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163439 individuals, 61903 families from file 20200808.ged (8 Aug 2020)

Amos Briggs --to-- Rhobey Briggs
Roena Crane Briggs --to-- Jewell Bright
Mary Bright --to-- Sarah Sophronia Bristol
Mary M. Britain --to-- Paul Brockman
Althera Brockway --to-- Ella Beatrice Bromley
Emma Bromley --to-- Bastian Brondbjerg
Cecilia Vega Brondbjerg --to-- Mary Brooks
Mary Ann Brooks --to-- Sarah Brough
Sarah Brough --to-- Agnes G. Brown
Ahna Luella Brown --to-- Angeline Louisa Brown
Angeline S. Brown --to-- Basil Brown
Bathsheba L. Brown --to-- Cecile Alvena Brown
Celia Brown --to-- Cora Brown
Cora Amelia Brown --to-- Earl Bryant Brown
Easton James Brown --to-- Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown --to-- Esther Brown
Esther Brown --to-- George Smith Brown
George Thurber Brown --to-- Helen Wilbur Brown
Helena Elizabeth Brown --to-- Isaac Brown
Isaac Addison Brown --to-- Jennie Brown
Jennie Brown --to-- John James "Johnnie" Brown
John Nicholas Brown --to-- Juliette Little Brown
Junietta Amanda "Nettie" Brown --to-- Lucy Brown
Lucy Brown --to-- Marshal Brown
Martha Brown --to-- Mary A. Brown
Mary A. Brown --to-- Moses Brown
Moses Brown --to-- Nora May Brown
Norman Lee Brown --to-- Randolph Bedell Brown
Raymond Brown --to-- Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown --to-- Sidney Brown
Silas Brown --to-- Timothy Brown
Todd Randall Brown --to-- William E. Brown
William Edmund Brown --to-- Stephen Browne
Susan Browne --to-- Sarah Browning
W. R. Browning --to-- Lillian Brummitt
Frank Roy Brumwell --to-- Richard Newbold Bruyere
Sarah Virginia Bruyere --to-- Margaret Lou Dora "Magie" Bryant
Mary Bryant --to-- B. F. Buck
Benny Howe Buck --to-- Storey William Buck (Jr.)
Storey Winston Buck --to-- Joseph Bucklin
Joseph Bucklin --to-- Lydia Bucknam
Lydia Bucknam --to-- Hermita or Henrietta Paige Budlong
Hershell Grady Budlong --to-- David Buffum
Erving Newcomb Buffum --to-- Alfred Bull
Bertha Bull --to-- Susan Bullock
Theda Bullock --to-- Clifford Bunting
Elizabeth Ellen "Nellie" Bunting --to-- Tera Lynn Burbidge
Betsey Ann Burch --to-- Rodolph Davis Burdick
Sarah Jane Burdick --to-- Eleanor Margaret Burgess
Eliza Burgess --to-- Phebe Burgess
Phebe Ann Burgess --to-- Warren Ray Burgoyne
Yolonda Leigh Burgoyne --to-- Thomas E. Burleson
Clement Burley --to-- Colville Dana Burlingame
Cora A. Burlingame --to-- Grace Christine Burlingame
Grace Edith Burlingame --to-- Lawton Burlingame
Leila Burlingame --to-- Patience Burlingame
Patience Burlingame --to-- Walter Burlingame
Walter Angell Burlingame --to-- Amos Burnham
Ann H. Burnham --to-- Luther Clinton Burnham
Lydia Burnham --to-- Ambrose Everett Burnside (Major General)
Dolores Burnside --to-- Sophia Burr
Stephen Burr --to-- John Burrows
John Burrows --to-- Sarah Burtey
Adaline Burton --to-- George Herbert Walker Bush (President)
George Signor Bush --to-- Lydia Bushnell
Mary Bushnell --to-- Catherine Jo Butler
Charity Artemesia Butler --to-- Shirley Ann Butler
Squire T. Butler --to-- Hannah Butterfields
Butters --to-- Francis Buxton
Helen "Nellie" C. Buxton --to-- Patrick Byrne
Thomas J. Byrne --to-- Julia Cady

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