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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Elizabeth Southwick --to-- George Southworth
Hannah Wheeler Southworth --to-- Leland Fanning Spalding (Jr.)
Lila Lee Spalding --to-- Sandra Diane Sparr
Scott Allen Sparr --to-- Julia Spaulding
Julius Ceasor Spaulding --to-- Hannah Smith Spear
Harold Francis Spear --to-- Spencer
Spencer --to-- Helen J. Spencer
Helen Young Spencer --to-- Nabby Spencer
Nancy Spencer --to-- Sperry
Aaron Sperry --to-- Nathaniel Sperry
Peter Worden Sperry --to-- Issac Spofford
John T. Spofford --to-- Albin Aurelius Sporny
Albin John Sporny (III) --to-- Anthony Sprague
Anthony Sprague (Jr.) --to-- Elizabeth Sprague
Elizabeth Sprague --to-- Jennifer M. Sprague
Jeremiah Sprague --to-- Mary Ann Sprague
Mary Azelia Sprague --to-- Ruth Sprague
Ruth Sprague --to-- William Sprague
William Sprague (III, Governor) --to-- Ebenezer Sproat (Lieutenant-Colonel)
Edna Pearl Sproat --to-- St. Pierre
St. Pierre --to-- Margaret Stafford
Margaret Stafford --to-- Edgar Leroy Stallings
Edna L. Stallings --to-- David Stanley
David Fred Stanley --to-- Harriet Eliza Stanton
Harriett Pansy Stanton --to-- Amy J. or Annie Staples
Anna Staples --to-- Jemima Staples
Jemima Staples --to-- Sophos Staples
Stephen Staples --to-- Starke
Caleb Newman Starke --to-- Jonathan Starr
Josiah Starr --to-- Stearns
Abdellah M. Stearns --to-- Dorethy Stearns
Dorothy Elizabeth Stearns --to-- John Stearns (Captain)
John Stearns --to-- Ruth R. E. Stearns
Samuel Stearns --to-- Hannah Stedman
Isaac Stedman --to-- Knight Foster Steele
Kolton McKade Steele --to-- Anthony Steere
Anthony Steere --to-- Edmund August Steere
Edmund Job Steere --to-- Hannah F. Steere
Hannah W. Steere --to-- Joshua Haywood Steere
Julia Ann Steere --to-- Nancy Steere
Nancy Wade Steere --to-- Samuel Adams Steere (Jr.)
Samuel Winsor Steere --to-- Warren Anthony Mowry Steere
Warren H. Steere --to-- Cindy Pauline Steinbach
Robert Steinberg --to-- Mary Stephens
Rachel Stephens --to-- Rosalie Gail Sterbinsky
Stephen Ronald Sterbinsky --to-- Albert Stevens
Almira M. Stevens --to-- George Stevens
George Stevens --to-- Martha J. Stevens
Mary Stevens --to-- Stevenson
Stevenson --to-- Catherine Ann Stewart
Charles D. Stewart --to-- Margarit Eleanor Stewart
Margueret Stewart --to-- Hunter L. Stickel
Joseph E. Stickel --to-- Elizabeth Stillman
Henry W. Stillman --to-- Marilyn Stobbe
Alexander Stobie --to-- Nathanael Stockwell
Sally Stockwell --to-- Stolen
James C. Stoll --to-- Stone
Stone --to-- Abigail Stone
Abigail Stone --to-- Addison Milton Stone
Addison Ray Stone (M.D.) --to-- Alfred D. Stone
Alfred Poor Stone --to-- Amasa Joseph Stone
Amaziah Stone --to-- Anna Stone
Anna Stone --to-- Arthur Deane Stone
Arthur E. Stone --to-- Baman Nelson Stone (Reverend)
Barbara Stone --to-- Bertha May Stone
Bertha May Stone --to-- Calvin Stone
Calvin Stone --to-- Celia Laura Stone
Celia M. Stone --to-- Charles Everett Stone
Charles F. Stone --to-- Charlotte E. Stone
Charlotte E. Stone --to-- Clarissa Osgood Stone
Clarissa P. Stone --to-- Daniel Eddy Stone
Daniel Frank Stone --to-- Detta Stone
Dexter Stone --to-- Edgar Theodore Stone
Edith Stone --to-- Edwin Josiah Stone
Edwin Lincoln Stone --to-- Elizabeth Stone (Mrs.)

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