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163439 individuals, 61903 families from file 20200808.ged (8 Aug 2020)

Sarah Arnold --to-- Susanna Arnold
Susanna Arnold --to-- William Arnold
William Arnold --to-- Rena Aseltine
Ash --to-- James Ashton
James Henry Ashton (Jr.) --to-- Hannah Atkins
Harriet Atkins --to-- Melvin Boyd Atkinson
Myrtle May Atkinson --to-- Dorothy S. Atwood
Edith Leonice Atwood --to-- Kate Louise Auld
Merin Joy Auld --to-- Lucy Nancy Austin
Lydia Austin --to-- Stephen Averill
Susannah Averill --to-- Lucy Ellen Avery
Lucy L. Avery --to-- Ephraim Ayers
Erastus G. Ayers --to-- Heather Margaret Baader
Babay --to-- Harriet Babcock
Hazel Babcock --to-- Susie Ada Babcock
Tammy Babcock --to-- Elizabeth Harlow Bacon
Emily Low Bacon --to-- Badery
Bayard Badger --to-- Richard Bahr
Selma Emma Bahr --to-- Henry J. Bailey
Henry W. Bailey --to-- Lynetta Bailiff
Robert B. Bailiff --to-- Betsey Baker
Betsey Baker --to-- George F. Baker
George Lamont Baker --to-- Luther Baker
Lydia Baker --to-- Ruth Baker
Ruth Baker --to-- Marvin Bala (M.D.)
Murray Todd Bala --to-- Charles Baldwin
Claudia Baldwin --to-- Walter Charles Baldwin
Walter Charles Baldwin --to-- Martha Ball
Martha Ball --to-- Edward P. Ballinger
Sarah Janette Balloch --to-- Amey Ballou
Amey Ballou --to-- Charles Ballou
Charles Ballou --to-- Eliza Ballou
Eliza Estelle Ballou --to-- Freelove Ballou
Gardner Ballou --to-- Howard Malcolm Ballou (Jr.)
Huldah Ballou --to-- Joshua W. Ballou
Julia Ann Ballou --to-- Maria Capron Ballou
Maria R. Ballou --to-- Nathan Ballou
Nathaniel Ballou --to-- Prosper Ballou
Prosper Ballou (Jr.) --to-- Sarah R. Ballou
Sarah Sally Ballou --to-- Walter Amos Ballou
Walter Coleman Ballou --to-- Darryl Baltimore
Anthony Bernard Balukoff --to-- Mary Bangs (twin)
Mercy Bangs --to-- Ella Josephine Barber
Ellen Elizabeth Barber --to-- Levi Bardo
Ana Marina Bardon --to-- Lora Barker
Lydia Jane Barker --to-- Eliza Barnard
Eliza D. Barnard --to-- Corintha Lucinda Barnes
Crawford W. Barnes --to-- Lucintha Barnes
Lucy Barnes --to-- Winnie Barnes
Cora Etta Barnes or Bourn --to-- Nellie E. Barnhart
Sophia Barnhart --to-- Winfred Barrett
Erma Barrette --to-- Mabel Louise Barrows
Mai Barrows --to-- Adaline M. Bartholomew
Asahel Bartholomew --to-- Eber Bartlett (2d)
Edith Bartlett --to-- Lucy Bartlett
Luther Bartlett --to-- Stephen S. Bartlett
Susan Bartlett --to-- Laura Whipple Barton
Lewis Barton (Dr.) --to-- Doris Basinger
Lucille Myrtle Baskett --to-- Elisha Batchelder
Elphronia Batchelder --to-- Albert Green Bates
Alpheus Russell Bates --to-- Louise F. Bates
Lucy Bates --to-- Emma Battey
Frances Battey --to-- Clara Elizabeth Baum
David Baum --to-- Katherine Baxter
Lydia M. Baxter --to-- Kenneth Owen Beal
Lucy Beal --to-- John Bean
Joseph Bean --to-- John Beardsley
John Beardsley --to-- Albert Hardin Beattie
Amanda Beattie --to-- Amy Marie Bebee
Coralee Jean Bebee --to-- Teresa Mae Beckette
Thelma Marie Beckette --to-- Robert Lincoln Lippitt Beckwith

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