chaffee --to-- Byron Chamberlain
Charles Chamberlain --to-- Martha Chamberlain
Mary Chamberlain --to-- Hiram J. Chambers
Howard Victor Chambers --to-- Harold Chandler
Hattie E. Chandler --to-- Jane Chapel
John Chapel --to-- William Chaplin
William Chaplin --to-- Emma Grace Chapman
Ernest Stanley Chapman --to-- Mary Chapman
Mary Chapman --to-- Everrett Willard Chappell
Harriet Elizabeth Chappell --to-- Clarence Clinton Chase
Clarence Eugene Chase --to-- Henry F. Chase
Ida Lucetta Chase --to-- Oliver Cromwell Chase
Oscar Marshall Chase --to-- Alice J. Chauvin
L. Stival Chauvin --to-- Milton Staley Cheney
Moses Cheney --to-- Eliza Chesley
Everette C. Chesley --to-- Frances Stone Childs
Hannah Childs --to-- George Edwin Chipman
Gertrude E Chipman --to-- Elizabeth Chrisman
James Chrisman --to-- Margaret Christensen
Margrethe Christensen --to-- John R. Christie
Lloyd Christie --to-- Elizabeth Church
Elizabeth Church --to-- Reuben Church

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