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151933 individuals, 60781 families from file 20240225.ged (25 Feb 2024)

Horace Greely Burt --to-- Richard W. Burton
Richard Wells Burton --to-- Mamie Adele Bushman
Sarah Bushman --to-- Albert Bonner Butler
Alice L. Butler --to-- Samuel Butler (Jr.)
Sarah Butler --to-- Samuel Butterfield
Thomas Auten Butterfield --to-- Anna Buxton
Aurilla F. Buxton --to-- Dora Cecile Byron
Laurie Byron --to-- Mary Cady
Mary Helen Cady --to-- Grace Octavia Cain
Hallie G. Cain --to-- Carlo Calcagni
Anne Caldam --to-- Honorine Patricia Calhoun
Kelsey Marie Calhoun --to-- Laura Callaway
Minnie Callbeck --to-- Giuseppe Emanuel Camozzi
Sylvester Sebastian Camozzi --to-- Della Campbell
Delmar Christian Campbell --to-- John Campbell
John A. Campbell --to-- Vincent Campbell
Vine A. Campbell --to-- Charity H. Canedy
Charity Leonard Canedy --to-- Sarah Canedy
Sarah Canedy --to-- Abernathy Benson Cannon (Dr.)
Abram H. Cannon --to-- Charles S. Capen
Charles Stone Capen --to-- Edward Capron
Edward Capron --to-- Seth Capron
Silas Capron --to-- William Card
Zina Young Card --to-- Zilla Carey
Asenath Cargill --to-- Mary Hamilton Carll
Rosa Carlock --to-- Laura A. Carmon
Margret Carnaby --to-- Caroline Carpenter
Cary Dyer Carpenter --to-- Harriet Whipple Carpenter
Helen A. Carpenter --to-- Morris Carpenter
Mowry Taft Carpenter --to-- Warren Carpenter
Warren Carpenter --to-- Jennie Carr
Jeremiah O. Carr --to-- Bennett Whipple Carrique
Elizabeth or Lizzie Carrique --to-- Edward Geary Carson
Edwin Carson --to-- Benjamin Carter (3rd)
Benjamin Bowen Carter --to-- Enos Curtis Carter
Erastus Francis Carter --to-- James Orne Carter
James William Carter --to-- Mary Ann Arvilla Carter
Mary C. Carter --to-- Samuel Carter
Samuel Parker Carter --to-- Henry Carver
Herbert Thomas Carver --to-- Sally Cary
Sarah Cary --to-- Nathan Case
Paul Case --to-- Harry W. Cass
Helen Cass --to-- Lucinda Castle
Mabelle Castle --to-- Martha Belle Caughenour
Caughill --to-- Keziah Chace
Lavina Chace --to-- Abigail Chaffee
Abraham B. Chaffee --to-- Reuben Briant Chaffee
Rhoda Chaffee --to-- Harriet Chamberlain
Helen Viola Chamberlain --to-- Sophronia G. Chamberlain
Susan L. Chamberlain --to-- Rebecca Champlain
Champlin --to-- Minnie Hester Chandler
Miron Spaulding Chandler --to-- Henry S. Chapin
Herman Chapin --to-- Byron Harvey Chapman
Calista Chapman --to-- John Royal Chapman
Jones Chapman --to-- Sarah Chapman
Sarah Chapman --to-- Anna K. Chase
Anna Louisa Chase --to-- G. Arthur Chase
George D. Chase --to-- Martha Clara Chase
Mary Chase --to-- Martha Chase or Martha Cartman Chase Tanney
Mary Ellen "Ella" Chastine --to-- Frances M. Cheney
Fred W. Cheney --to-- Frank E. Chesebrough (Jr.)
Marion Chesebrough --to-- Asaph Parmelee Childs
Blair Childs --to-- Emery D. Chipman
Emily Chipman --to-- Jesse Chopping
Octavia R. Choron --to-- Lydia Brynn Christensen
Lyn Parley Christensen --to-- Earl Christie
John R. Christie --to-- Elizabeth Church
Elizabeth Church --to-- Royal Tyler Church
Ruby Ann Church --to-- Susannah Claflin

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