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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Eliphalet Wadleigh --to-- Mabel Alma Wadsworth
Marcus Morton Wadsworth --to-- Gary Wagner
Hans Wagner --to-- Sarah Wainwright
Dorothy Wait --to-- Adeline Walcott
Albert Walcott --to-- Helen Louisa Walden
Job Augustus Walden --to-- Theodosia Wales
Viola Wales --to-- Calvin A. Walker
Calvin Augustus Walker --to-- George Walton Walker
George Whitfield Walker --to-- Lucius Addison Walker
Lucius Elton Walker --to-- Russell D. Walker
Sally Walker --to-- Hamilton Monroe Wallace
Hannah Wallace --to-- Ruth Alice Waller
Sidney Waller --to-- Rachel Louisa Walling
Reuben Walling --to-- Ronald Herman Walser
Shannon Alicia Walser --to-- Todd Jay Waltman
Valerie Kay Waltman --to-- Elmer Wanstall
Elmer Amasa Wanstall --to-- David H. Ward
Diademia Ward --to-- Lester Luroy Ward
Linda Kay Ward --to-- Thankful Ward
Theodore Isaac "Ted" Ward --to-- Caroline Maria Warner
Ceriah or Zerviah Warner --to-- Phebe Warner
Phebe Warner --to-- David Warren
David Whipple Warren (Reverend) --to-- Juliette Warren
Kathryn Emoline Warren --to-- Walter Warren
William Warren --to-- Mattie Frantz Wasiack
Michael Wasiack --to-- Albert Greene Waterman
Albert Henry or Henry Alberto Waterman --to-- Christopher Harris Waterman
Clara A. Waterman --to-- George Lester Waterman
George Philip Waterman --to-- Joseph Waterman
Joseph Waterman --to-- Mary Josephine Waterman
Mary M. Waterman --to-- Ruth Elizabeth Waterman
Ruth Miller Waterman --to-- William J. Waterman
William Perry Waterman --to-- Julie Fay Myers Watkins
Leslie Lawrence Watkins --to-- Carl Watrous
Caroline Watrous --to-- Elizabeth Watrous
Elizabeth Watrous --to-- Herbert Watrous
Herbert Arthur Watrous --to-- Lucy Ann Watrous
Lucy Delilah Watrous --to-- Phebe Watrous
Phebe Watrous --to-- Virginia Watrous
Wallace Eaton Watrous --to-- Humphrey Watson
Isabel Loomis Watson --to-- Edith Watts
Estelle Watts --to-- Elias A. Weatherhead
Emma Brown Weatherhead --to-- Daniel Weaver
Debbie Weaver --to-- George Heber Webb (Jr.)
Gwen Webb --to-- Weber
Weber --to-- Marguerite Bradley Webster
Martha Ida Webster --to-- Elizabeth Arnold Weeden
Ellen Weeden --to-- Suzanne Weghorst
John Michael Wegiel (Sr.) --to-- Katherine E. Weir
Richard Weir --to-- Welch
Welch --to-- Horace Alanson Weller
Jacob A. Weller --to-- Charlotte Cogshall Wells
Clark Thompson Wells --to-- Sally P. Wells
Samuel Wells --to-- Phebe Wentworth
Philip H. Wentworth --to-- Mary Louisa Wescott
Sarah Crawford Wescott --to-- Joanna C. West
John West --to-- Asa Augustus Westcott
Augustus Wilmarth Westcott --to-- Thomas Westcott
Thomas Westcott --to-- Ephraim Wetherbe (Captain)
Rachel Wetherbe --to-- Hannah Wheat
Homer R. Wheat --to-- Azuba Antoinette Wheeler
Benjamin Wheeler --to-- Hannah Wheeler
Hannah F. Wheeler --to-- Mary Wheeler
Mary Wheeler --to-- Susan Wheeler
Susan Wheeler --to-- Nancy S. Whicher
Clinton Allen Whiddon (Jr.) --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Whipple
Whipple --to-- Abby A. Whipple
Abby A. Whipple --to-- Abner Whipple
Abner Whipple (Jr.) --to-- Addie M. Whipple
Addie M. Whipple --to-- Alan Whipple
Alan Archer Whipple --to-- Albert Jay Whipple
Albert Jay Whipple --to-- Alfred Safford Whipple
Alfred Truman Whipple --to-- Alice Minnie Whipple
Alice Miranda Whipple --to-- Almira Whipple

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