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Index of Persons

156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Bruce Edwin Wilkinson --to-- Francis Wilkinson
Francis Albert Wilkinson --to-- Jeptha Wilkinson
Jeptha Avery Wilkinson --to-- Lucy Wilkinson
Lucy Capron Wilkinson --to-- Preston Wilkinson
Ransom Wilkinson --to-- Vienna Sheldon Wilkinson
Waite Wilkinson --to-- Charles Willard
Charles A. Willard --to-- Gibson Willard
Grace Willard --to-- Lucy Almeda Willard
Lucy F. Willard --to-- Solomon Johnson Willard
Sophia Little Willard --to-- Williams
Williams --to-- Charlotte Williams
Chelsea Jay Williams --to-- Freelove Williams
Garrett Lee Williams --to-- John A. Williams
John C. Williams --to-- Marion Williams
Martha Williams --to-- Phoebe Williams
Polly Williams --to-- Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams --to-- Jessie Williamson
Laura Williamson --to-- Duane Willoughby
Emily I. Willoughby --to-- Valerie Wilmot
Walter Abram Wilmot --to-- Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson --to-- John Wilson
John Wilson --to-- Richard Lee Wilson
Robert Wilson --to-- Lenora H. Winchester
Martha Winchester --to-- Willard H. Wing
William Wing --to-- Helen Brightie Winslow
Henry Clarke Winslow --to-- Amy Winsor
Anan or Azar Winsor --to-- Edwin Winsor
Edwin Anthony Winsor --to-- Horace Winsor
Howard B. Winsor --to-- Louis Winsor
Louisa Waterman Winsor --to-- Paris Winsor (Jr.)
Paulina Winsor --to-- Walter E. Winsor
Washington Winsor --to-- Ernest Henry Wippell
Ethel M. Wippell --to-- Lucy Laura Etta Wise
Miriam Wise --to-- James Cullen C. Witherell
Joseph Witherell --to-- E. E. Witty
LaVonne Lucille Witzel --to-- Florence Wollman
Sophia B. Wolpers --to-- Clifton McKinley Wood
Cora Wood --to-- Jabez Wood
Jabez Wood --to-- Melvin Wood
Merle Ashley Wood (III) --to-- William R. Wood
William Rowland Wood --to-- Nicholas Woodbury
Peter Woodbury --to-- Jediadiah Woodmansee
Jennie C. Woodmansee --to-- Woodward
A. P. Woodward --to-- Luetta Woodward
Marion Alice Woodward --to-- Joseph S. Woolford
Phebe Woolheater --to-- Jessie Mae Worlein
Abraham S. Worley --to-- Thomas Worwick
Serena Ann Woten --to-- Dexter Wright
Donald Eldon Wright --to-- Mary H. Wright
Mary Henrietta Wright --to-- Henry Wyatt
James Wyatt --to-- Melissa Wyman
Moses Wyman --to-- Catherine Dove Yeager
Elizabeth Yeager --to-- William Yoder
Helen E. Yohn --to-- Abigail Young
Abigail Young --to-- Chloe Eliza Young
Christine Young --to-- Fanny Decker Young
Fay Alpheus Young (Jr.) --to-- Jeremiah Young
Jim Young --to-- Mae Young
Mahonri Mackintosh Young --to-- Robert Young
Robert Howard Young --to-- Cora Youngreen
Ephraim Youngs --to-- Claude Earle Zimmerman
Clinton Zimmerman --to-- Trinity Ada Zucal
Lena Zuckschwert --to-- Maj Ellen Österlin

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