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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

John Waterman --to-- Mary Waterman
Mary Waterman --to-- Resolved Waterman
Resolved Waterman --to-- Thomas Waterman
Thomas Waterman --to-- Ryan Waters
Salley Waters --to-- Amos Watrous (3rd)
Amos Watrous --to-- Cyrus Watrous
Daniel Watrous --to-- Fanny Watrous
Fletcher Holden Watrous --to-- Jane Watrous
Jane E. Watrous --to-- Mary Watrous
Mary "Polly" Watrous --to-- Robert Watrous
Robert Watrous --to-- William Henry Watrous
William Henry Watrous --to-- Joseph Watson
Julia P. Watson --to-- Katherine Grace Way
Matthew Way --to-- James F. Weatherhead
Janette E. Weatherhead --to-- Elizabeth Weaver
Evelyn Dorothea Weaver --to-- James W. Webb
James Watson Webb --to-- Karen Delores Weber
Louis John Weber --to-- Mary E. Webster
Maud Olive Webster --to-- Clarence B. Weeden
Elizabeth Arnold Weeden --to-- Clifford Edward Weeter
Douglas Owen Weeter --to-- Daniel William Weir
Donna Weir --to-- Martha E. Welborn
Nancy Welborn --to-- Sue Wellbrock
Welldow --to-- Abigail Wells
Alfonso Wells --to-- Mary Lucille Wells
Melville James Cazenovia Wells --to-- Alice L. Wenn
Sharon Wenrick --to-- Lester Werning
Mary Teresa Wert --to-- Elizabeth "Ebbie" West
Elsie West --to-- Terry Eugene West
Velma West --to-- Lavinia Westcott
Lois Westcott --to-- Sarah Westgate
Sylvenus Westgate --to-- Louis Fenton Wetzel
Louis or Lewis Wetzel --to-- Robert Wheaton
Samuel Wheaton --to-- Dorothy "Dolly" Wheeler
Ed Wheeler --to-- Joel Wheeler
John Wheeler --to-- Nathaniel Wheeler (Colonel)
Nathaniel James Wheeler --to-- William S. Wheeler
Winfred Dawson Wheeler --to-- Elisabeth Whippell
Walter J. Whippell --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Abel Whipple
Abel Whipple --to-- Abner Spencer "Spencer" Whipple
Abraham Whipple --to-- Addison Whipple (Jr.)
Addison Beecher Colvin "Cal" "A.B.C." Whipple --to-- Alan Claire Whipple
Alan Henry Whipple --to-- Albert John Whipple
Albert Lawrence Whipple (Dr.) --to-- Alfred Pettingill Whipple (Jr.)
Alfred Safford Whipple --to-- Alice Marie Whipple
Alice Mary Clare Whipple --to-- Almira Whipple
Almira Whipple --to-- Alvin Whipple
Alvin Whipple --to-- Amey Whipple
Amey Whipple --to-- Amy Whipple
Amy Whipple --to-- Andrianna Whipple
Anela Hope Whipple --to-- Anna Whipple
Anna Whipple --to-- Anne Whipple
Anne Whipple --to-- Ansley Crissey Whipple
Anson Whipple --to-- Arnold Whipple
Arnold Whipple --to-- Arthur Paul Whipple
Arthur Penn Whipple --to-- Augustus Whitman Whipple
Aurelah Whipple --to-- Barnet Whipple (Jr.)
Barneville or Barnable "Barney" Whipple --to-- Benjamin Whipple
Benjamin Whipple (Captain) --to-- Benjamin Thompson Whipple
Benjamin W. Whipple --to-- Bessie Whipple
Bessie Whipple --to-- Betty Dawn Whipple
Betty Glenn Whipple --to-- Bonnie Lee Whipple
Bonnie Lee Whipple --to-- Brookelyn Ashley Whipple
Brough Thompson Whipple --to-- Calvin Whipple
Calvin Whipple --to-- Carole Anne Whipple
Caroline Whipple --to-- Carrie Chelsea Whipple
Carrie Delphinia Whipple --to-- Catherine Elizabeth "Lizzie" Whipple
Catherine J. Whipple --to-- Charles Whipple

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