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160908 individuals, 60799 families from file 20190817.ged (17 Aug 2019)

Lena Bell Cahart --to-- Jesse R. Cain
Jessie Blanche Cain --to-- Marilyn Caines (twin)
David Baxter Caird --to-- Mary Ella Caldwell
Mary Oates Caldwell --to-- Leda Ethelyn Call
Lemuel Call --to-- Jim D. Cameron
John Cameron --to-- Bessie Campbell
Betty Ann Campbell --to-- Gerald Duane Campbell
Gerald Edwin Campbell --to-- Leroy Douglas Campbell
Letha Campbell --to-- Webb Campbell
William Campbell --to-- Eli Canedy
Elizabeth Canedy --to-- William Canedy
William Canedy --to-- Douglas Forrest Cannon
Emily Ada Cannon --to-- Mary Capen
Mary Eliza Capen --to-- George Capron
Gilbert Everingham Capron --to-- Mable E. Capwell
Persia Capwell --to-- Mary Carder
Mary Carder --to-- Mae Carl
Mary Jane Carl --to-- Janet Mae Carlson
Jerrold Scott Carlson --to-- Gerald Carminio
Laura A. Carmon --to-- Charles Cary Dyer Carpenter
Charles Earl Carpenter --to-- James Carpenter
James Carpenter --to-- Olive Haskell Carpenter
Oliver Carpenter (Jr.) --to-- William Carpenter
William Carpenter --to-- Mary Ann Carr
Mary Olive Carr --to-- Carroll
Catherine Ann Carroll --to-- Catharine Carson
Clara Carson --to-- Arlytha Long Carter
Arthur Carter --to-- Edmund Durfee Carter
Edward Carter --to-- Hepsibah Carter
Herbert D. Carter --to-- Leland Clark "Lee" Carter
Leland Giles Carter --to-- Parley Pratt Carter
Paul "Tim" Carter --to-- Terry Earl Carter
Thomas Carter --to-- Caleb Cary
Charles Howard Cary --to-- Eleanor Cascadden
Elizabeth Cascadden --to-- John H. Casey
John Laertes Casey --to-- Stuart Wayne William Clark Cass
Trevor William Cass --to-- Jenny Caswell
Joab Caswell --to-- Nancy Kathleen Cauthen
Evan Freeman Cauthen-Brown --to-- Mary Chace
Michael Leland Chace --to-- Anna Chaffee
Anson Chaffee --to-- Wilder "Bowen" Chaffee
William Chaffee --to-- Jacob Chamberlain
Jacob Chamberlain --to-- Thomas Chamberlain
Timothy Chamberlain --to-- Amy Champlain
Phebe Champlain --to-- Nancy Chandler
Ned Chandler --to-- Hannah Adeline Chapin
Helen Chapin --to-- Bettie Chapman
Byron Harvey Chapman --to-- Jerry Chapman
Jesse Olney Chapman --to-- Royal Chapman
Sally Ann Chapman --to-- Albert or Elbert Chase
Amy Chase --to-- George Jonathan Chase
George Marcus Chase --to-- Nora Chase
O'Meara Giles Chase --to-- Tryphena Cheadle
Tryphosa Cheadle --to-- Sharla Ryan Cheney
Silas Cheney --to-- Alfred Chester
Carlee Jean Chester --to-- Henry Chiles
Sarah Chillingworth --to-- Ralph Grieve Chipman
Ruth I. Chipman --to-- Devin Eugene Christensen
Don Raymond Christensen --to-- Steve Christensen
Steven Lynn Christensen --to-- Randena C. Christopherson
Chase Matthew Christy --to-- James Church
James Church --to-- Eliza Jane Churchill
Emily A. Churchill --to-- Nicholas Clapp (Deacon)
Noah Clapp --to-- Arthur Clark
Arunah Clark --to-- Dennis Willard Clark
Dexter Clark --to-- George C. Clark (twin)
George Mark Clark --to-- John Clark
John Calvin Clark --to-- Marie Clark
Marie Norma Clark --to-- Robert Keep Clark
Ronald Clark --to-- William Edwin Clark

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