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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Mary Francis Waterman --to-- Richard Waterman
Richard Waterman --to-- Walter E. Waterman
Walter H. Waterman --to-- Watkins
Watkins --to-- Ann Carol Watrous
Annabel Watrous --to-- Daniel Watrous (Jr.)
Daniel E. Watrous (3rd) --to-- Fletcher Holden Watrous
Fletcher Holden Watrous (Jr.) --to-- Jane Watrous
Jane Watrous --to-- Martha Gertrude Watrous
Mary Watrous --to-- Raymond Langworthy Watrous
Raymond Lewis Watrous --to-- William Watrous
William Watrous (Jr.) --to-- James Lewis Watson
James Lyle Watson (Jr.) --to-- Estelle Watts
Harold Watts --to-- Daniel Weatherhead
David A. Weatherhead --to-- Camron Weaver
Catherine Means Weaver --to-- Caleb Webb
Caroline Zerviah Webb --to-- Walter Webb (Dr.)
Walton Webb --to-- Ellen Mary Webster
Emily Dorr Webster --to-- Darwin Weddle
Eve Weddle --to-- Hannah Weeks
Harvey K. Weeks --to-- Arthur Burgum Weight
Claude Francis Weight --to-- Jean Weiss
John Nelson Weiss --to-- Jerusha W. Welch
John Welch --to-- Nancy Weller
Ruben Weller --to-- Darius Wells
Dondi Wells --to-- Rose Wells
Sally P. Wells --to-- Isabella Hamilton Wentworth
Jane Wentworth --to-- John Wescott
Leslie Wescott --to-- Hannah West
Harriet West --to-- Zella L. West
Westberg --to-- Mary Westcott
Mary A. Westcott --to-- Weston
Annie Weston --to-- Ronald Wetzel
Daniel Weyer --to-- Robert Wheaton
Samuel Wheaton --to-- Dennis Wheeler
Diane Wheeler --to-- Jacob Whipple Wheeler
James Wheeler --to-- Morrill Wheeler
Moses A. Wheeler --to-- Viola M. Wheeler
Violetta S. Wheeler --to-- Lella Caroline Whiddon
Scott Mitchell Whiddon --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Aaron Lyle Whipple
Aaron Mason Whipple --to-- Abigail Whipple
Abigail Whipple --to-- Ada M. Whipple
Ada Maranda Whipple --to-- Adin Ballou Whipple
Adin Raymond Whipple --to-- Albert B. Whipple (Jr.)
Albert Bangs Whipple --to-- Alexander Whipple
Alexander Whipple --to-- Alice Whipple
Alice Whipple --to-- Allen Whipple
Allen Benedict Chaffee Whipple --to-- Alonzo Whipple
Alonzo Whipple --to-- Amanda Whipple
Amanda Whipple --to-- Amey Ann Whipple
Amey B. Whipple --to-- Amy or Amey Whipple
Amy or Amey Whipple --to-- Anita J. Whipple
Ann Whipple --to-- Anna Whipple
Anna Whipple --to-- Anne Whipple
Anne Whipple --to-- Anthony Whipple
Anthony Whipple --to-- Arnold Ballou Whipple
Arnold H. Whipple --to-- Arthur Paul Whipple
Arthur Penn Whipple --to-- Augustus Newcomb Whipple
Augustus Riley "Gussie" Whipple --to-- Bard E. Whipple
Bard Miller Whipple --to-- Benjamin Whipple
Benjamin Whipple --to-- Benjamin Irving Whipple
Benjamin Jackson Whipple --to-- Bertha Margaret Whipple
Bertha Marshall Whipple --to-- Betsey Helen Whipple
Betsey or Bets Whipple --to-- Blanche Whipple
Blanche Whipple --to-- Brian Keith Whipple
Brian Kelly Whipple --to-- Byron Mark Whipple
Byron Sharpe Whipple --to-- Carlisle Whipple
Carlos Whipple --to-- Caroline Ella Whipple
Caroline F. Whipple --to-- Catharine Amanda Whipple
Catharine Louisa Whipple --to-- Chandler Alma Whipple
Chandler Henry Whipple --to-- Charles "Charley" E. Whipple
Charles "Sam" Whipple --to-- Charles E. Whipple

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