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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

William Henry Tower --to-- Maria Towne
Mary Towne --to-- James Clyde Tracy
Janet Tracy --to-- Josiah C. Trask
Lottie Mae Trask --to-- Lydia Treadwell
Mary Treadwell --to-- Ralph Tremaine
Ethelyn Irene Trembly --to-- Pheba Trift
Elizabeth "Betsy" Trigg --to-- Wayne Trimmell
Wayne Alan Trimmell --to-- John Trombley
Leander Trombley --to-- Nancy S. Truax
Paula Ann Truax --to-- George Tryal
Bradley George Tryon --to-- Helen Tucker
Helen Margaret Tucker --to-- William Allen Tudor
Nicholas Tuells --to-- Pauline Lucille Turnbull
Robert Turnbull --to-- Lucy Turner
Lyden Devilla Turner --to-- Daniel Turville
Grace Turville --to-- William Tuttle
William Gardner Tuttle --to-- Darren Harlan Tyler
Debra Janet Tyler --to-- Milton George Tyler
Milton James Tyler --to-- LeOwen Ulrich
Marvin Ulrich --to-- Parker C. Underwood
Peter Underwood --to-- Isaac Upham
Jesse Upham --to-- Chad Usher
Curtis Dee Usher --to-- Patricia Valentine
Samuel Valentine (Jr.) --to-- Ezriarah Van Camp
Garret Van Camp --to-- Martha L. Van Duzer
Mary Van Duzer --to-- Eddie Monroe Van Houten
Glen Monroe Van Houten --to-- Willemina Maria "Mieke" Van Vliet
Van Voast --to-- Carl Dana Vance
Carl Leroy Vance --to-- William W. Vanloan
Carolyn Vanloo --to-- Alicia Mildred Vaughn
Almy or Amey Vaughn --to-- Michael Veilette
Michelle Nicole Veilette --to-- Joseph Vernum
Kathryn Vernum --to-- Christine Viers
Christopher Viers --to-- Eli Bacon Vincent
Eliza Alice Vincent --to-- Eliza M. Vinton
Elizabeth Vinton --to-- Jack Ralph Vogt
James William Vogt --to-- Arthur Leslie Vose
Carlisle Vose --to-- Carlton Vrooman
Elizabeth Vrooman --to-- Brian Curtis Wade
Burleigh A. Wade --to-- Nancy Wade
Nancy Edson Wade --to-- David Wadsworth
David Wadsworth --to-- Samuel Wadsworth
Samuel Wadsworth --to-- Vickie Diane Wagoner
Wagstaff --to-- Alvin Barnes Waite
Bessie B. Waite --to-- Amie Carroll Walcott
Anna G. Walcott --to-- Helen Walden
Helen Louisa Walden --to-- Mary Wales
Myrtle Irene Wales --to-- Archibald Carl Walker
Arthur D. Walker --to-- Ernest Theophile Walker
Eugene Walker --to-- John Savage Walker
Johnny Jo Walker --to-- Miriam Walker
Nancy Walker --to-- William Whipple "Willie" Walker
Wylie L. Walker --to-- Robert Wallace
Terri Wallace --to-- Edwin W. Walling
Elizabeth Walling --to-- Abigail Wallis
Cyril Wallis --to-- Mamie F. Walsh
Megan Fitzgerald Walsh --to-- Craig Michael Walton
Cyrene Walton --to-- Anna Want
Elizabeth Wanton --to-- David H. Ward
Diademia Ward --to-- Laura Ward
Laura Alice Ward --to-- Samuel Ward
Sarah Ward --to-- Edith A. C. Waring
Katharine Ball Waring --to-- Lucy Emily Warner
Luke Warner --to-- Benjamin Franklin Warren
Benjamin L. Warren --to-- Henry Warren
Henry Warren --to-- Nancy Beaumont Warren
Nancy M. Warren --to-- John Warters
Lynn Ray Warters --to-- Elizabeth Ann Waterhouse
Ella P. Waterhouse --to-- Andrew Waterman (Jr.)
Andrew Waterman --to-- Dorcas Waterman
Dorothy Frances Waterman --to-- Hannah Waterman
Hannah Waterman --to-- Joseph Waterman
Joseph Waterman --to-- Mary E. Waterman

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