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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

William Tuttle --to-- Charles Nathan Tyler
Chloe Tyler --to-- Mary Tyler
Mary Tyler --to-- Eva Ulrey
Leo Ulrey --to-- James B. Underwood
James Carroll Underwood --to-- Lisa Updyke
Abigail Upham --to-- Clara Addie Upton
Elizabeth Upton --to-- Cordelia G. Vale
Alejandra Valenciano --to-- David Valuckas
Alfred Morris Van Allen --to-- Pamela Ann Van Deventer
Rose Van Deventer --to-- Mildred Van Dyne
Anne Van Epps --to-- Ransom Carlos Van Leuven
Sarah Ellen Van Leuven --to-- Fletcher Van-Volkenburg
Florence M. Van-Volkenburg --to-- Penelope "Penny" Vance
Polyanna "Polly" Vance --to-- Vantrump
Isabelle Vantrump --to-- Carol Rene Vaughn
Christine Anne Vaughn --to-- Ida Veits
Kaj Ole Vejrum --to-- Joseph Vernum
Kathryn Vernum --to-- Helen Viele
Maria Vielea --to-- Charles W. Vincent
Charlotte Temple Vincent --to-- Yvonne H. Vinnicombe
Ada May Vinson --to-- Bonnie Jean Vogt
Carl Melvin Vogt --to-- Ida Lugenia Vonhollen
Voorhis --to-- Edward Butterfield Vreeland
Eveline Vreeland --to-- Matthew Prescott Waddell
Susan Jane Waddell --to-- Hannah Louise Wade
Harry Clinton Wade --to-- Willard Wade
William Wade --to-- John Wadsworth
John Wadsworth --to-- Lovinia Wagener
Lucy Wagener --to-- Marilyn Wahlberg
Elaine Marie Wahlsten --to-- Wakefield
Anna Wakefield --to-- Georgia Spaulding Walcott
Georgia Spencer Walcott --to-- Robert Waldie
Abner Waldo --to-- Waley
Colby Waley --to-- Benjamin Walker
Benjamin Walker --to-- Eunice Walker
Eveline Walker --to-- John M. Walker
John R. Walker --to-- Mattie Bell Walker
Michael Walker --to-- Tyana Walker
Waity Maria Walker --to-- Lida E. Wallace
Margaret Wallace --to-- Robert Eugene Wallin
Abigail Walling --to-- Rachel Louisa Walling
Reuben Walling --to-- John Jacob Walser
John Martin Walser --to-- Gustave Walthers
Howard Reginald Walthers --to-- Myrtle Letitia Wampler
Sylvia Evon Wampler --to-- Alice Irene Ward
Alma Ward --to-- George Franklin Ward
George Hudson Ward --to-- Mary Ward
Mary A. Ward --to-- William H. Ward
William Ray Ward --to-- Asenath Warner
Bessie Warner --to-- Mary F. Warner
Mary J. Warner --to-- Calvin Warren
Caroline Malinda Warren --to-- Horace Warren
Horrace Warren --to-- Nancy Beaumont Warren
Nancy M. Warren --to-- Hannah Warrington
Amy Kay Warrow --to-- Arthur Waterhouse
Benjamin F. Waterhouse --to-- Amasa Steere Waterman
Amaziah Waterman --to-- Charles Herbert Waterman
Charlotte Leroy "Lottie" Waterman --to-- Franklin Alonzo Waterman
Frederick Waterman --to-- John Waterman
John Waterman --to-- Maria Waterman
Maria L. Waterman --to-- Patience Waterman
Patience Frances Waterman --to-- Sarah Frances Waterman
Sarah Jillson Waterman --to-- Carl Davis Waters
Carl Robert Waters (Jr.) --to-- Lillian Lorine Watkins
Louisa Watkins --to-- Bethany Watrous
Betsie Louise Watrous --to-- Desire Watrous
Dorothy May Watrous --to-- Genevieve Watrous
George A. Watrous --to-- John Watrous (Jr.)
John Cunningham Watrous --to-- Mary Watrous
Mary "Polly" Watrous --to-- Raymond Lewis Watrous
Rebecca Watrous --to-- Wayne Watrous
Wesley Irving Watrous --to-- Henry Arthur Watson
Hope Watson --to-- Charles William Wattles
George H. Wattles --to-- Alpha Weatherhead
Amanda Pond Weatherhead --to-- Silence Weatherhead

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