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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Susan A. Weatherhead --to-- Phebe Weaver
Rachel Weaver --to-- Mary Webb
Mary Estelle Webb --to-- Florence Weberg
Webster --to-- Ralph P. Webster
Roger John Webster --to-- Benjamin Herbert Weeden
Chester Earl Weeden --to-- Susan Weeks
Susan Launa Weeks --to-- Adolf Weiler
Louise Weiler --to-- Merron Leonard Weitz
William Eugene Weitz --to-- Robert Welch
Russell Clarence Welch --to-- Isabel Ann Wellington
Margaret Coffin Wellington --to-- Elizabeth Wells
Elizabeth Wells --to-- Samuel Russell Wells
Sheldon Wells --to-- Henry Wentworth
Isabella Hamilton Wentworth --to-- Clarissa Wescott
Donald Wescott --to-- Francis Stephen West
Fred Les. West --to-- Susan West
Terry Eugene West --to-- Jennie M. Westcott
Jeremiah Westcott --to-- Addie Belle Westgate
Benjamin Westgate --to-- Louisa A. Wetherhead
Susan B. Wethey --to-- Abijah Wheaten
Ida Wheatley --to-- Ashbel Wheeler
Ashley Wheeler --to-- Fred L. Wheeler
Fred Warren Wheeler --to-- Louisa Wheeler
Louise Wheeler --to-- Polly Wheeler
Rachel Wheeler --to-- Julia Esther Wheelihan
Myrtle Emma Wheelihan --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Abbie Lucile Whipple
Abbie Olive Whipple --to-- Abigail "Abby" Whipple
Abigail "Abby" B. Whipple --to-- Ada J. Whipple
Ada M. Whipple --to-- Adeline J. Whipple
Adeline Louise Whipple --to-- Albert Whipple
Albert "Bert" A. Whipple --to-- Albion Whipple
Albro Whipple --to-- Alice Whipple
Alice Whipple --to-- Alice Sophia Whipple
Alice Upton Whipple --to-- Almira Whipple
Almira Whipple --to-- Alvah J. Whipple
Alvah N. Whipple --to-- Amelia Whipple
Amelia Whipple --to-- Amos Hersey Whipple
Amos Mendelson Whipple --to-- Andrew Clarence Whipple
Andrew Corbin Whipple --to-- Ann Louise Whipple
Ann M. Whipple --to-- Anna F. Whipple
Anna Florence Whipple --to-- Anne W. Whipple
Anne Wilhelmina "Minnie" Whipple --to-- Antoinette "Toni" Whipple
Antoinette Sophia Whipple --to-- Artemus Lincoln Whipple
Artemus Lincoln Whipple (Jr.) --to-- Arthur Waterman Whipple (Sr.)
Arthur Waterman Whipple (Jr.) --to-- Augustus Riley "Gussie" Whipple
Augustus Warren Whipple --to-- Barbara Marie Whipple
Barbara Regina "Jean" Whipple --to-- Benjamin Whipple
Benjamin Whipple --to-- Benjamin Franklin Whipple
Benjamin Franklin Whipple --to-- Bertha Whipple
Bertha Whipple --to-- Betsey Whipple
Betsey Whipple --to-- Beverly Roberta Whipple
Bevian Whipple --to-- Branden Whipple
Brandi Whipple --to-- Bryan L. Whipple
Bryan Lee Whipple --to-- Calvin Whipple
Calvin Whipple --to-- Caroline Whipple
Caroline Whipple --to-- Carrie Amelia Whipple
Carrie Beatrice Whipple --to-- Catherine Whipple
Catherine "Kate" Whipple --to-- Charles Whipple
Charles Whipple --to-- Charles A. Whipple
Charles A. Whipple --to-- Charles Edward "Eddie" Whipple
Charles Edwin "Charley" Whipple --to-- Charles J. "Charlie" Whipple
Charles James Whipple --to-- Charles T. Whipple
Charles Theodore Whipple (twin) --to-- Charlotte H. Whipple
Charlotte Jane Whipple --to-- Christopher Whipple
Christopher Whipple --to-- Clara Helen Whipple
Clara I. Whipple --to-- Claribel Whipple
Clarice Whipple --to-- Cleon A. Whipple
Cleon E. Whipple --to-- Colleen Ruth Whipple
Colley Maxwell Whipple --to-- Corneilius Raymond Whipple
Cornelia Whipple --to-- Cynthia Lorraine Whipple
Cynthia M. Whipple --to-- Dan Whipple
Dan Daren Whipple --to-- Daniel A. Whipple

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